maroon knit jumper

just falafs

pairing: niall horan/zayn malik

word count: 10905


Louis is the easy going one, which Zayn has always secretly been a little bitter about. He’s not as cool about the whole life thing as he likes to pretend he is.

For example, he drops — actually drops — the falafel ball he’s holding when the bell rings above the door and the blonde guy (Niall, he knows his name is Niall) from a week ago slides through the door. He’s got a beanie tucked over his hair, even though the air outside has still got the memory of summer heat on it. His glasses are sliding down his nose a little and the maroon knit jumper he’s wearing is clinging to his torso, the sleeves pushed up to expose the dusting of freckles along his arms. And he’s got a guitar slung over his back and Zayn’s not even going to bother trying to pretend it’s not the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

So yeah, he drops his falafel ball.


Niall is a shameless hipster and Zayn works in a falafel shop.