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Too Intoxicated (iKON Bobby smut request)

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You had recently got done with your trainee training and was getting ready for your debut with your group Fusion Girls. YG Entertainment had decided to celebrate both iKON’S Chanwoo’s birthday and your groups debut. The organization had decided to through a party at a huge venue to celebrate. The celebration was in a couple of hours and you and your group were getting ready. You wore a skin tight maroon dress while the other members wore different colors. Your hair was down and shiny. Your makeup wasn’t too dark but it was very natural. You topped your outfit off with maroon heels. After everyone was ready you were escorted to the venue. 

When you got out the van you had ridden in all you could see was cameras and flashing lights. You could hear fans screaming and shouting. There were body guards keeping you and your group safe. You walked into the venue and you were surprised at how nice it looked. One side of the room was a huge bar. The other said had a small stage and tables and couches were seated. You managed walked up to you and greeted you and escorted you to a table where you and you group sat. Everyone had gotten something to drink and music was playing. You heard more screaming and all heads dashed to the door. In came  iKON. 

Everyone clapped and cheered and your group did the same. The boys stopped and took pictures. They all looked very handsome. Chanwoo had a black button down shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Bobby had a white buttoned down shirt. The rest of the members had different types of suits on. Chanwoo was in front and everyone wished him a happy birthday. The boys made their way over to your table. 

“Annyeonghaseyo. We are F.U.S.I.O.N. Fusion girls.” Your group introduced yourselves and quickly wished Chanwoo a happy birthday. He thanked you.

“Will you be performing? We are excited for your debut.” B.I said. Your manager explained that you were gonna perform one song for Chanwoo’s birthday and the boys said they were excited and wished you good luck before taking a seat at a couch and getting drinks. The celebration had started and Artist had came up on stage and wished Chanwoo a happy birthday. CL, Big Bang, WINNER, BLACKPINK, and some actors had wished Chanwoo happy birthday and had performed. The announcer had called your group up and you quickly made it to the stage. Your leader had wished Chanwoon a happy birthday and mentioned how excited you guys were for your debut. You got into your spots and did a quick performance. After you were done everyone clapped and cheered. You made your day back to your seats and the celebration continued. 

Chanwoo was given a cake by the other members and everyone sang happy birthday to him. He blew the candles out and everyone cheered. As the night went on You guys ended up sitting with iKON and they gave you advice. The advice really helped. As the boys kept talking and you kept listening you started to really take in how beautiful the boys looked, especially Bobby. You’ve seen pictures of him but seeing him up close caused you to drool. As you continued to space out you kept taking drinks of what you thought was water but turned out to be alcohol. Your legs started to feel numb. 

“Excuse me.” You got up and walked towards the bar to get water. This was not how you wanted to spin your night. As you were standing waiting on the bar tender to give you water, you fell to the side and felt strong hands catch you. 

“Are you okay?” You opened your eyes and saw none other then Bobby looking down at you with worried eyes. You nodded your head and he quickly helped you up. You could smell he had alcohol and you could clearly tell he was drunk. He was swaying back and forth and he had to grab on of the bar chairs to keep him up. 

“Would you like to have a drink with me?” Bobby asked. You wanted to refused but when would this moments come up again? You couldn’t miss out on this moment. You nodded your head and Bobby ordered you the same drink. You both tossed and downed the drinks. 

“Gomabseubnida.”You bowed and thanked him for the drink. 

“Are you excited for your debut?” Bobby sat down on a chair and you sat down next to him.

“Yes. We all worked very hard and we are very excited. I hope you enjoyed our performance.” Bobby had ordered more drinks and you both continued to drink. 

“You guys did very well. I couldn’t stop looking at you though.” Bobby looked at you and all you could do was look at his eyes and melt. You bowed and thanked him. Right before you were about to talk you and Bobby heard a lot of laughter coming from where your two groups were. You both smiled. 

Bobby watched you smiled and looked at how good you looked in your dress. It brought out your curves. Bobby started to think about whats underneath the dress. He shook his thoughts away. He ordered more drinks and you guys continued to talk. You kept shifting in your chair and the dress rised up. As soon as Bobby saw your thigh he lost it. 

Bobby grabbed your hand and pulled you through the side door and quickly pushed you into a car. As soon as he got in before you could say anything he pulled you into a deep rough kiss. He put his hands on the sides of you face and deepened the kiss. He bit down on your bottom lip causing you to scream out in pain. At this moment he slipped his long wet tongue into your mouth and it danced with yours. 

The kiss was rough and you were panting. It started to get hot and you tried to pushed him away for air but Bobby didn’t let you go. 

“B-bobby I. C-cant breathe.” You said inbetween kisses. Bobby broke the kiss and let you breathe. Both of you were panting and you weren’t sure if this was right or not. Or if anyone had noticed both of you were gone. Bobby quickly started the car and drove away from the venue. The ride was quick and short. Even though he was driving kind of fast, you felt safe. 

