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Credence Barebone ~ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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You love Credence and want him to have a better life.

Requested by: My soul

Written by: Head Honcho

Warning: Long, mentions of abuse

AN: My bb boi needs love


You let out a deep breath as you take a seat on the sofa in your living room. After a long day, it’s good to snuggle up with a book to forget about all the problems or rude people you’ve encountered in the last twenty-four or fewer hours.

Right when you’re getting to the part in the book where the main character meets her prince charming, there is a knock at your apartment’s door. A normal person would question why someone would be at their door at this ungodly hour while you let out a sigh of relief.

You rush towards the door, tieing your silk robe shut knowing how easily flustered he gets at the simplest of sleepwear. You open it and there he is, Credence Barebone, in all his… glory.

“(Y/N)…” His voice is weak as he keeps his head low.

“Credence.” You keep your own voice soft. “Would you like to come in?” You step aside and gesture him in.

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Just Fine // Jung Hoseok

the prompt: could I have a prince Hoseok scenario (similar to the jungkook one)?

words: 3611

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: here’s snarky!reader and sunshine!hoseok bc it’s cute to me. also a cameo of jin’s scenario in there bc i figured they could be a part of the same story

- destinee

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Based on this post and written for @lizardliz100 

Alex thought getting a new toaster would be simple - get in, grab the cheapest one and leave but Kara had insisted on coming along, which was fine except that Kara had then spent the whole morning giggling over text messages from Lena. Then Kara had started rambling about what a good eye Lena had and to shut her up Alex relented and told her to invite Lena along. 

As usual Lena turned up looking like a model in that fancy maroon coat, black heels and a simple black dress which resulted in Kara spending several minutes gawking at her girlfriend, stuttering over words and proceeding to kiss like no one was around. Alex coughed twice and then settled for smacking the back of Kara’s head to get her attention, she received a Kara pout and a Lena smirk and with a roll of her eyes she led the way. 

Alex stayed ahead most of the way, smiling to herself as Kara asked Lena about her day and though she would never admit it she loved how excited Kara got when she talked to her girlfriend. She’d never seen her sister so animated and so bubbly and she was secretly glad that Lena was the one to bring the sunshine parts of Kara’s personality back out. She sent Maggie a few texts, updating her about how gross Kara and Lena were being, looking back up she heard Kara’s voice getting louder.

“I can be smooth!”

Alex can tell Lena is smirking when she responds.

“Of course you can darling. I’m just saying that naturally I am better at flirting.”

Kara gasps and moments later Kara is stomping off infront as Lena walks alongside Alex, both shaking their heads at Kara’s antics.

Kara was still pouting when they arrived at the Home Depot, refusing to even look at Lena as they turned onto the aisle with the kitchen appliances. 

“Kara darling please,” Lena’s tone is soft and Alex can see Kara relaxing despite her pretending to be mad. 

Still Kara remains silent and so Lena turns to Alex and plucks the toaster from her hands, ignoring her protests as she turns back to Kara with a coy smile.

“Quick! The toaster is burning…just like my desire for you.”

Alex fights the urge to vomit at how bad that was, expecting to see a disapproving look on her sister’s face but instead Kara grins and giggles like a little child blushing violently as Lena gives her a victorious grin in response before handing the toaster back to Alex turning back in time to see Kara dashing off, returning seconds later with a Fondue machine in her arms.

“Hey Lena! I am fondue of you!”

Kara looks so pleased with herself, her eyes twinkling as excitement radiates off of her. Alex has seen that look in her eye and she knows what it means, it means she’s not leaving the store any time soon.

“Alright, well let’s get go and-” Alex starts to say, immediately getting cut off by Lena’s voice.

“That was very cute Kara but I can do better.” 

The way Lena’s eyebrow quirks in challenge and how Kara stands up - puffing her chest out, eyes full of steely determination and Alex groans knowing that Lena just fired Kara’s competitiveness to the limit. Before she can voice any more protests Kara is zooming off with Lena hot on her heels. So instead of leaving like Alex had planned she has to deal with their terrible attempts at flirting whilst holding random household appliances.

