marmalade tabby

Furry Little Friend

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  1682

Summary:  Simon and Baz decide to get a new addition to their household.
Based on “adopting a pet” prompt from anonymous

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AN:  This was great to write. Two of my favourite things in the world, snowbaz and kittens! Thank you to the prompter of this, because it gave me something really fun to do while staying up all night. Enjoy this tooth rotting fluff, everyone :)


“Hey, Baz?”

My head snaps up. Snow sits across me at our puny excuse for a dining room table. He’s tracing circles on the wood surface, looking at his fingers. But his eyes are somewhere else.

“Yes, love?”

“What do you think about pets?”

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Dos Edis by Katy
Via Flickr:
The Most Interesting Cat in the World

My glorious house tiger, Cassius.  Born on a broken down forklift at a lumber yard, his mum completely feral, I first fell in love with him when he was only a couple of days old.  A few weeks later - I took him home with me.
Despite his origins, and his feral mum, Cassius is the most affectionate, loving, sweet creature on the planet.  There is not a mean bone in his body.  Cassius loves being handled and will sit on my lap for hours.
There is nothing wrong with stray cats and they are as perfect as any other cat out there.  Please, always adopt and save a life. 

My mom’s two boy cats aren’t doing well at their long-term foster house, they have no claws and are getting beaten up by the other animals. I am very depressed and upset about this, she was so worried about what would happen to them without her. Can we find somebody looking for two dopey hulk beasts, a marmalade and tuxedo-tabby-thing, who LOVE to love? In the past they have done ok with other animals but maybe not many. They are the size of baby goats and they are lap cats. Lap goats. Sweet dumb babies, maybe…seven? years old? Must stay together forever. mid-Michigan, willing to travel to you! :(