You were still intoxicated cause your legs were still numb and you vision wasn’t completely clear. He quickly reached his house and pulled you out the car. Your legs were still numb and walking was hard for you. He had trouble but he finally unlocked the door and stumbled in. As soon as you heard the door close he pushed you against the wall and kissed you. The kiss was rough again but it felt good. Bobby’s hands slid down your body. He slid the bottom of your dress up and rubbed your thighs. His hand kept going up as his other was behind your back and his tongue was sliding back and forth on yours. He moved his hand inbetween your legs. 

He rubbed your core slowly at first then his pace increased. You started to moan and as he kept going faster and faster, it was harder for you to kiss him. You pulled away and moaned out in pleasure. Bobby smirked then he licked and sucked on your neck. He moved around until he found your sweet spot and you moaned louder and louder. 

“Ah. Ahh. Ahhhhh. Bobby.” You closed your mouth to stop your moans from escaping. He grabbed your underwear and roughly pushed them down causing your legs to quickly snap. He grabbed you and held you up. He smirked at you then whispered in your ear. 

“Do you like this?” He licked your ear and rubbed your bare core. All you could do was moan. How did he expect you to answer when all you was feeling was pleasure. 

Bobby was not pleased with the fact that you didnt respond to him. He pushed a finger into your core and you gasped from the pain and pleasure. His finger went out then slammed back into you over and over again harder each time. 

“You have to answer me baby or i’ll stop.” Bobby said before taking a long lick to your neck. 

“Yes. I like it.” You looked up and closed your eyes as his finger slid out of you. He looked at his finger and licked it clean. You didn’t know how wet you were til you closed your legs and felt something ooze out of you and slid down your legs. Bobby got down on his knees and opened your legs. 

“What are you?-” You words were cut off as soon as you felt his juicy lips come into contact with your wet core. 

“Ahh. Ahhh. Mhmm.” You covered your mouth. You saw stars as soon as his tongue slipped inside of you and roughly hit your gspot. You tried your best to hold in your moans but you failed. His tongue pocked and rubbed your gspot over and over. He grabbed your legs and put them over his shoulder and opened your legs wider. He bit and nibbled your clit. You rubbed your fingers through his dark brown hair. 

“B-bobby. Im close.” You tugged on his hair and he nodded while still eating at your core like a beast. He tugged at your clit and squeezed your thighs causing you to see stars again and orgasm all over his face. He got up and whipped his face with his shirt. Your legs buckled and he held you up. 

“Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He picked you up and carried you to the bathroom. He sat you down on the counter and helped you take your dress off. Once he saw your body he smiled and looked at you. 

“Beautiful.” He took his shirt off and kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He broke the kiss and took our bra off. Your panties were long gone and you didn’t care. He turned the shower on and helped you down from off the counter. Then he helped you get in. The warm water felt good on your body. 

Bobby stripped down and got in. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. This moment felt so good. So nice. So perfect. 

Bobby moved your hair and sucked on your neck again causing you to moan out again and grip his arms. He lightly pushed you against the wall and cuffed your face. The water rolling down your face caused the kiss to feel even better. He lifted your legs up and you could feel his hard member push against your core. 

“Relax.” Bobby said before kissing you and pushing his long hard length into you causing small tears to escape your eyes and roll down your cheeks. He let you adjust and the pain slowly went away. He looked at you and made sure you were okay. You smiled and he slowly started to roll his hips into you. His thrust were soft and slow and felt good with the warm water running down the body. 

Bobby quickly changed his pace and snapped his hips into you. You screamed your lungs out as he became an animal. His thrust became harder and harder and scratched at his back. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer. As Bobby got deeper and deeper he touched your gspot. He started panting in your ear, it gave you goosebumps. Everytime he roughly touched your gspot you gasped for air. 

“Fuck. I dont think. Im gonna last any longer.” Bobby said inbetween pants. Your walls tightened around his length and he moaned out. Both of you moaned together as you both got closer and closer to your limit. 

“Ahh. Bobby. Bobby.” The way you moaned his name caused him to go faster and faster. He loved the way you were moaning his name. It was the best thing he’s ever heard and he wanted more. He pounded into you harder and harder and you screamed his name at the top of your lungs. He released his warm liquid into you and you came right after him. 

He slid out of you and watched as his cum oozed out of you. He smiled and lightly put your legs down. He held you up and made you sure you didnt fall. You put your foreheads together. Both of you were panting and trying to catch your breathe. You were sober now and you could see clearly now. You saw Bobby and his big smile right in front of you. This was one of the best nights of your life. You two got cleaned up and slept the rest of the night away peacefully in each others arms. 

YES!! I finished this right right before camp! Im so proud of myself I thought i wasn’t gonna get it done but Its done. (^*^) I hope you like it!! Im sorry if there’s any mistakes I was really tired when I made this and it was really early in the morning.  

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Based on this post and written for @lizardliz100 

Alex thought getting a new toaster would be simple - get in, grab the cheapest one and leave but Kara had insisted on coming along, which was fine except that Kara had then spent the whole morning giggling over text messages from Lena. Then Kara had started rambling about what a good eye Lena had and to shut her up Alex relented and told her to invite Lena along. 