“Your beauty blinds me” 

“I think I should fan myself - you’re too hot!”

Alex’s grumblings are ignored and Kara actually shoves her aside in favour of holding a leaf blower just so she can tell Lena that “she blows her away”.


“Half an hour Maggie! They have been going back and forth for half an hour!” Alex whisper-yells into the phone, groaning when Maggie cackles in response.

“It’s not funny!”

“it’s fricking hilarious, hold me closer to them I want to hear this.”

She does as Maggie asks, having to bite her lip to stifle her own laughter as she takes in the sight of Lena sidling up to Kara with a handful of wall hooks. 

“Kara Danvers you’ve officially got me hooked on your love.”

“That was terrible Lee.” 

Alex thinks it might be the first time she’s seen Lena pouting as she grumpily tells Kara to “see if she can do any better.”

Kara’s response is equally as corny, “You have the key to my heart!” she says as she holds a door handle with a lock infront of her chest.

Alex has to turn away when Lena gives Kara a kiss for that one, bringing the phone back up to ear as the sound of Maggie laughing gets louder.

“This is so much better than paperwork,” Alex can’t help but laugh too when Maggie struggles to get the words out from laughing too much.


“Guys come on!” Alex throws her hands up as she raises her voice for what feels like the hundredth time. Once again being cut off this time by Lena’s voice and the image of her thrusting a candle infront of Kara’s face.

“No one holds a candle to you my darling.”

Alex mutters under her breath, she’s getting so close to punching one or both of them when Kara grabs a french ornament turning back to Lena with a flirty smile.

“Oh yeah? Well I Eiffel for you more and more each day.”

“ENOUGH! We need to leave before the damn store closes!”

Alex yelling causes both of them to turn around with matching sheepish expressions. She lets out a sigh of relief when they both put back the items in their hands and they start walking down the last aisle before they reach the till. Alex thinks she’s safe but then Kara is giggling and Lena is smirking and the two are running off like little kids. 

Alex sees a Home Depot employee approaching and she wants nothing more than to be free of these dorky idiots. Watching as Kara returns carrying far too many light-bulbs.

“Hey Lena, you light up my world!”

Lena speaks, holding two buckets of paint as she does, “well you give colour to my life!”

Neither are paying attention when Alex turns to the employee with a defeated sigh, “they’ve been at it for hours, we only came to buy a toaster.”

When they finally leave the store Alex can hear the two of them arguing over whose pick-up lines were the best. She is walking ahead thinking the next time she needs to buy something she’s just going to order it online.

Fire & gasoline

Influenced by @abloodneed ​‘s gay thirst for Magnus Bane. Don’t ever change, Izsak.

When the lights go red and the alarm rings out in the Institute, Magnus is with Alec. They’re in his room, now barely ever used and dusted over, but still necessary for those rare occasions they stay overnight, too tired or maybe just too lazy to portal to Magnus’ loft – their home, away from the world. Aside from just wanting to spend more time with Magnus, this is one of the reasons Alec moved out as soon as the decision was just formality hanging in the air, a question to be asked and answered with a sweet smile – not having to be woken up with something akin to horror movie shelter sirens in the middle of the night.

It’s a hollow kind of sound, urgent and calling for attention – Alec breaks their kiss to roll his eyes and sigh out a resigned curse, because getting interrupted seems to be their thing, but Magnus just laughs before briefly pressing his kiss-wet mouth over Alec’s deflect rune, the soft prickle of the goatee making Alec give a breathy chuckle. 

They’re tangled in each other up against the door, long legs wrapped around a muscular waist, Magnus’ weight pressed against Alec, chest to chest, Magnus’ hands travelling over Alec’s thighs and ass, Alec’s hands tugging at hair, bodies alive with slow dripping pleasure that’s now been ripped from them in the most unfair of ways. The air between them is humid with possibility, with the unspoken ideas, some of them including Alec dropping to his knees and some with them sans clothes, just coal-hot skin, moans reverberating through the room like a choir echo and Alexander whispered like a praise.

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velkynkarma  asked:

Microfic! Smol!Shiro and Hunk, pasta with jam sauce. :)

oh my god yes

“I’m so sorry, guys,” Hunk says hopelessly.

