I think I have made a great deal of progress building up my inventory for the holidays.  Pretty good considering I am working with a handicap.  I believe there is a poltergeist or something in my house.

I am currently down 2 cable remotes, one book, and a cookbook.  Now I could put the cable remotes down to my scatterbrained husband misplacing them.  But I am a creature of habit and consistently put things in their special place or general area.  The cookbook has been on the counter in my kitchen for years, and is never moved.  The book is one in the middle of a series of a favorite author, Patricia Briggs.  My daughter just discovered this series of books and was borrowing them 2 at a time.  And it’s missing.  Strange huh?

I just hope the jewelry doesn’t start disappearing.  This necklace was actually inspired by some of my favorite books by Jules Verne.

The two week break I took for Christmas has really paid off.  I have so many ideas and feel so energized.  Nothing like being anxious to get back to the workbench.  I know that some of the items like this one is a kind of specialized piece.  Most people don’t get it, but the bent ones like me, do. 

I still make enough normal pieces for the masses.  I just enjoy these.

I don’t know if this version will make it onto the shop, I’ve become a little too attached to it.  Last item I really liked ended up selling and I couldn’t get more components for it. 

But I’ve been so inspired lately, I’ve been creating up a storm and now my table is totally trashed again.  I will get to cleaning it soon, I don’t want to disrupt the flow of inspiration.

Wow, the entries have been pouring in.  Appreciate the love.

One of my kids said this necklace was “creepy, but very cool."  That was pretty much what I was going for. 

That is why there are certain craft fairs, I can’t really attend.  I do sell stuff, but I have to spend too much time explaining it.  My items speak to you.  If you have to ask, it’s not talking to you.  It’s probably talking to the person behind you.

Inspiration in many ways, the curve of a building, the sway of windchimes, colors in a garden. This bracelet was inspired by a song. Listening to the radio, an old Beatles song came on. You guessed it: Octopus’s Garden.

This bracelet series are one of a kind. Two may have similar colors, may have similar themes, but no two are exactly the same. I like that. I want to wear things that may follow a trend, but have my own personal stamp. Of course, some of my items are different enough that I do sometimes wonder about my mental stability. But hey, if we were all sane, where’s the fun?