As usual Lena turned up looking like a model in that fancy maroon coat, black heels and a simple black dress which resulted in Kara spending several minutes gawking at her girlfriend, stuttering over words and proceeding to kiss like no one was around. Alex coughed twice and then settled for smacking the back of Kara’s head to get her attention, she received a Kara pout and a Lena smirk and with a roll of her eyes she led the way. 

Alex stayed ahead most of the way, smiling to herself as Kara asked Lena about her day and though she would never admit it she loved how excited Kara got when she talked to her girlfriend. She’d never seen her sister so animated and so bubbly and she was secretly glad that Lena was the one to bring the sunshine parts of Kara’s personality back out. She sent Maggie a few texts, updating her about how gross Kara and Lena were being, looking back up she heard Kara’s voice getting louder.

“I can be smooth!”

Alex can tell Lena is smirking when she responds.

“Of course you can darling. I’m just saying that naturally I am better at flirting.”

Kara gasps and moments later Kara is stomping off infront as Lena walks alongside Alex, both shaking their heads at Kara’s antics.

Kara was still pouting when they arrived at the Home Depot, refusing to even look at Lena as they turned onto the aisle with the kitchen appliances. 

“Kara darling please,” Lena’s tone is soft and Alex can see Kara relaxing despite her pretending to be mad. 

Still Kara remains silent and so Lena turns to Alex and plucks the toaster from her hands, ignoring her protests as she turns back to Kara with a coy smile.

“Quick! The toaster is burning…just like my desire for you.”

Alex fights the urge to vomit at how bad that was, expecting to see a disapproving look on her sister’s face but instead Kara grins and giggles like a little child blushing violently as Lena gives her a victorious grin in response before handing the toaster back to Alex turning back in time to see Kara dashing off, returning seconds later with a Fondue machine in her arms.

“Hey Lena! I am fondue of you!”

Kara looks so pleased with herself, her eyes twinkling as excitement radiates off of her. Alex has seen that look in her eye and she knows what it means, it means she’s not leaving the store any time soon.

“Alright, well let’s get go and-” Alex starts to say, immediately getting cut off by Lena’s voice.

“That was very cute Kara but I can do better.” 

The way Lena’s eyebrow quirks in challenge and how Kara stands up - puffing her chest out, eyes full of steely determination and Alex groans knowing that Lena just fired Kara’s competitiveness to the limit. Before she can voice any more protests Kara is zooming off with Lena hot on her heels. So instead of leaving like Alex had planned she has to deal with their terrible attempts at flirting whilst holding random household appliances.

“Your beauty blinds me” 

“I think I should fan myself - you’re too hot!”

Alex’s grumblings are ignored and Kara actually shoves her aside in favour of holding a leaf blower just so she can tell Lena that “she blows her away”.


“Half an hour Maggie! They have been going back and forth for half an hour!” Alex whisper-yells into the phone, groaning when Maggie cackles in response.

“It’s not funny!”

“it’s fricking hilarious, hold me closer to them I want to hear this.”

She does as Maggie asks, having to bite her lip to stifle her own laughter as she takes in the sight of Lena sidling up to Kara with a handful of wall hooks. 

“Kara Danvers you’ve officially got me hooked on your love.”

“That was terrible Lee.” 

Alex thinks it might be the first time she’s seen Lena pouting as she grumpily tells Kara to “see if she can do any better.”

Kara’s response is equally as corny, “You have the key to my heart!” she says as she holds a door handle with a lock infront of her chest.

Alex has to turn away when Lena gives Kara a kiss for that one, bringing the phone back up to ear as the sound of Maggie laughing gets louder.

“This is so much better than paperwork,” Alex can’t help but laugh too when Maggie struggles to get the words out from laughing too much.


“Guys come on!” Alex throws her hands up as she raises her voice for what feels like the hundredth time. Once again being cut off this time by Lena’s voice and the image of her thrusting a candle infront of Kara’s face.

“No one holds a candle to you my darling.”

Alex mutters under her breath, she’s getting so close to punching one or both of them when Kara grabs a french ornament turning back to Lena with a flirty smile.

“Oh yeah? Well I Eiffel for you more and more each day.”

“ENOUGH! We need to leave before the damn store closes!”

Alex yelling causes both of them to turn around with matching sheepish expressions. She lets out a sigh of relief when they both put back the items in their hands and they start walking down the last aisle before they reach the till. Alex thinks she’s safe but then Kara is giggling and Lena is smirking and the two are running off like little kids. 

Alex sees a Home Depot employee approaching and she wants nothing more than to be free of these dorky idiots. Watching as Kara returns carrying far too many light-bulbs.

“Hey Lena, you light up my world!”

Lena speaks, holding two buckets of paint as she does, “well you give colour to my life!”

Neither are paying attention when Alex turns to the employee with a defeated sigh, “they’ve been at it for hours, we only came to buy a toaster.”

