So one day I got an email from doodles asking if I can send small files to be made for stickers, and of course I did and quickly made one or two and sent them to her (she promised me goodies and that was more incentive than I needed !)

I already ordered my own book but a couple of weeks later I get all of the things in the second picture up there, all these stickers, buttons, and a second book! I was so happy and the note was so nice (yeah curse those customs forms marmosette!) and doodles, I have great affections for you too bro/

I thought that was it but this morning a second packet was outside and I thought “oh no they probably thought I didn’t get it so they’re sending another one! That’s what happens when I forget to make posts!” But no!! It was more swag!! Beautiful prints ! And more buttons!!
Now in swimming in all this swag and you guys are just too good to me!! Thank you!!

Yesss best question. In fact, I have several. I’m going to start this off, though, for those that are like ‘wtf, Mystrade? What is this crack?’ I’m going to send you to here and here, because they’re concise arguements for Mystrade that are far more eloquent than I could ever hope to be. For the fics where there are naughty bits, I’ll put an (M) next to it. Also let me know if I messed up the links in any, and I’ll redo them.

I’m going to start this off with just a general blanket statement: Besides all of the fics listed below, anything and everything by Macpye, Evawrites and Marmosette is excellent.

Starting with the classic: At Least There’s the Football (M). This one was written after the first season so it obviously diverges from second season canon, and it’s not complete yet but it’s seriously long and so. freaking. good. It is the gateway into Mystrade.

Mate (M) is a Vampire!AU with Mycroft and Sherlock as vampires. It’s a fic with a dark tint to it, so be warned of that. The excellent Johnlock sequel is called Thrall (M).

Parenthetically (M) quick and dirty (in certain places,) with an ending that makes me grin every time.

You Bring the Rain (M) short and sweet and porny with a nice fluffy ending.

I Know the Steps but I Don’t Know the Dance (M) I really really like this one. Another how-Mycroft-and-Lestrade-get-into-a-relationship fic.Very well-written and entertaining.

Of Shoes and Ships and Stolen Mobile Phones (M) Sherlock pickpockets Lestrade and swipes his phone.

Bulletproof (M) Lestrade is bulletproof.

The Waiting Game (M) in which Lestrade and Mycroft have relationship difficulties.

A World More Full of Weeping (M) a very interesting AU that uses the Fae mythology.

Something Wicked (M) I honestly had to read this one through a couple times to get everything, but it’s a delightfully dark AU where Lestrade has the ability to see the supernatural.

Find Your Footing yet unfinished but off to an excellent start. Lestrade and Mycroft post-Reichenbach.

A Year of Mystrade Texts I know that Sherlock says Mycroft would rather call than text, but this is so adorable that I don’t care. Fuck the police. ….er.

Debriefing first-time snogging after Hounds.

In The Aftermath short post-Reichenbach fic.

Club Commiseration in which Sherlock and Mycroft completely fail at wooing John and Lestrade and bitch about it to each other. Totally adorable.

Mystrade Advent Calendar aka 24 snippets of adorable Mystrade.

Kissing Booth The Yard has a kissing booth for a fundraiser. You can see where this is going.

Five Disaster Dates And One That Went Like A Dream adorable and hilarious, with Mummy!Holmes and Sherlock popping in to have a word or two also.

Learn to Wear Each Other Well is an excellent story of Mycroft and Lestrade and how they got into a relationship in the first place.

Drunkdailing is what it says on the tin. Mycroft drunk-dails Lestrade and it is adorably hysterical.

How Sherlock Finds Out in which Sherlock Holmes deduces that Lestrade is sleeping with his brother. Short and entertaining. Poor Lestrade.

"Fillish" An amusing fic from the kink where Mycroft and Lestrade accidentally get married in Las Vegas. I don’t know, but it works, and the ending is cute.

Please Confirm You Are a Human Below is adorable and amusing in its inventiveness. Mycroft and Lestrade meet through CAPTCHA. Yeah, you heard me.

CAPTCHA over is a minifill on the kink meme that starts out cracky but then gets serious and a little D8 at the end. I love it, though.