“Is this some sort of Earth delicacy?” Allura asks, poking delicately at her plate with her spork. The teal noodles squish unappealingly beneath the bright maroon sauce liberally coating the rest of the food.

“Uh,” Pidge says, gulping queasily.

“Normally the noodles aren’t blue, I’ll give you that,” Lance offers weakly. Even the mice have abandoned them, turning their noses away from Lance’s offered spork and darting away from the table. (They’re probably in the kitchen hunting down the food goo. Lucky things.) “Hunk, it’s not that I don’t like your cooking-”

“We made ‘pasghetti!” Shiro announces with delight. He’s halfway through his plate already, practically inhaling the overly sweet dinner offering. “Hunk let me help!”

“Slow down there,” Keith says, instead of touching his own meal. He leans over, gently but firmly placing his hand over Shiro’s grip around the spork. “You’ll make yourself sick. Chew that bite first.”

“Aww,” Shiro says, with his mouth full.

Allura, typically interested in many of Hunk’s edible creations, is still wrinkling her nose at her plate. “Your - ‘noodles’ - are normally flavored with starberries? Are you quite certain this is edible?”

“He was so excited,” Hunk tries.

“How exotic!” Coran declares. He swallows the last bite of his rather sizable portion and holds out his cleared plate with a flourish. “Serve up another one, Number Two! This Food Lion’s hungry for more!”

Shiro laughs out loud at the silly face Coran pulls; Pidge takes advantage of the distraction to push her bowl several inches away from her. “Glad somebody else can eat this.”

“I’ll make something else later,” Hunk offers, a desperate peace solution. “Sorry, guys.”

“Yes please,” Pidge groans.

Lance swallows, face pale as Hunk dishes up another portion to hand back to Coran. “I’ll help. After Shiro’s in bed.”

“No, Lance.” Allura says firmly. “The timing is not optimal. You will be too busy with Shiro for too long.”

“Maybe if Lance read Shiro two bedtime stories instead of five,” Pidge quips, adjusting her glasses with a smirk.

“Hey!” Lance protests.

Allura shakes her head, point proven. “Precisely. If someone else is with Hunk in the kitchen, we can have a fresh round of dinner completely prepared by the time Lance has - what is your phrase? ‘Tucked Shiro in’?”

“Yes,” Lance says, slowly. Coran’s building some sort of food-mountain out of his second helping; Shiro’s giggling, delighted and fully oblivious. “But - ”

“Then it’s settled.” Allura lays her spork down, sitting up straight with a regal toss of her hair. “I will assist Hunk instead.”

Allura’s just as bad in the kitchen as Shiro. Pidge pales. Hunk gulps.

“I’ll do it,” Keith volunteers. The sigh of relief around the table’s practically audible. “You have enough going on, Princess. Shiro, if I let you have your spork back, you have to promise to take smaller bites.”

Shiro sulks, sticking his lower lip out. “I know how to eat ‘pasghetti.”

“You know how to get it all over your face,” Keith says, fondly, but lets Shiro have the spork anyway. “Chew this time. I’m watching.”

“'kay,” Shiro says happily, and tucks right back in to his pasta and jam.

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#listen that coat #DON'T TOUCH ME – but it looks so soft maia

STOP i’m genuinely upset by the shoulder detailing you can see on it and I really hope he buttons it up at some point in that outfit bc I want to see how it looks done up. That grey looks so good on him I’m actually crying.

Anyway, I’m glad 2B seems to be borrowing from his more elaborate jackets in s1 bc I do think that was the only thing missing for me in 2A about his style; like the clothes were pretty consistent with season 1, but Magnus always had really unique jackets and the ones in 2A seemed to have been plainer. I can’t recall a jacket in 2A that genuinely stood out to me like the ones in 1x04 or 1x13 did.


Title: So What, It was 2002.