When they finally leave the store Alex can hear the two of them arguing over whose pick-up lines were the best. She is walking ahead thinking the next time she needs to buy something she’s just going to order it online.

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Through The Night (Harry Styles Imagine) -- SMUT


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Harry and I stepped out of the large black car to meet the sight of beautiful lit up lights surrounding a table for two. I smiled when I realised it was for Harry and I.

“Oh Harry. Thank you.” I gazed up at him with a grin, he was always so sweet to me. 

“You know I would do anything for you, (Y/N),” He said, causing my heart beat to quicken and butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

We walked to the table and Harry pulled out the chair for me to sit in before going to his own. I couldn’t help the grin that was stretched on my face, and when I looked up at Harry, I noticed him staring at me.

I chuckled, “What?”

“You’re just so damn gorgeous, I don’t deserve you.”

I frowned despite his compliment, “Harry, don’t say that. I’m with you, I love you, and nothing will change that. I love you, Harry.” I took his hand that was resting on the table, wrapping my small hands around his large one.

He glanced down at our hands entwined, and pursed his lips. “I love you too, babe.” I smiled at that.

Then at that moment, a few waiters came into the garden with our dishes. Harry had this all prepared. With our plates of food set right in front of us, we dug in. My mouth watered at how delicious it was, I quietly moaned but something told me that Harry heard it, and when I looked up at him I confirmed it.

Harry was biting his lip but avoiding my eyes, he was being shy. I giggled inwardly then took a sip of the expensive wine in my glass. “The food’s great,” I state and he let out a breath as though he was relieved.

“I wanted this to be a perfect night,” He muttered, blushing. 

“It’s perfect alright, Harry.” I raised a hand, placing it on his smooth cheek. He smiled against my warm palm, his cute dimples appearing. I took my hand back and continued eating.

By the time we were done, I was full and very happy. All throughout our dinner, he had me laughing with his incredibly lame jokes. We talked and talked about the future and about the adventures we’d have together. He made me so unbelievably happy, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

We stood up to leave, I thanked the waiters politely and they nodded in return. The familiar black car that we came in was already waiting for us, and once we got inside, the driver set off to Harry’s apartment.


Harry pushed opened the door and closed it behind us. I slipped off my maroon heels, sighing at the feeling of them off. I turned to Harry who’s white buttoned up shirt was now only halfway buttoned, revealing his toned and tattooed chest. My breath hitched at the sight and I gulped. My eyes trailed up to his structured face, watching closely as he took his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Kiss me.” His voice was deep and husky, I felt a blush creep up to my cheeks. Gone was his shy demeanour, and out was his sexy and demanding - but not too rough - side. I didn’t realise I was spacing out ‘till Harry pulled me to him, his hands gripping my waist tightly. “Kiss me,” he whispered against my lips.

Leaning forward, I enclosed the space between us, pressing my lips to his. Our kiss was soft and gentle, full of love. I ran my hands through his curly hair, tugging at the ends desperately, then he tightened his hold on me.

I moaned and stepped back, out of breath, but one look at his lips and I was back in his arms. This time it was deep and rough as he ran his tongue over my bottom lip, asking for entrance to which I granted. His large hands went up to caress the back of my neck before returning to its original spot on my hips. 

There was a burning pit in my stomach as Harry’s kisses moved to my neck, sucking and nibbling softly which I’m sure was leaving marks. I was breathing heavily from our make out and so was Harry. He stopped and peered into my eyes, our faces so close. Ever so lightly, his fingers pushed the dress straps off my shoulders, the dress slowly falling to the ground. I was now only in my bra and panties in front of him.

“Fuck.” He mumbled lowly, I almost didn’t hear him. Then in a blink of an eye, his lips were all over me. “Jump,” And I followed, my legs now wrapped around his waist with his hands clutching my thighs.

I unbuttoned his shirt completely as he kissed my neck. I was dropped onto his soft bed, Harry shrugging of his shirt and removing his jeans. I bit my lip, urgent for his touch. He came down and hovered over me, undoing the clasp of my bra as I lifted up for him, throwing my bra somewhere in the room. 

He stared down intensely, my nipples hardening. Then he bent down, and twirled his tongue over them, sucking and oh so gently nipping. He massaged my other nipple, rolling it between his fingers. I could tell I was dripping wet, growing more aroused by the second, Harry leaving a series of wet kisses as he went down. 

My core was aching, my knees shaking. Harry noticed and planted a firm kiss on my inner thigh, I was struck. “Harry,” I moaned pleadingly.

He groaned, “yes?”


“Please what?” He continued to pepper kisses along my area, knowing the effect it was having.

Breathless, I said “please take me.” I writhed.

He listened, dragging my panties down my legs. I was now bare, hot and ready for him. I could feel him settle between my thighs, just his breath over my sensitive spot, but instead I lead his face up to mine and kissed him eagerly.