ASIDE FROM FICS there are some pretty damn good videos on youtube. So browse through those. But especially watch Bad Things, which is brilliantly timed and oh man one of my favorite songs that has now become a Mystrade song. Also Just Haven’t Met You Yet. Gosh I wish this one was longer than 48 seconds. But it’s adorable so…there you go. AAAAnd then there’s It Is What It Is which is really sad and depressing and makes me go read fluffy fic because ouch right in the feelings.


Intermission by Scissor Sisters. Requested by marmosette.

This is probably not what you wanted but I hope you like it anyway.

My other videos can be found on my YouTube page or on my video tag.

Mycroft knows about Lestrade but has never met him in person. He decides to meet this person who spends so much time with his baby brother, so he calls him in for a chat like he did with John. Mycroft is all ready to talk over dramatic and intimidating, but when Lestrade comes in all he can think is oh no he’s hot


Hello, peoples!

As you may have been noticing, I am back. I am writing, and it is Very Relevant. If you like my Mystrade, then let me tell you about The Foldings. Mystradedoodles and I have taken all of our favourite things - you know who they are - and stolen them away and are playing with them in our own world. You will like it. Shhh, trust me. Go look. 

No, really. Go look now.

So this happened while I was asleep yesterday and people were trying to organize the Performance live reading.
  • (MD):You all here?
  • (irollforinitiative):YAR!
  • (Marmosette):I AM NOT ALL HERE.
  • (MD):COUNT ONE Tag? Cor?
  • (Marmosette):There has to be a Tagg-summoning ritual.
  • (MD):hm
  • (MD):We invoke thee, taggles in the names of mormor, bbc sherlock and all its power of summoning
  • (irollforinitiative):I KNOW. Her consulting detective senses may not be as fully developed as her muder husband ones yet
  • (MD):The side of dark and bloodlust calls to thee,
  • (MD):as the rifle leaps to the snipers hand,
  • (MD):and in the moments of madness you shall see the spark of brilliance; follow it to us.
  • fragoom:(waiting)
  • (MD):Don't wait, summon
  • fragoom:wut?
  • (irollforinitiative):We're summoning Tagg. Join in the bloodlust chants
  • fragoom:*thinking gravity-ish thoughts towards tagg*
  • Arrielle:I will place my hands upon my book of mormor
  • fragoom:is it like the monster book from HP?
  • fragoom:does like cut your hand off?
  • fragoom:is it bound in Westwood?
  • Beth:You have to stroke it.
  • Beth:But not gently.
  • Beth:Erotically.
  • (irollforinitiative):You have to bleed on it. And then tie it up and make it beg
Chapter 1 (10 years earlier) Market Meetings

Jasper was in the middle of negotiating over spices when he first saw the man. He was oddly ageless, his curly hair unruly in the front but short in the back, and somehow Jasper thought he was unused to it not being combed and controlled. He was dressed expensively, but strangely carelessly as well. His belt hung loose, his shirt neck open. His eyes wandered the goods but ignored most of the people, unless they came close to him. Then the eyes would narrow slightly, and the people would move on and away. He projected a floating island of emptiness. Occasionally he would touch something, but he never bought.

“That’s the heir,” the stall owner said, drawing Jasper’s attention back.

“Oh? Ah. That explains it.” Jasper watched a moment longer, smiling faintly. “Not very friendly then, is he?”

“Depends. The old Vedouci, he’s very good with people. The young sir there, this is him being friendly. Actually comes out in the market once in a while nowadays. Think he’s a bit shy.”

Keep reading

Reverse Strip-Tease by marmosette |

Mycroft gets sexier the more clothes he puts on.” Also thanks to Macpye, who introduced me to the concept of suit porn in the first place.

Excerpt: The cufflinks in place, Mycroft reached forward again and brought out the trousers of his chosen suit. At first, Greg thought it was black. Did Mycroft own a black suit? Probably. But no, this wasn’t black. As the fabric creased and moved in the light from the window, Greg saw that it was actually a deep, inky blue, the wool mixed with just enough silk to give it a slight sheen. Mycroft held them a moment in front of him, doing something Greg couldn’t see, hearing a metallic clink and the flap of straps. Then the trousers were lowered toward his feet and he stepped into them, and Greg saw there were now braces attached to the back. Mycroft pulled the trousers up to his waist, smoothed the tails of his shirt down inside, buttoned his flies, then reached down and pulled the braces up over his shoulders.

