maronite rite

Almighty God of justice and truth, you girded yourself with humility and washed your disciples feet. Now gird our waists with righteousness and bind our feet with holiness. Arm our bodies with purity and cleanse us from the corruption of our souls, so that we may glorify you, O Christ, now and for ever.
—  From the Maronite Rite of Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday

O God the Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Lord of heaven and earth and the consuming Flame upon whom the fiery ranks of heaven dare not look. In your compassion, you clothed yourself with a body. The heavenly creatures who serve you with reverence hide their faces before you.

Almighty God, Source of Life, in your mercy, you chose to bow your head before the creation of your hands. You washed your disciples’ feet and imparted an authentic example of your humility for us to follow. You have shown us how to imitate your saving meekness.

Now, allow us, your servants gathered here before you, to cleanse ourselves from every trace of sin as we follow the example of your humility. May our minds be illuminated by the way you humble yourself. Through your humility, may we loose the bonds of vanity and the destructive tendencies of the adversary. May we put on humility, gladness, and true love, for you instructed us to serve each other with the purity and holiness worthy of true disciples and servants. May we preserve the memory of your saving passion and your life-giving death, O Christ, so we may observe the feast of your glorious resurrection, now and for ever.

—  From the Maronite Rite of Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday