This is another case of something I spent too long on. 

I love to draw rain but don’t feel I’ve had as much success with it as I’d like. I tried some stuff I haven’t before. The hill is actually a burial mound (kurgan) not a hill.

I think it would be better if I redid the horses/people. I might fix it later.


Cheat sheet time!

It can be hard to tell my stories apart because they belong to the same universe. 

I have a historical-fantasy story that takes place in ancient Europe, that includes Marmareon, Rurid, Bui, etc.

Marmareon - A young Mediterranean man who travels into Northern Europe around 300 BC.

Rurid - A Celtic chieftan.

Bui - A spirit or god that dwells in the shrine near Rurid’s home.

Buiud (previously buir) - The fictional Celtic tribe Rurid belongs to.

Buirihh - A fictional breed of horses bred by the Buir.

Naorugh - Stilt legged boars.

Hhoota - A lost god that Marmareon becomes entangled with and eventually becomes.

Now, my other story takes place in present day but in The Cats Way pocket dimension. That story encompasses Jacky, Jim, Herman, Gale, etc and isn’t represented in the pictures above.

Resin lock. I think? it’s gonna be a while before I learn to paint proper amber resin haha

Amber comes in so many colors and I was wondering why I didn’t do a darker color but I think this might be some cheesy statement by Marmar about Ary’s inner light. ;;

Done for kicks. I’ve been seeing references to baltic amber in the book I’m currently reading and only just realized how attractive polished amber is.

Lockjaws belong to Crispyfishsticks

Besides his hometown Marmar probably spends more time as a foreigner in Celtic Britain than anywhere else. So long that he becomes completely immersed in the culture.

If you’re noticing his skin tone seems lighter it’s because it is. At some point I made a habit of coloring him very dark, which would only be true on his tannest of tan days.

He’s also younger and his skin may darken as he ages, my grandad’s certainly has.

I still think of Gale as mixed heritage and this feels closer to what he ought to be.

I’m back to fussing with my fictional Celts. I learn a little more each time, but I’m still not quite there. Tonight I focused on Marmareon (my visiting Mediterranean) and their horses.

Marmar is 6'9’’ and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. He’s my gentle giant, but it has its draw backs. I can’t just plop him on a standard 300 BC celtic pony. He’s too big. He TOWERS over most everyone else at that time.

That’s where the Buirihh come in. They’re a fictional breed of bigger, shaggier animals and were given to the village by Bui, a god who resides in a nearby spring. As long as the residing celts do his weird tasks, foals will keep sprouting from the earth.

Two kinds of horses come from the spring.

The coveted, high-spirited war horses, and a heavier but also spirited breed used to drag mysterious pillars and gnarled trunks away that grow at the site.

Tonight I used Irish Draught horses as a base for the bigger guys. The smaller ones will be pretty close to standard celtic ponies.

I have a theory that Gale wasn’t born with his spots. He deliberately drew shapes on himself with mud and the stains never washed off.

He is one with the dirt.

I don’t know if she’s pulling him up by his arm or if he’s puffing up to look bigger.

Getting there. I promised myself I’d finish this before bed.

Rurid is a British Celt and Marmareon is of Mediterranean heritage. I think once shaded Marmar’s skin will appear similar in lightness to Rurid’s, but tans much more willingly.

This was a lot of a fun to draw, though I have no idea what it’s about. Just some yellin’ faces.

Without Rurid, Marmar’s stay in Celtic Britain might have been short and brutal. Mediterraneans wouldn’t have been unknown to them. Pytheas had already blazed the trail by Marmar’s time, but a seven foot guy with a spot on his face stands out.

I think being a human curiosity saves and endangers him in equal parts throughout his life, but I’ll talk more about that later when I have more to say.

I like Greek designs on Mar better than plaid, but it’s fun to try sometimes! That amber rock keeps reappearing :’D orange just looks good on him.

*Marmar’s skin is a little paler here than it will be for most of his life because this is before his merger with Hhoota and he’s living in Britain at the time.

