Apparently the Westboro Baptist Church is picketing a fallen soldier here at Texas A&M on Nov 10. Our soldiers have fought and continue to fight for OUR rights, and should be respected and loved for their sacrifice regardless of sexual orientation. Such a hateful organization will never be welcome at this amazing university. Monday morning on Nov 10, you can definitely find me in the maroon wall to block their hate.

That’s Right. Good Boy.

Summary: You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.

Genre: smut/bondage

Length: 1812

Requested by Anonymous

I sat at the edge of my bed and listened to the heels clacking against the floor. The sound was getting louder, so I knew the mistress was coming for me tonight. Sighing, I rolled my shoulders back, trying to get the tension out of my body, but I knew it’d be no use; as soon as my eyes landed on her, I’d completely freeze.

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