Without breaking the kiss, I reached forward and tugged the waistband of his boxers in a way of asking him to remove it. He understood. Both of us finally naked, I pushed him onto his back and smirked, palms flat on his chest. And excruciatingly slowly, I took him in, eyes shut in ecstasy as I adjusted to how big he was.

I whimpered, my legs trembling as I rode him fully. His chest rumbled, loud and resonant groans escaping his mouth. Harry’s big hands squeezed my ass and I gasped.

“Babe, f–fuck, you feel amazing.” He let out a string of curse words and thrusted into me once again. We switched positions and this time I was below Harry, his thick length hard against me.

“Mmm.” I bit my lip, observing him rubbing his cock that had my juices all over. With a few more pumps, he thrusted back into me causing me to clench tightly. He moaned in pleasure. 

He began to go rough, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. My nails clawed at his back, my mind going into overdrive. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pushed further. 

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Harry pounded into me deep and sensuous, “(Y/N), fuck.”

“Harry, i’m gonna–i’m gonna cum!” I shouted. “Harry! Fuck me!”

“Yes, yell my name. Make sure everybody can hear you, baby.” He panted.

“Harry! Shit!” The throbbing at my core was becoming stronger, and I waited for Harry’s permission.

“Cum for me, (Y/N),” He held me.

Another wave of pleasure flowed through me, enough to push me over the edge and at last, I climaxed. Harry pulled out from inside me and I sat up, his cum shooting out onto my breasts. We were both exhausted and drained.

We collapsed on the bed beside each other, taking a short rest before going to take a shower. I turned to look at my loving boyfriend, “I love you Harry,” I placed a hand on his cheek.

“I love you too, angel.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

It’s Luh Bitch - Derek Luh Smut

Request: can you do a smut with Derek. Like you’re friend drags you to a release party for Derek but you don’t know who he was and you guys hit it off and he takes you back to his place. btw love your blog :)




I was lounging on the couch munching on my spicy doritos in my rolled up black nike sweats and white sports bra watching netflix. I was having a pretty chill night besides all the text messages my best friend Emma was sending me. She was begging me to go to a party for some rapper who I don’t even know the name of. 

I was just getting to the super scary part of my horror movie when the doorbell rang causing me to throw chips everywhere. I was scared out of my mind so I grabbed my softball bat and started inching towards the door. I swing open the open ready to swing but to my relief its Emma. 

“Woah! Watching horror movies I see?” Emma giggles an walks into my living room with a large duffle bag. 

“What’s in the bag Emma?” I question raising my eyebrows. 

“Oh its what you are wearing to the party.” She says giving me a ‘Duh’ look.

“Emmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa, I don’t want to go to a party.” I pout. ‘

“Well you are sure as hell not sitting around here in chips and watching stupid movies.” She says gesturing around the room. 

“They’re not stupid.” I say crossing my arms. 

“What ever you say, now come on.” She says grabbing my hand dragging me up the stairs to my bedroom. 

Emma had to be losing her mind because she dressed me in a maroon lace crop top with hell of a lot of cleavage, black ripped skinny jeans and maroon heeled boots. She straightened my hair and did light make up because she knows I’m not in too lots of make up.

“Your joking right.” I say looking my outfit in the mirror. 

“What you look hot, your ass looks great.” She says smiling and slaps my butt. 

I roll my eyes and grab my phone and we head back down stairs out to her car. As we drive to the house we sing along to all our favorite music. Emma put on one of his songs and he isn’t bad, I really enjoyed his music. 

We pull up to the large house and see drunken people running amuck, in the house and outside in the yard. 

“This is going to be thrilling!” Emma squeals. 

I laugh at her excitement and we head inside. The stench of alcohol and weed fills my nose, but its nothing I’m not used too. Emma some how tends to frag me to a lot of parties so I can be her glorified babysitter, but not tonight. If she was going to drag me from my evening I was going to drink the night away. 

About 3 drinks and 2 shots of strong vodka later I was feeling my buzz. I walked around the living room with a goofy ass smile on my face, when ever I get drunk I am the nicest goofiest person ever, according to Emma and my other girl friends. 

They started playing Derek’s new track and it was really good. I started dancing when someone came up to me. 

“Enjoying the music?” The stranger asked.

“Yeah, this Derek guys is nice to listen too.” I grin swaying my hips.

“Well thank you. Allow me to introduce my self, Im Derek Luh.” He says reaching his hand out for me to shake.

“Oh my god! Your the guy singing. I thought your last name was produced ‘Luh’” I say giggling and reaching out to hug him. 

He chuckles and hugs my body and he was hella muscular. “It’s Luh (Loo) Bitch.” He says singing along to the music. 

I laugh, “Perfect timing.” I sing as we walk over to one of the empty couches. 

Derek and I really hit it off, we asked for like an hour about random things just getting to know each other. It must have been the vodka talking because I leaned in and captured his lips with mine. He immediately kissed back grabbing my face and slipping his tongue across my bottom lip. I granted access and his tongue took dominance over my mine. 

