marnie micheals


I’m pretty disappointed about this, and about the quality. So please watch in 480p!
Anyway, the point of this video is that both Jessa and Marnie are pressed lemons and Jessa misunderstood Katherine’s suggestion. #myheadcanon
Enjoy the vid!


I think the reason I like Marnie so much is because I get her. She’s bitchy and uptight, yeah, but everyone has flaws. She’s not as cool like Jessa or hilarious and spontaneous like Hannah, but that makes her real. 

This fight was when my love for Marnie completely…completed. She was sick of all the shit. She had lost her boyfriend, and then her best friend, and she was seriously on her own. Hannah and Jessa (even though she did kinda redeem herself) were shitty friends. Think about it, Hannah was busy fucking around with Adam, a guy who fucked up countless times and yet she came back for more. Hannah was so mirrored, it was all about her, and her lack of job, and boyfriend, and if her skirt was nice. Marnie was there only when Hannah had shitty days, and even then, because Hannah usually just ran to Adam’s house because she thought he could be a better friend. Marnie was probably not as cool as Adam, or fun to be around, but Marnie cared about Hannah until the very fucking end. Until she blew up. 

And then Jessa, did not make anything better. Until the makeout session, it most likely was like Marnie told her when she came back from Greece or Paris or whatever she was out exploring the world and being oh so bohemian. Jessa does not respect time or effort, Jessa did not accept any help  or comfort or anything. Marnie plans an abortion for Jessa, for Jessa’s own goddamn good and she doesn’t even bother showing up. She truly did not care at all, about anything Marnie did for her. 

This fight pretty much did it for me, simply because I have/am/will been/be there. Sometimes you need people to fucking listen to you, to fucking be there. Marnie was not a toy Hannah could put in a toybox and then take her out when needed. Marnie is a fucking human being. She could have been a bitch, but fuck it. It happens. Hannah ever asked Marnie how she was feeling or what she wanted to do, or what she wanted to do with her life. Hannah disappeared because she found someone better and left Marnie on facebook, stalking Charlie and his new girlfriend. And when Hannah admits that she doesn’t care about being a good friend, it hits her. There is nothing worse, and probably more refreshing than being told that someone doesn’t care about you. You can see it, because it become obvious, but you ignore it, because you want to convince yourself it’s not true. It is true, and when Hannah finally says it, I get why it’s what Marnie needs. Marnie has been there and been there, and nothing. Brick wall. It’s understandable that Hannah hates herself, but that doesn’t make it okay to fucking walk all over people. I mean, honestly it’s just bullshit. You don’t leave people who’ve been there. You don’t fucking walk on and treat like monkey meat the people that would do anything for you. Marnie picked Hannah up after Buschwick for Christ sake. She was mad at Hannah for leaving her for (guess who) Adam but she still came for her. And you know what was the worst? She came to save Hannah from Adam’s stupid clenches, and Adam ended up going along with them, because Hannah wanted him to, and that’s what made Hannah happy, and that’s probably the reason why Marnie allowed him to lunge his bike in the stupid taxi and go for the ride. What the fuck. Hannah left Marnie, high and stuck on a pole, for Elijah in college. Hannah has always always always been selfish, always left the one person that loves her that much, and once she lost her, she only half-realized it.