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Current Music Obsessions: November 1 - 15, 2017

So I have A LOT to show you guys today. I’ve been working on stuff and busy in my personal life that I haven’t been able to really purge my watch later playlist, but at least we got a lot of great jams to get through this time around. Here are the MANY honorable mentions.

Angelical Tears - Once Upon a Time
Kat Von D - Vanish
Deus Ex Machina - Shadows from the Past
Secret Rule - Imaginary World feat. Ailyn Gimenez (ex-Sirenia)
Melyra - Living and Drifting
The Fifth Alliance - Your Abyss
Eye of Eternity - From Ash
Omnium Gatherum - Blade Reflections
Beast in Black - Beast in Black
Dead End Scene - Dawn
Lost in Grey - Dark Skies
Butcher Babies - Pomona (Shit Happens)
Sorxe - Hypnotizer
Universal Mind Project - Xibalba
Serenity - United
In Dreams of Reality - Synced Generation
Erszebeth - Parafilia
The Dark Element - Dead to Me
Deadspace - Reflux
A Perfect Circle - The Doomed
Falloch - The Carrying Light
Adimiron - Stainless
Heptaedium - Subpixel Carryover
Two Souls Creature - The Beginning ~ Darkwell

And here are my MANY obsessions.

1) Anna Fiori - Fuego Negro

This is Anna’s first single from her upcoming album and it is so beautiful. Her music is kinda like Within Temptation’s gothic metal period, just heavier. I can’t get enough of this track. Of everything I’ve heard from her, this has to be my favorite so far and I can’t wait to hear more.

2) Aether Realm - The Devil

I discovered this song and band through a mutual on Twitter and got into pretty quickly. They’re a blend of symphonic, black and folk metal and are also from the States, which blows my mind. It’s rare that I find a band from the States that I actually think is really great, but a lot of American bands have been to my liking lately. This song is just pure epicness and is a journey from start to finish.

3) Marmozets - Habits

This song is so catchy and fun. It’s more in your face than Play, but is just as fun and great. I’m so on board with this band and I hardly know anything about them other than that they have such a cool sound and that I’m totally digging them.  The video is a bit strange, but oddly fits the song. Can’t wait to hear their new album.

4) Regardless of Me - Losing You (In Loving Memory)

This is their newest single and I’m really into it. It’s very different compared to the stuff I’m used to hearing from them with their previous singer. It’s definitely more on the gothic metal side than the symphonic metal with hints of power metal that I’m used to, but is still really great. This song is so simple, but the execution is what makes it amazing. The chorus is everything and is what really sucks you in.

5) Evanescence - Lacrymosa

HO. LY. TITS. THAT FUCKING HIGH NOTE AT THE END. That’s all I got to say on this AMAZING rendition of this already amazing song from them. Go listen to it, NOW.

6) Light Among Shadows - In the Dark of Dreams

I randomly came across this band in the recommended videos one day. Their singer is definitely different from the singers I’m used to, but her voice suits the music so well. It’s a great jam that’s pretty catchy.

7) Amberian Dawn - I’m the One

I am so beyond excited for their new album. This song alone is such a great representation of joining the old with the new. It has such a classic Amberian Dawn vibe to it, while still keeping it fresh and suitable for Capri. She fucking slays this song and it shows just how versatile her voice is and how broad her range is.

8) Shade Empire - Ruins

I wound up rekindling my love for song recently. It’s a great jam for those of us who really enjoy symphonic black metal. According to the metal archives, they’re an industrial metal band. Although I can understand why they say that, the industrial metal influences are so minimal and outshined that it goes unnoticed. But that aside, this song is epic and amazing and really need to listen to more from them.

9) Monolith Moon - Stages of Mind Catabolism

I’m finally getting around to listening to more from them and this song is some proggy goodness. I’m curious as to when they plan on releasing their full length album, because this debut EP is proving to be wonderful. I’m definitely am gonna continue to listen to more from them and keep and ear out for any upcoming release.

10) Banks - Better

I decided to give this a song a listen whilst listening to her one day and got hooked. It’s a great jam and is a bit more raw compared to the stuff I’ve heard from her so far. I haven’t heard a dud from her yet and am always looking forward to hearing more from her.

11) InAeona - Soldier

This is a sludge-ish post metal track that I discovered through their record label. It’s such a great song to just chill to, but also great to jam to. That’s the beauty of post metal, the aggression fused with the ambiance truly make it wonderful for anyone to listen to. Definitely am gonna check out more from them.

12) The Design Abstract - Metropolis I

Randomly came across these guys one day and now need to hear their new album. They have such an interesting sound for a prog band. They have such a strong electronic element, something that a lot of prog bands that I listen to don’t have. It’s so refreshing to hear something so different in the progressive metal scene.

13) Arch Enemy - The Race

This new album is proving to be a ballbuster and WAY better than War Eternal already. I can’t wait to listen to it. This song just exudes Alissa’s influence on the band, but is still so true to themselves and what they’ve always brought: a death metal assault full of raw energy.

14) Hallatar - My Mistake feat. Heike Langhans (Draconian)

This is hands down the most beautiful doom metal track I’ve heard so far this year. I so plan on buying this album (and hopefully a shirt) when I can do so. This song is just so heartbreaking and beautiful. If Trees of Eternity were to ever do a live show, they NEED to have Heike sing the songs, for she’s the only singer who can truly match up to Aleah’s ghostly voice and embody the heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics, just as she does with this song here. This song is perfection.

15) Marina and the Diamonds - How to be a Heartbreaker

Finally listening to more from her and this instantly became a jam. It’s so much fun and so upbeat. I’m constantly finding myself singing it throughout the day. The video is such a great change and reversal of roles. It’s so nice seeing men being objectified in a music video for once and the woman being the one who’s in charge and isn’t being sexualized whatsoever.

16) Gulsen - Bangir Bangir

Discovered this banger through an episode of Teens React when they reacted to Turkish pop music and I had to listen to this song on my own. The singer’s voice is so wonderful and so different compared to so many pop artists you hear today and so different compared to the singers I listen to on the regular. This song is such a fun song to just jam out to and I literally can’t stop listening to it. Why and how is it so good??? Oh, and have fun getting this song out of your head.

17) Dark Sarah - Trespasser feat. JP Leppaluoto

They’re back at it again with a beautiful and powerful song. This song is exactly what was to be expected and more when we found out that Sarah wound encounter the Dragon again. The video is so different and unexpected, but then again we don’t know how to story leads up to the point where this song/video take place, so it could easily make sense once we get the full context. I’m so looking forward to the song that features Zuberoa (Diabulus in Musica, Tragul) and I can’t wait to hear what else Heidi has in store for us with this chapter of the story.

18) Snow Tha Product - Play

It’s official. Snow is one of my favorite rappers. I knew she was really good, but after listening to this, it sealed the deal. Homegirl goes IN on this song. It’s such a fun and great jam. DEFINITELY best when you got headphones in and the volume is turned up. Just give it a listen. You won’t be unimpressed.

And that’s it for this long start to November!