We pulled away after a few minutes catching our breathes. He smiled at me and took my hand into his. “Let go back to my place, only if you want to.” He smiles sweetly. I nod my head and he guides me through the living room saying some thank you and good byes to people as I wave goodbye to Emma, she gives me a wink and a huge smile. 

I roll my eyes and he calls and uber, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist. I placed small kisses on his neck and I found his sweet spots causing him to moan out and grip my waist tighter.

“If you don’t stop now I won’t be able to wait.” He says through gritted teeth. 

I smirk and continue to suck on his neck leaving little love bites as I go. He grabs my chin and lifts it up so I am looking him in the eyes. He smashes his lips on to mine as the uber pulls up. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, we climb into the back seat not disconnecting from each other. The only time he did is when he told the driver he would doubt the amount as long as he didn’t look back. 

Derek started sucking on my neck causing me to moan he slips his hands underneath my crop top squeezing my breasts. I start to grind on to him feeling his hard on underneath his jeans. The driver clears his throat letting us know we are at our destination. 

Derek picks me up bridal style and jogs to his front door. Struggling with the keys I giggle and take them from his hand opening the door with ease. He tells me to go upstairs and strip and he will be up in a minute. 

I squeeze my legs together for some friction and run up the stairs, finding his bedroom. I take off my shirt and wiggle my skin jeans down my legs. Bending over to take them off. 

“Damn mami, your ass is fine.” A shirtless Derek says walking towards me spinning me around pulling me into his chest. 

“I can’t take any teasing.” I pant as he leaves open mouth kisses along my chest, unclasping my bra and letting the straps fall from my arms to the ground. 

He picks me up and gently lays me on the bed taking off my panties and his pants. I give him a questioning look and he takes off his jeans and has no underwear on. 

“I don’t like to wear underwear.” He shrugs and I laugh. 

I was not surprised by his size, he was mouth watering. Derek spreads my legs open slowly and positions itself over me. I trace his small California tattoo and budda tattoo. 

“Your perfect, you know?” Derek whispers before placing a small kiss on my lips. 

“Back at ya Luh.” I say purposely pronouncing his name wrong. 

“Your going to regret that.” Derek says with a smirk. 

In one movement Derek fully thrusted into me giving me zero time to adjust. I scream out Derek’s name as the pain turns to pleasure. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head just feeling him inside of me and listening to his grunts. 

I could feel my high approaching and I could barely control my moans. 

“I-I’m going to cum.” I pant out.

“Me too.” He moans out. 

I hit my high and relate all over him and soon I feel him shoot his load into me. We ride out our highs and he collapses next to me. I snuggle up to him and he traces small circles on my back.

“I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” Derek mumbles and runs his fingers through my long hair. 

“What are you saying?” I say sitting up with a smile. 

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” Derek asks with a grin spreading across his face.

I nod my head and jump into his arms kissing him. 

“Round two?” He questions raising an eyebrow.

“I want top.” I say straddling his waist. 


Im doing my requests, so I can get my Requests back open for you lovely people! 

Sorry if I’m terrible at smuts. 

Holiday [smut]

Requested - Your family is having a Holiday Party and Shawn and his family go and later on during the night, you and Shawn go up to your room, tipsy off wine, and he fucks you over the sink of your bathroom connected to your room.

“Genevieve, are you almost ready?” My mother calls from downstairs. “Guests are starting to arrive.”

“I’ll be down in five minutes!” I call back to her. My focus goes back to my eyeliner, carefully stroking across my eye lid with my brush that has been dipped in the gel liner pot. There. Both of my eyes are done. I put my makeup away and strap on my favorite black chunky heels, then examine myself in the mirror. My outfit consisted of a maroon quarter length sleeve blouse tucked into my black skirt, maroon tights, and my heels. I left my hair in a curly mess of a low bun, held together by bobby pins with some strands falling out. I applied my favorite matte burgundy lipstick and opened my room door, smelling the fresh scent of pine cones.

Tonight, my parents were throwing their annual Christmas Party. All of our friends and family were coming over. I head down the stairs and see that people are already here. The house is now loud and filled with people. I help my mom out with offering people my mother’s “famous” white chocolate strawberries. People are drinking champagne, wine, the hard stuff; some people stand by and eat off little napkins; and some are just talking. Music fills the house as I go into the kitchen.

“There you are.”

I look up and see Shawn had finished a conversation just to talk to me. My heart is ready to beat out of my chest and dance around, but I remain calm.

“Hey. I didn’t see you.” I reply. No duh!

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you since..”

“..since the last football game. Yeah it’s been a long time.” I finish his fading sentence. At our last football game, I caught Shawn and a fellow cheer mate in the bathroom having oral sex. I had to keep it a secret and not mention it to anyone or else Shawn wouldn’t be allowed to do basketball season. Ever since then, we avoided each other. He avoided me because it was awkward to look at each other knowing I walked in on him mid-orgasm. And I avoided him because I had a major crush on him. I still do.

“How have you been?” He asked me, attempting to break the ice.

“Great.” I say, nodding my head a little. “Been busy here and there with Cheer, but I’m great. How are you?”