The Kidnapping of Greg Lestrade

by Marmosette

Greg Lestrade is kidnapped. Mycroft is not pleased. Some secrets get told, and Mycroft takes Jim Moriarty on. Someone is going to lose.

- - -

I just realized I hadn’t reviewed a fic in forever, so to make up for that I bring you The Kidnapping of Greg Lestrade. It was about time we reviewed fics about characters other than Sherlock, John and Jim. A little variety never hurt anyone, right? 

Anyway, the fic is pretty much what it says on the tin. Greg married to Mycroft here, and he is kidnapped by Moriarty as part of The Game (I guess? Who knows what Jim wants?). Cue Mycroft, Sherlock and John doing everything they can to rescue him.

To be honest, I mostly just wanted to give you all some nice whump!Greg. The fic is mostly Mycroft-centered. There’s not much torture happening, but the few violent scenes are brutal. Still, I would’ve liked to see a bit more (you know me, I always do). The ending is… well, definitely unexpected. Check it out.

Watch out for torture, misuse of government resources, and Mycroft being scary.

Click here to read The Kidnapping of Greg Lestrade

marmosette replied to your post: Looong evening at work

The concept is called “digging in sand.” Never-ending tasks with no sense of accomplishment. And much sympathy. Every person you don’t kill, though, is an accomplishment NO REALLY IT IS.

Trust me, I know.

The woman who called and said “Okay, so I know you have pork, but is it just pork, or is it, like, pork-pork?”




And then when I gave her her order demanded an itemized receipt and stood at the counter, in the front of the line, comparing prices on her receipt to prices on the menu because she didn’t trust me/my register/my restaurant to actually charge, you know, what we charge. While five people waited behind her.

Yes, this is why I don’t want to talk to anyone when I get home.

Marmosette's fault - I have been grappling with the prompts for ages

"Come on."

Mycroft doesn’t even bother looking up from his novel, the simple motion of turning the page somehow conveying his negation.

"It’s not even for that long, and I know you can take the time. You said at least three weeks’ notice, it’s not for another six." Greg sits down next to Mycroft on the sofa, watching for any possible shifts in expression or stance. "You even agreed we should try spending more time together. What happened, already find someone else?" That earns him a deliberate exhale, which says Mycroft disagrees with that suggestion but isn’t actually all that unhappy — and probably half a dozen other things, but Greg is a Lestrade, not a Holmes, and the two are enough to be starting with. "So if it’s not me and it’s not the timing, then what?"

Knowing Mycroft won’t give in so easily, he allows himself a moment to just look. The answer is hardly urgent, and he is enjoying the fact that he can. It hasn’t been anything near long enough for the shine to wear off of the experience. Although, to be honest, he would probably be just as warmed by it in several years’ time as he is now, just a few months since they started… whatever it was they had started. If someone had told him a year ago that he’d ever find himself sitting with a relative of Sherlock’s, feeling more relaxed than he did almost anywhere else, he’d have laughed himself silly.

He had known Mycroft, even then (hard not to, if you came into any prolonged contact with the younger Holmes), but the Mycroft he knew was a far cry from the one sitting next to him, half-concentrating on reading, with his slightly-askew tie somehow making him seem more at ease than most people looked in full casual dress. Even so, Mycroft must be a bit warm. Greg’s got on just a t-shirt and he wouldn’t say no to putting a fan on. Both Holmes seem convinced that the weather should conform to their dress, rather than the other way around. At least Mycroft has more variety than Sherlock’s coat, which Greg can verify the man has kept on even while sleeping, more than once. (Possibly a few of the times don’t count, considering the state of the consulting detective, but it’s happened often enough that Greg would hardly be surprised.)

Not that Mycroft sleeps in full uniform, but he does spend nearly every waking hour fully buttoned and well-pressed. He suddenly imagines Mycroft on the beach, outside the cottage he had been considering as their vacation spot, lounging on a towel in a suit and tie. He feels his lips trying to twitch into a grin, and bites his lip to try and fight it down, but the thought is too persistent.

Apparently sensing his amusement (although Greg’s certain he didn’t actually laugh, just smile a little), Mycroft marks his page and sets the book aside.

"You might actually have to wear a pair of trunks," Greg says, almost delighted. "That’s settled, then. We’re going."