Wilton, Iowa
Population: 2,839

“The first settler to build a home the area that was to be known as Wilton in the new state of Iowa (1846) was Mr. Christian Marolf who came in July 1849, and erected of a small log house opposite the German Lutheran church. When he built his home Mr. Marolf could only see one the home of Mr. Stearns just west of town on the south side of the Moscow road. Mr. Marolf was soon followed by Mr. Ben Maurer in 1850 whose land now comprises North Wilton and Peter Marolf in 1851, which is now known as Marolf’s addition. North Wilton is at present (1947) not within the corporate limits of Wilton. The city was once home to the Wilton German English College from 1894 to 1905. The campus of the college was later turned into City Park, and some of the college’s buildings remain to this day.”

I know Rolf would probably sit back and laugh with them, like he has done in many episodes, but I thought this was really sweet. I feel bad for Marie because honestly usually she is either sexualized or treated like crap for not having as strong of a personality as her sisters. I love her, she’s creative and clever, but has her obvious flaws. 

Anyway, enjoy.
Marie and Rolf © Danny Antonucci