“Fine.” He smiles. I set the tray down on the table behind him and attempt to walk away. Instead, my father comes up to us. He’s happy; it’s been a long time since he’s seen Shawn and I in a room together. After all, he and I were good friends.

“Shawn, good to see you.” My father says, shaking his hand.

“Likewise, Mr. Knox.” Shawn replies.

“How have you been?”

“Fantastic sir. Your lovely daughter” - Shawn places an arm around my waist and pulls me close to him - “was keeping me company.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen the two of you in the same room.”

“We have busy schedules, daddy.” I reply.

“I sure can imagine. How are your sports coming along?”

“Fantastic, sir. Your daughter here likes to cheer me on especially.” Shawn says, lightly squeezing me in more. I can only blush, looking away.

“I’m sure she does.” My dad winks at us. “Listen, it’s a party, and you live just across the street. I’ll let you guys drink.”

“Thank you, sir.” Shawn says. My dad gives us a small nod before walking away and talking to Shawn’s parents and some of his partners from the firm.

I take Shawn’s arm off my waist and begin to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Shawn asks me.

I shrug. “I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you hear what your dad said?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So? Come on, you’re drinking with me.” Shawn says, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me close to him again. He lets go of my hand before grabbing the wine bottle and two wine glasses. “Where can we go?”

“Take it easy!” I say, grabbing the bottle from his hands. I pour both of us half glasses of wine and place the bottle back on the bar.

I take a small sip and begin to walk away.

Oh god. I felt so odd being with Shawn. I don’t know how he could manage holding me after what I saw. I still can’t forget that night.

“Stephanie? We’re about to perform.” I said, walking into the bathroom. I stopped in my tracks. Stephanie, my co-captain of the cheer squad, was on her knees, her hands on Shawn’s hips as he head bobbed back and forth on him. His eyes shot wide open and he orgasmed into her mouth. Shawn made eye contact with me and I couldn’t help but scream, before running out back to the field, trying to act like I didn’t see anything.

Now, as I stand with an old friend of mine, I can’t help but shake that memory from my mind.

“So what college are you looking into, Genevieve?” My friend, Peter, asks me.

“I’m thinking of attending B-”

“Excuse us.” Shawn says as he - rudely - pulls me away from my conversation with Peter.

“What is your problem?” I ask Shawn.

“Where’s your room?” Shawn asks me.

“Upstairs. Why?”

“We’re drinking. I don’t care what you say.”

x          x         x

Shawn laughs loudly, throwing his head back and dropping the now empty wine bottle on the floor.

“Shh!” I say to him, laughing as well as I reach over and place a hand over his open mouth.

The party is still going downstairs. The music was turned up, but now it’s soft and light Christmas music. Surprisingly, no one has noticed the missing bottle of wine. It’d be too late to notice either way. Shawn and I drank it all and we’re now quite tipsy.

“Hey,” Shawn giggles, “remember when you walked in on me in the bathroom?”

I laugh, falling off the bed. “I was so scared!”

“You ran out of there so fast.” He laughs.

“Wait, shh, stop talking.” I say, clumsily getting up. I almost trip over my heels, resulting in me taking them off.

“Where you going?” He asks me.

“I wanna wash my hands.” I tell him, before walking to my bathroom that’s connected to my room. I lock the door and look at myself in the mirror. My hair has fallen out of place and at this point I leave it alone. I quickly wash my hands before opening the door.

Shawn is standing in the door way, the buttons of his white dress shirt opened, exposing some of his chest. His sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows, somehow making him more attractive, and he’s looking down at me.

“What’s up?” I ask him. Shawn places a hand at my chest, pushing me back before walking in and closing the door.

“God, you look so hot right now.” He says, eyeing me up and down while biting on his bottom lip. He places his hands at my waist, pulling me into his chest.

My hands rest on his toned chest as he runs his hands up my skirt and squeezing my backside. Shawn grunts before turning us around and pinning my back quickly against the door. I slowly drag my hands down to his buttons and begin popping his shirt open. He places his hands on mine, stopping me. I glance up and see him begin to lean in.

His lips connect with mine. They’re just like I had imagined - tender, sweet, soft, and plump. Shawn slightly pulls back from the kiss, his breath still lingering upon my lips. I bring my hands up to run my fingers through his hair but get cut short. Shawn has pinned my arms against the door and begins to kiss me again, this time with his tongue entering my mouth. I maneuver my tongue on top of his, roaming his mouth.

“I just wanna fuck the shit out of you.” Shawn says to me.

“What are you waiting for?” I ask him. He lets go of my hands and quickly grabs my thighs, holding me up and sitting me on the edge of the sink. I begin unbuttoning his shirt as he does the same with mine.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” He says as he unclasps my bra. Shawn tugs the straps off, flinging my bra onto the tile floor before taking one of my breasts in his hand.

My hands wander to his pants and I start to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. He lets go of my breasts to pull his pants down slightly, along with his briefs. Shawn runs his hands under my skirt and tugging down my tights and underwear past my knees.