Prompt: Quidditch Kiss Cam

Pairing: Viktor x Hermione

Word Count: 6,855

A/N: spied this on another tumblr reblog >u> (also some things have been changed to make the story work, like ireland instead of egypt) And obviously I don’t own anything involved! Also I’m not entirely up on all the things on Quidditch(that and I haven’t written anything in forever) so if I get some things wrong bear with me! It’s all for the plot progression. I’d imagine Hermione is like 21 with Viktor being 24? I’m terrible at math though, so sue me.

Also located here for your reading pleasure.

To say that the night of the 2002 Quidditch World Cup was the event of the year would have been an insulting understatement. It was far more than just two teams competing for a higher glory that would stick around for the next four years. When it had been finally revealed that the two teams facing off were to be Ireland and Bulgaria there was definitely a split second of silence before an uproar of cheers from watching households of the last semi-final match of Bulgaria against Egypt.

There had always been that underlying sense of long awaited redemption from Bulgaria upon their 1994 loss and everyone knew the subtle, quiet rivalry that had carried on afterwards as well. After all it had been nearly 10 years since the loss; anyone with half a brain could figure out this was the Bulgarian Team’s shot at overcoming their previous defeat and specifically to whom they had lost against.

Ironically enough, the hosting pitch was in the original location of Dartmoor. It had been a last minute decision to have it in Quidditch Trillenium Stadium, a verdict that had obviously been made to create more popularity for reliving the 1994 World Cup. Of course the stadium would have to be refitted to hold more wizards and witches if the already astounding ticket sales were anything to go off of.

The Weasley group had done their very best to acquire tickets for the World Cup because while having seats at the very very top were better than no seats at all. Unfortunately, with the skyrocketing popularity for this year there was no such luck in the air for them. All tickets regardless of their expense seem to have been bought out already.

There was certainly a sour mood in the air for the bunch as this meant they’d all have to huddle up to watch the game on a rather small telly. Something that they had recently acquired and were still trying to figure out.

“Are you sure there weren't any tickets left mum?” Ron whined in a child-like manner. He, for one, was beyond excited with the incoming rematch. Harry looked expectantly at the matriarch of the family along with Ron. Hermione had simply shook her head whilst passing through to another room, an owl treat in hand.

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irishangelniall  asked:

Are you taking requests again? If you are, could you please do a Sabriel oneshot where Sam has to help Gabriel with his wings after he gets injured on a hunt? Keep up the brilliant work, your stories are amazing!

Thank you so, so much! That really means a lot! Here’s some Sabriel for you, and I’m sorry it’s so late. Hope you enjoy!


Sam flinched, drawing his hand back from Gabriel’s quivering wing. “Isn’t that like a clear violation against your archangel status or something? And can you move your wing up a little bit?”

Gabriel hissed as he reluctantly obeyed and shifted his wing further up the bed. He raised his eyes toward the ceiling and clenched his jaw. “Our Father, who art not in Heaven, sorry but not sorry. Too busy dealing with other bullshit at the moment.”

“You’re a child,” Sam scoffed lightly, giving Gabriel an amused smile as he replaced his hands on the wing joint he was inspecting.

“Still older than you,” Gabriel managed to ground out with a shaky grin.

Sam chuckled and trailed his fingers underneath the assortment of shimmering golden feathers. He pressed his lips together as he felt around for any possible breaks or abnormalities. Carefully shifting the feathers around, he took a closer look and noticed maroon blotches coating the membrane.

“Your wing was stabbed with a seraph blade, right?” Sam muttered.

“Yeah, saving your brother’s sorry ass from that demon,” Gabriel smirked, grunting when Sam prodded at the injury. “I’m still waiting for him to fall at my feet, singing praise and gratitude.”

Sam snickered. “Yeah, right. That’ll definitely happen. I think it just bruised over.”

“It’s been healing at warp speed since we escaped,” Gabriel grunted. “Still hurts like a bitch though.”

“I’m sorry, is there anything more I can do?” Sam asked, looking up from the wing.

Gabriel slowly turned to glance at Sam over his shoulder. The archangel huffed and shook his head, his amber eyes gleaming mischievously.

“Unless you wanna kiss it better, nah, there’s nothing more you can do,” he said, his tone trailing suggestively underneath the noticeable sting of pain.

