[3DF] Black Butler: Red Moon Rising by SweetLittleVampire


Ladies and Gentlemen, 3DF Productions are proud to present you our latest project, which will be released later this year:

“Black Butler: Red Moon Rising”

3DF is a non-profit voice acting group. We are neither affiliated with Yana Toboso and Square Enix, nor with A-1 Pictures or FUNimation. We do what we do as a labor of love, not for money; none of the VAs or even the director are paid, except with the love, support, and happiness of our listeners.

Many returning VAs include Jason Marnocha (LordJazor´s Youtube Channel → where he “does voices and stuff”), Rina Adachi, Curt Rose, and many more, as well as some brand new folks.

For updates, please turn to

*is excited*

Ciel Phantomhive / Sebastian Michaelis / Madam Red / Grell Sutcliff © Yana Toboso / Square Enix


TFcon part 4! Last installment <3

I wish I’d gotten more good pics of all my fellow bots, cons and cosplayers, but you know what they say- there’s always next year! Thank you all so much for making this one of the coolest experiences, you’re all so nice in real life and I’m so glad we got to hang out!!

((If you know/are that Prowl, tag him! He was cool!))