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((Your comment loaded before the video did and I thought you were sending me something about Marni Wallace and I was very concerned. 

Me *singing to a shih tzu*: Dear Marnie I am so sorry can you forgive me for this.))

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anonymous asked:

I think you're totally missing the point of When Marnie Was There. It's supposed to represent what it feels like to be depressed and feel unwanted (Anna). The memory of Anna's grandma, Marnie, helped her accept herself, and helped her be able to realize she's a wonderful girl. The reason Anna had all those hallucinations (rarely, they can be are side effects of depression) because Marnie had told her about them when she was little, from that clip at the end. Anna just didn't remember her fully.

Wow, I totally did not expect anyone to respond to my mini-rant, haha. Thanks for weighing in! I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it. You’re right, I probably am missing the point. When I said the characters didn’t make sense, I guess what I meant to say was their relationship didn’t make sense. Or Marnie didn’t make sense. I actually was enjoying the movie until Marnie showed up. But this is just my personal opinion. Also, spoilers below.

I get Anna. She’s very relatable. I definitely related to her on certain levels, the feeling alone, hating yourself, and the social anxiety. And yes, Marnie was supposed to be her friend and help Anna accept herself. The thing I think the movie didn’t really portray well was their friendship, or the steps it took Anna for finally accepting herself. It happened really fast, and I didn’t really see any way that they connected over a certain thing until their second to last scene together, and Marnie was just…I don’t know, I just didn’t see anything she did that would make someone be okay with themselves. I guess the movie tells more than it shows. They say, “I love you, you’re my best friend.” But I didn’t see  really good examples of that. Like they just meet and decide to be friends. Friends bond over something. They find a thing in common and are like, “we will devote ourselves to this thing and you will be my companion in this because you understand.” They didn’t bond over anything until way later on. The first time they meet Marnie’s just like “Let’s be friends!” And Anna’s like, “Okay!” Even though minutes before a girl was trying to be her friend and Anna wigged out. And then Marnie invites her to a party out of the blue and Anna goes, where a few scenes earlier someone invited her to a party and again, she wigged out. I just thought it was inconsistent with her character. But maybe that could be due to the depression/Marnie just being a memory. I also felt they were pushing the emotional part way too hard. I’m totally fine with emotion. It just felt kind of forced to me.

The movie did do a good job of what it’s like to feel depressed and unwanted and alone. The animation was beautiful. It really wasn’t a bad movie, per se, I just thought it didn’t do a good job of portraying the characters and the main emotion I felt after watching it was confusion. Just compared to other Ghibli films, or even by itself…it didn’t do it for me. But that’s just me. It got good ratings and a lot of people liked it, and if you enjoyed it, then I’m glad you were able to see something in it I could not!

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