Haven’t seen this face in a while.

Planca is a lioness from Marmareon (Gale’s) storyline. She’s a jealous old nag and was cursed so that her teeth and claws turned gold, through and through. Gold isn’t a strong metal and everything gets bent all out of shape. The weight of her mouth has stretched it out of proportion.

I haven’t worked out where Marmar travels and when, but I’m sure that he does. His compatibility with Hhoota is due in large part to his already deep curiosity. He probably cuts his teeth exploring the known world (to the Greeks) before he goes north. That is, Greece, Egypt, Italy, maybe Phoenicia, etc.

I’m sure he observes what he can of the Celts in France in the meantime.

Time for a little blurb about Bui, Rurid, and the Buirihh!

Bui is the god that dwells within a spring near Rurid’s home. It was from Bui’s shrine that the first Buirihh foal came from.

Bui’s humanoid form is littered with objects from generations of offerings made to the spring.

The night Marmar stumbles into Rurid’s care he brings SHEETS of fog with him, and there’s some debate as to whether the fog came with Marmar or whether it was emanating from Bui’s shrine. Either way, it goes his way and becomes a reason not to kill him on the spot.

Bui is a peronal creation. All made up!

[4:58 AM] greekceltic: oh no where is his stick

[4:58 AM] crownless: thats why hes frowning

Now that I have an excuse for my scary horses I also have an excuse to draw some fantasy clothes related to them. Since they’ll be sort of doing their own thing compared to the rest of the population.

If a deity speaks to your family and rewards you with awesome horses for an extended favor, you’ll probably change some things to accommodate said awesome horses. Case in point, Marmar’s group is celtic (Britanni?) but they’ve had several generations of special horses influencing how they dress and to a lesser extent how they spend their time. They still have to cultivate their land and tend their livestock, so the impact the horses have is limited.

Anyway, the horses in question are larger than usual, sturdy, and scary. They're meant to be scary and the men that ride them over the generations have also started dressing to scare. Not all the time, but when circumstances allow. Wearing horse hair is typical.

I have some thinking to do. Marmar arrives several generations after the horses appeared. I don’t know if they’re exclusive to Rory’s group. That seems like it would create tension among neighboring communities. Breeding pairs may have been given away as prestigious gifts and other groups probably have similar horses. OR, maybe the horses are mean and just not good for much.  The horse culture Rory’s family has developed around them would be fairly exclusive, it hasn’t spread (yet, had it been given time I’m sure some of it would have rubbed off, but in Marmar’s early life that hasn’t happened yet). Marmar by chance has fallen into a group of Celts who aren’t typical of the area, because they’re being influenced by a grumpy god.

I don’t know what the horses are for exactly. They’re scary so, I assume to scare something away. Maybe they’re charged with protecting the landscape from something mythological and nasty, dunno! That would put them in the good graces of some other groups, I imagine. These are all things to be figured out later because I haven’t even touched Celtic mythology. When I started doing my research I was so certain that I wouldn’t be interested in reading about the Celts and yet here I am.

… ;; so much more research to do.

Marmar, his Scanrúil and Aryian with limewashed hair. I don’t know what they’re doing. I have been itching to find an excuse to draw Aryian with spiked hair because there is -so much of it-.

I’m a little edgy about using limewashed hair. XD I’ve only seen one artist’s depiction of it in a history book. I wish I could find more depictions from other sources so it wouldn’t feel so singular. I wouldn’t get too used to me drawing it. I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable with it until I’ve found depictions by several artists.

Horses are another thing, but people, hmm.

Pretend this is a Danish longhouse, because I make no claim that it’s accurate in any way. Lawd.

I’m still reading about Denmark’s ancient history. I haven’t learned much about daily life there. I had hoped to doodle Marmar interacting with a local group, but no such luck yet. I’m not actually even sure he’ll stay long enough to do anything noteworthy. I think he just passes through on his way South.

I don’t know how he travels Europe at this time and survives. The answer is probably ‘not well’.