“Fuck me.” I moan. He places his hands on my thighs, spreading them apart quickly before shoving his whole length in me. I begin to moan, as does Shawn, as he pulls out and pushes himself back in.

“Your pussy’s fucking tight.” He groans. “Oh, fuck.”

“Fuck me.” I moan out again.

“Holy shit.” Shawn grunts as he pounds into me with force and pain. “Holy fuck.”

I begin to moan high pitched as Shawn pulls at my hair with one hand, while playing with my breasts with another hand. “There. Right there. F-fuck me.”

He tugs his bottom lip between his teeth as he picks up speed. “Choke me!”

Shawn lets go of my hair and breast and moves his big hands to my small neck. He wraps his hands around the skin and applies pressure to my neck. My hands go onto his hands as he continue to thrust into me.

The sound of Christmas music and our skins coming in contact fills the room. I’m surprised no one has bothered to check up on us.

“You’re so fucking wet.” He pants.

“H-harder.” I pant out. Shawn lets go of my neck and places his hands on my waist before pulling out for a brief moment.

“Turn around.” He tells me. I slide off the sink and turn around, facing the mirror. Shawn bends me over, my face coming in contact with the sink as he slides back in me, but from behind.

The pleasure is kicked up a notch. He pulls at my hair, making me face myself in the mirror.

“Look at me fuck you.” Shawn grunts, slapping my ass. I moan out loud, only making him slap me again and again.

“Fuck me, Shawn.” I moan. I place my hands up against the now steamy mirror. He pounds into me at a slower pace than before. Our moans are synchronized as he fucks me from behind.

“Call me daddy.” Shawn demand.

“And if I don’t?” I reply. Shawn pulls my hair harder and I jolt my head back, allowing him to choke me again.

“I stop fucking you.” He says in my ear.

“What if I wanna fuck you?” I pant. Shawn lets go of my hair and neck and bends me over again, this time, placing his hands at my waist, preventing me from coming back up.

“Genevieve,” he pants. My mouth opens up to an O shape as my breathing becomes hitched.

“Fuck me, daddy, f-fuck me.” I moan.

“God, you turn me on.” He replies.

He pounds into me harder and faster, making the sounds of our skins coming in contact project louder than before. Sweat starts to form along my forehead as my hair falls over my face and shoulders. My hands rest on the sides of the sink, my mouth opening wider.

“I’m gonna..” I moan. “Daddy.” I pant as I orgasm. “Shawn, oh, fuck.”

“Hold still for daddy.” He breathes, holding me down as he pounds into me more before he finally orgasms. I watch his big O face through the mirror and feel him shake. He falls against my back before picking himself up.

“Well, merry fucking Christmas.”

SHIT MY RP PARTNERS HAVE SAID [sentence starters]

“It’s hard to be attracted to someone who’s standing in front of a muppet.”
“let’s play the emotionally abused and the emotionally constipated cat twins”
“George! It’s that George guy whose name isn’t George!”
“But also can you imagine eating just flour.”
“Update: the butter is not stuck anymore.”
“But the grandmother has almost 100 grandkids like can you imagine.”
“How do ohioans pronounce tobacco?”
“wow my poor sister her cat just peed everywhere.”
“If you put nuts in your cookies I hope you know that it’s just as bad as supporting Trump.”
“The heat has made even the birds miserable rip.”
“My bird just dove into my cleavage.”
“Dying and undying one hypochondriac moment after another!”
“I’m remembering your license plate so I can report you to the police at random points of my life.”
“The prophecy has been written in the articles of the groupchat.”
“Who even speaks like that? that just comes naturally to you.”
“I just imagined my ovaries as pacman eating my uterus, and that’s why I have cramps.”
“I just wanted a nap why won’t the world let me have one.”
“I am granting you one free nap.”
“The chimpanzees at the zoo are mating in the exhibit! The parents of the children are outraged.”
“I would rather have you than boobs ok.”
“I feel like I’m betraying my shoes. I’m picking ‘favorites’ to go in my suitcase.”
“It’s okay, I don’t mind being an idiot for other people’s entertainment.”
“Day 1 : oops I clicked the nuclear destruction button.”
“I am truly blessed in our buddyship.”
“Imaginary friends don’t pay rent.”
“It’s not like the phrase "naked hugs at the zoo!” is going to work.“
"Can you sense the aliens with the tin foil?”
“Because who can live without maroon suede kitten heels?”
“Imma be a mermaid, bitch. Time to reel in some sailors and fuck them up.”
“She’s so fake feminist.”
“Okay but the other day, a customer drugged one of my managers.”
“Also. Be proud of me, I ate my fried chicken at the table and not in the shower.”
“Did you know you can milk cockroaches?”


Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words; 2620 (wow)

Summary: Dean and the reader used to be high school sweethearts. They had their futures planned out with each other. That was until John showed up to drag Dean away to another hunt. What happens when Dean and Sam are tracking down a werewolf that’s after you nearly 20 years later?

Tag: @d-s-winchester

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