Sam rolled his eyes but grinned nonetheless. Keeping his eyes locked on Gabriel’s, Sam leaned down and placed a tender and chaste kiss to the bruise.

Gabriel jolted and sucked in a breath.

Immediately, Sam sat up, brows scrunched together in concern and light panic. “What’s wrong? Did I – Did I make it worse or – “

“No, no, no, no, it’s just…” Gabriel breathed, twisting his head even further to gape at Sam with wide eyes, his eyes continuously flickering down to his wing. Sam noted the “I think… I think you really did just kiss it better.”

“Yeah, okay – “

“No, Sam, look.”

Slightly startled but indulgent, Sam glanced back down at the wing membrane. And then he looked again. And then he shifted the feathers around and looked even closer. The bruise was gone, or at least mostly gone; there was only a very faint contrast in shade where it had been, the only indication that Gabriel had even been injured in the first place.

“What the…” Sam whispered, staring widely.

“I always said those lips of yours were magic, Sammy boy,” Gabriel joked.

Sam flinched out of his shocked trance at those words, and he lifted his gaze to meet Gabriel’s once more. Sam’s slack mouth quirked up into a wide smirk, carefully crawling onto his knees to face Gabriel’s front.

“Maybe let’s make sure the magic doesn’t wear off, hmm?” Sam murmured, and the hunter leaned and captured Gabriel’s beaming smile into a sparking kiss.

Yup. Pretty damn magical.

1D Plus Sized Series // Lovers Heartbreak (Submission)- Harry

Everything was over. As soon as I saw him sitting, waiting patiently for me inside the warm confinements of the coffee shop, I knew my time with him has come to an end. But I saw it coming. I prepared myself a week in advance but now that I’m here, nothing seemed to change, I still loved him and now, he’s going to leave.

I stood outside, hands in my maroon coat staring at Harry fumbling with his rings. He kept pulling them out and pushing them back onto his fingers. His brown coat hung on the chair and his sleeves from his black sweater were rolled up, showcasing his impressing ink. Harry called me to meet him an hour ago. It only took me 10 minutes to walk here but I was afraid. I don’t know if I could just sit there and sip on my beverage while he sat there breaking my heart.

Harry and I were just friends up until a month ago. He came to New York because his girlfriend of two years broke it off. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involve with someone broken hearted but I couldn’t help. I did and I’m about to pay the price.

My insecurities were at an all time low when Harry came to town. The guy that I was seeing was embarrassed to be seen with me in front of his friends. HE said that I wasn’t the normal girl he’d go for and that a woman shouldn’t be heavier than a man. As shitty as that made me feel, I put that aside when Harry arrived. He needed me so I decided to put my body issues aside. We were both in a venerable state so falling for him was so easy.

I took the deepest breath I could muster before walking into the nice warm shop, a small ring of a bell announcing my arrival. Harry immediately shot his head up and a small smile appeared at the corner of his lip. As I pulled my chair out to sit, Harry stood up and waiting until I was seated to sit.

“It’s chill out there innit’? ” Harry smiled as I shook the coat of me. A waiter came by and placed two hot chocolates in front of us with whip cream smothering the top, “Hope hot chocolates alright?”

“Yeah, hot chocolates perfect,” My hands covered the white mug hoping it’ll warm them up soon.

“How was work?” Harry asked avoiding the subject he really wanted to get to. He still thinks I’m completely oblivious to what we’re actually doing here.

“Work was fine,” I smiled taking a sip of my hot chocolate, not forgetting to wipe of the whip cream that was surely on my lip. A memory hit me as I cleaned off the whip cream with my finger and rubbed my fingers onto a napkin. Harry first kissed me because I had whip cream on my lower lip. I remember the way his tongue swiped my bottom lip oh-so very slowly before connecting our lips completely.

“Glad to hear that,” Harry said, staring at my lip as if he was too remembering our first kiss. I held onto my mug tighter to avoid his stare. He lightly shook his head and stared at his hands, “ y/n, we need to talk,” He finally said avoiding looking into my eyes. “I spoke to Nicole last week,” He was telling me something I already knew. I overheard them talking last Friday. He told her that he still loved her and that he needed to think things through.

I remember telling him I needed to leave because my sister was drunk and needed to crash at my place. I couldn’t even look at him. We had just finish being in between his sheets. We made love because I was stupid enough to fall in love with him. “She said she made a mistake and still loved me. She left Jacob.”

Jacob was the guy Nicole left Harry for. She said she was confused and wanted time away from Harry. Saying that I liked her was a lie but I respected her for Harry. Up until he came crying saying the she ripped his heart out. Twice. She was confused more than once but she didn’t break up with him the first time, she just talked to that guy behind his back.

“Y/N, I love her and I think she deserves a second chance.” Second? This was the third time and she still decided to fuck up. “She needs me.” Funny, I do too, “Please forgive me.”

“Harry,” I sighed, “There’s nothing to forgive.” I didn’t regret any thing we had.

Harry shook his head, “Yes there is. I thought being with you was going to thaw my cold heart and it did,” He smiled, “ The way you always manage to make me smile, the way you defended me, all those stolen kisses…” He sighed. I bit my lip hoping I didn’t bite down to hard because of the emotional storm that was going on inside me. I must remain calm but he wasn’t making it easy. “And I know after this, staying friends probably isn’t an option anymore.” He frowned, “Just know you’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

I attempted to open my mouth and push some words out but I couldn’t. I just settled with a simple nod.

“Thank you for understanding,” Harry wrapped his hands around mine as I held onto my mug for dear life. My heart was breaking but my face showed a complete different expression.

“I hope everything works out for you both,” I forced a smile. Lies. “So when do you leave?” If I sounded harsh, I didn’t mean too but I needed to think about something else other Harry being happy with someone who didn’t deserve him.

“Tomorrow,” He frowned. Shouldn’t you be happy? I thought, “I was… you, never mind.”

“No, go ahead.” I encouraged him.

“Well, I was wondering if you’ll go with me to the airport?”

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have encouraged him. I wanted this to be our goodbye but I knew Harry. He wanted to stay friends. Even after our sex filled month we had. I couldn’t watch him get on a plane knowing he was leaving with my heart. I blinked a couple of times before nodding agreeing to his request.

“Great, thank you.” He didn’t try to take back his request because he knew if I thought about it more, I’d say no. He knew me so well.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” I smiled as I stood up getting ready to leave

“So soon?” I needed to be alone right now. I don’t know how long I could keep this happy-go-lucky attitude for much longer.

“Yeah, I’m a bit tired.” I lied, slipping my coat on. I took out a $10 and placed on the table.

“No,” Harry said handing me the money, “I paid for yours too.” He stood up and put on his coat, “I’ll walk you home.”

“You don’t have to,”

“I want too,” He genuinely smiled, his dimples on full display. I wanted to be angry with him but I couldn’t. I loved him. I smiled and walked out of the shop into the cold New York air. Unlike earlier, it was snowing. The night would be perfect if my heart was in one piece.

Harry and I walked down the snowy white sidewalk, talking about everything except what the reason we went out tonight. I’d glanced to my left and I see the puff of Harry’s breath when he talked or laughed. I enjoyed seeing the way the snowflakes fell onto his eyelash before melting away. He’s soft rosy lip’s redder than usual because of the cold weather along with his cheeks.

Harry had been a wreck when he came 2 months ago. He cried endlessly on my chest as he held on to me. He didn’t deserve to go through so much hurt. He kept blaming himself and asking why he wasn’t good enough. “Nothing, you are the most loving, caring, amazing human being and anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t deserve you.” I said to him countless times.

“Well, we’re here,” Harry said, distracting me from my thoughts. I glanced at my apartment building. Him and I had so many nights here. Stolen kisses, moaning in the darkness, there was love there but it was one sided.

“Yeah,” I breathed as I step forward in front of the entrance. I turned to Harry and I stared into his oceanic green eyes. I wanted to invite him in but that would be a mistake. As I stared into his eyes I remembered all the great times we had, when we went bowling, or when we decided to drive out into the country. We made love in the back seat that night. My bottom lip starting quivering, I’m not sure if it was the cold or if my walls were finally tumbling down.

