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Alright! Who are we asking first?-Ethos

Everyone present, of course. Alright everyone. Let’s hear your alibis!

I’ve been in the library all day. Celes came in at about 1:30, so it’s not the most stable alibi…an alibi nonetheless.

I think I was still in the lunch hall until 1:10…? Something like that…? I was talking with Maro.

Yes. I can confirm that. Kazuichi believed I wouldn’t be able to eat one of everything of the day’s menu. Naturally, I took that as a test of my abilities.

Well, Kyouko and I were walking around campus between 12:00 and 1:00. So we both have alibis.

Uh…..(How do I explain that was looking for a paddle because I was keeping my word about Leon being punished for every pick-up line I was sent…and how do I do it without sounding psychotic…?) I was in my room….




Are you gonna give me your alibi or not?

Can’t. Don’t have anyone to back it up, so there’s no point in saying where I was. Sorry if that ain’t good enough.

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I don't know about you guys, but I am seriously thinking that Kaladesh will mark the return of Dwarves. Maro has been pretty warm with answers about Dwarves lately, and the description of "LATHNU, CITY AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" and their "economy is based around mining and smelting the metals found in the mountains" screams DWARVES to me. I went and bought a copy of all the decent dwarves printed so far, so here's hoping!

The only races they’ve announced so far are Humans, Elves and Vedalken. But there’s always hope! I’m confident we’ll see Dwarves someday, even if that isn’t today.

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According to Maro's color philosophy what do you think your primary color of magic is, the ravnica guild you belong in, and wedge you would be a part of? For example I would be Green, Simic, Bant.

Red, Boros, Jeskai

Primarily I’m led by emotion, I strongly align with order and have a prominent sense of justice, then finally I do consciously try to study/prepare as much as possible.

Also I’m big on that Soldier/Martial Art life so specifically Boros and Jeskai really do it for me.