• me, about to meet someone for the first time:ok be cool, you want to make a good impression
  • me five seconds later:did you know that publius vergilius maro, the author of the aeneid, once wrote an entire 570 line poem about bees? vergil was also said to have run away and hidden himself when anyone recognized him at rome, which is what i will now do if i ever see you again, for i have shamed myself and my ancestors

iamatimetravelerfrom2306ad asked:

"Elder Angels aren’t a thing. Elder Dragons are." Hi Maro! I'm not sure you noticed, but WotC has actual full control of the game's lore. Yeah, I was surprised at first, but it checks out. Turns out you guys can make whatever you want be a "thing."

Exactly. We’ve decided that Elder Dragons are a thing and Elder Angels are not. : )