“Y/n” Harry whispered. I erased every though and grabbed him by his collared coat. My lips crashed onto his and he didn’t hesitate to kiss back. Harry didn’t push me away; he needed this as much as I did. I pulled back for a second before connecting our lips again. Harry managed to push me against the wall so my back had some support while one hand caressed my cheek and the other holding my waist.

“This is the last time I’ll ever feel your lips against mine,” I whispered as I moved away from him. I went into the building and made a dash for the stairs. That was my goodbye. I wasn’t going to the airport tomorrow. That kiss was the last of everything. All I have left is my broke heart.

-Submission from AnonymousFriend

Why is Frigga hard for me to write about? I wanted to post my feelings and thoughts about Her but all I could think of was “stunning, powerful, awesome, Galadriel-like." 

I try to think about the words to write, but all I get are images. I see powder blue and white linens drying in the summer breeze. I see long maroon gowns with purple coats. I see a middle aged woman with auburn hair talking with her friends at a bar about how she tricked her husband again.  I see a spindle and wheels. A huge throne in a fen. A sorceress walking through a blizzard. A beloved queen and a woman to be reckoned with. I don’t see a warrior (like I do with Freya), but a leader who isn’t afraid to appear on a battlefield to inspire her troops, taking arms if needed. I see a supportive, loving, stern mother. Red yarn. A mossy-green fabric with dark, forest green spirals.

idk man. My brain works in strange ways. I hope someone and glean some information about my thoughts of Her from that. 

Secrets of the Sea SOLANGELO PIRATE AU 

“We got them, Captain,” the first mate said. He was a young man with sea green eyes and tousled hair. He was often seen in a dark blue pirate vest with a clean white shirt underneath. His name was Perseus, though the captain had the pleasure of calling him Percy.

The captain, though an inch shorter than the first mate, was much more intimidating. His eyes were dark abysses that held no mercy or affection, despite his supposed feelings for Percy. He had longer, messier raven hair and carried himself with a haughty air. He wore a gray blue shirt under his maroon coat, his black hat shielding his face from the enemy shipmates.

Beneath it, there was as sly smile, one Percy knew well. “You know what to do, m’love,” he said in a thick English accent. His speech was much more civilized than the other pirates.

Percy gave the order and the captain and first mate of the smaller ship they’d captured were slaughtered. The remaining workers were tied up and put on board. Many of them had fallen to their knees or on their face. Very few had the gall to stay upright and standing.

The captain nodded again and Percy shouted the order, “Strip them!”

The pirates were stripped of the clothes they had- vests, coats, scarves. They were left with only their puffy armed shirts and breeches. They all had the solemn expressions of battle, though it had been a short one. The captain’s crew had overpowered them with crew to spare.

“I am your new captain,” Nico shouted to the new pirates. “If you behave, you will be treated well, given cider and brew, food to eat, better clothes to wear. If not…. Well, I have a big enough crew, I could spare killing some of you to save me the hassle, aye?” He smiled at his crew. That rule applied to them too. “You will address me as Captain, and nothing else, understood?” Nobody answered. “Understood?” he emphasized, as his crew nudged and beat down those who had not spoken.

“Aye, Captain!” they shouted back.

“Nico,” Percy said quietly. “There’s one who won’t speak. Won’t look at anyone. What do we do with him?”

“If he’s obedient, nothing,” he answered. He looked back at the new additions. “Kneel,” he commanded. All of them did. Except for one in the back. “Bring him forward,” Nico scowled.

The boy was pushed and shoved, though he couldn’t walk with the ropes around his ankles. “Untie his feet, you idiots!” Nico yelled. They hastily did as they were told. Despite being pushed, there was no reaction from him. All Nico could see was the tangled mess of wavy, blond hair. One he was untied, a crew member pushed him forward, his hands still bound.

He stood in front of Nico without looking at him. Letting his gaze wander over him he saw how battered his clothes were. This one was a fighter. The marks on his legs showed just how tightly he had to be bound. His shirt and breeches were torn and stained with blood and dirt.

He was useful. And if he was obedient, Nico could use him very favourably.

“Kneel,” he commanded. He wouldn’t. “I said kneel,” Nico repeated. The boy stayed standing. Nico looked at Percy who was standing behind the boy and nodded.

“Your captain told you to kneel,” Percy snapped, kicking him behind his knees. The boy fell to his knees and crouched, a sudden grunt being the only sound that escaped him.

“Look at me,” Nico said. Still, Nico was staring at the crown of his head. He stepped forward purposefully, his boots itching to kick the insolent pirate. He kneeled down in front of him. “You will look at your Captain when he tells you to,” Nico said, grabbing his chin and jerking his head upwards to face him.

And for the first time in his life, the captain gasped and felt his heart falter. The hard blue eyes that looked back at him were brighter than the sky, glistened more than the sea. The messy blond hair complimented his grimy face well. The light stubble on his chin helped with the hard edge he needed to glare at Nico, jaw clenched and nostrils flared. Freckles were sprinkled across his cheeks. His chest heaved and the loose strings on his the shirt that may have been too big on him allowed the captain an easy view of the pectoral muscles underneath. A single gold earring looped through his right earlobe.

“You’re not my captain,” he managed through clenched teeth. Immediately Percy went for the blow, but Nico caught his arm in time.

At his surprised expression, Nico only said, “You act only on my orders, Perseus.” He glanced again at the young man who’d so oddly caught his attention. “Take the others to their posts. Make sure they behave. Leave this one to me.”

“Are you sure, Captain? He-”

It’s an order,” Nico answered angrily. Percy closed his mouth and nodded, giving the blond man a sneer. Jealousy began to bubble inside of him, and he didn’t know why.

When the deck was cleared, Nico heaved the man up and dragged him to his cabin. He shoved him into a chair and then sat across from him, pouring himself a bit of mead. “What’s your name, pirate?” He didn’t respond. Nico didn’t think he would. “You could be useful, you know? You’re a fighter. You would easily move up the ranks here. Maybe become the new first mate.” Those sky blue eyes flickered to him briefly. “Wouldn’t you like that, mate? Be more than a disposable pirate. For a bigger ship at that.”

“I won’t work for you,” he spat.

“I’m not asking you to. I’m telling you to work for yourself.” Again, his eyes flickered to Nico. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll untie your hands, and you tell me your name. No funny business. I’ve got a sword right here.” He smiled coyly and the man nodded. Nico untied his ropes which had been tied hard enough to mark his wrist a deep red, even stain the rope with blood.

Before he could talk, the blond pushed the chair back and with one hand, held Nico’s throat, with the other pulled his head back. “And what makes you think I can’t kill you with my own hands?”

All Nico could do was laugh. He grabbed the hand at his throat and lifted it over his head, twisting it behind the amateur’s back and pushed him against the wall. “You think I’m that easy to kill, love?” he snarled against his throat. He turned him and fisted the front of his shirt, pushing him against the wall. “You’re an idiot, really,” he said. He hit him hard across the face and pinned him again, this time with an arm at his throat. “Your name. Now.”

“W-William,” he gasped.

“William,” Nico hummed. “Wonderful.”

I mean I could add more to this and draw another scene if you guys like it. I have created an entire sea of possibilities with this. 

Yes that was a pun don’t judge me. 

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Tough Cookie


It all started when Maiko noticed a strange man speaking with her older sister one afternoon, where they were properly introduced afterward. While his name escape her upon their second meeting, it didn’t stop her in trying to converse with the rugged fellow. He sure had an aura that could push any timid fool away but just like Minako, this little firecracker found it nothing more than a challenge. Maiko needed to find something for her older sister as a ‘thank you’ gift for helping her pass her exams and the only person who could possibly know what Minako would liked would be none other than someone who lives in the same dorm as her.  

“C’mon, it’s only for a little while,” shouts the child who tries so hard to budge the rugged young man. Even with both hands tugging on his maroon coat forward, those little feet rarely moved from their current spot in front of the Paulownia mall fountain. Her arms was shaking at this point due to the strain building on her muscles. The slippery friction between her rubber shoes and the polish floor made her progress futile at this point. “You said you’ll help me!”