marmalade on toast

Lily Evans Headcanons

-Her favourite colour is yellow, she wears a brilliantly lemon yellow raincoat in the winter, sunshine yellow dresses in the summer and daisy pins on her denim jacket all year round- but her favourite yellow was of sunflowers, runny egg yellow, ‘here comes the sun’ , marmalade toast yellow and home-made lemonade yellow. 

-She’s muggle-born and proud, especially after Snape calling her a “mudblood” and has since made a point of using muggle products as an alternative to wizarding ones and so uses pom-pom topped, light up biros in class much to the pureblood fascination and envy.

-being super clumsy and forever gesticulating wildly and bashing her elbow or tripping over her own feet in exuberance of waving at Mary/Marlene/Alice. 

–so she wears muggle  cartoon character plasters constantly like disney princess, Mr Men or Winnie the Pooh  plasters, and purebloods (aka Sirius and James) would get super excited when they got a little paper cut or something because yessss they totally have an excuse to get a plaster off her. (tbh I can totally see Sirius fighting with James over their favourite disney princess plaster)

-Lily saving her Bambi plasters for James and James being borderline hysterical with happiness when she specifically gives them to him.

-Lily not having a ‘signature scent’ (even though Marlene insists that she ought to, so that people (aka guys) will associate the smell with her  and think of her whenever they smell it) but having a modest collection of perfumes and wearing different ones every day: like oranges, or as a private joke:lilies, or jasmine and rose or cinnamon. But she always smells a little like vanilla and her hair like coconut, thanks to her favourite shampoo & conditioner (one of the few wizarding products that she couldn’t find a muggle alternative for).

-having a great love and passion for art, dragging her friends (mostly Sirius though because he totally had an appreciation for the ‘finer things’ and loved him some culture) around galleries and painting and drawing whenever she was able, so that usually she had a little paint under her nails, on her cheek or in her hair.

-Lily having an obnoxiously loud laugh, a full on head thrown back, eyes screwed tight and stomach clutching, snorting kind of laugh but the most endearingly girlish giggle. 

-she reads avidly, from Virgina Woolf to Hogwarts, a History and the Minister of Magic’s autobiography and could talk for hours about the intentions of characters with Remus (which James of course resented and grumbled about until over the summer he read all of her favourite books so that he could proudly slip references from them into conversation)

-She cries like a baby at any sad moment in every movie, advert, book, play or musical, right until the credits rolled.

-she loves to cook and did so determinedly even though most of the time she burnt something. But she made a point of baking everyone a birthday cake (even James in 6th year, which delighted him so much he didn’t eat it until he had paraded it around, showing it off to everyone- even if it was shaped and decorated like a giant squid).

Rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapter Eleven - Aboard the Hogwarts Express

- just pointing it out that were on chapter ELEVEN and were JUST NOW going to hogwarts. 

“What does Mad-Eye say happened?” asked Mr. Weasley, unscrewing the ink bottle, loading up his quill, and preparing to take notes.
Mr. Diggory’s head rolled its eyes. “Says he heard an intruder in his yard. Says he was creeping toward the house, but was ambushed by his dustbins.”

pretty much the dopest way to introduce a character. like, oh yeah, his trashcans are also his security system.

- lol molly is LITERALLy feeding the fire. like she just threw a piece of toast to amos diggory’s head in the fire.

“Mad-Eye Moody?” said George thoughtfully, spreading marmalade on his toast. “Isn’t he that nutter -”
“Your father thinks very highly of Mad-Eye Moody,” said Mrs. Weasley sternly.
“Yeah, well, Dad collects plugs, doesn’t he?” said Fred quietly as Mrs. Weasley left the room. “Birds of a feather…”

HONESTLY GUYS this is such a good burn im legit loling. i love you fred. 

“I just can’t justify taking more time off at the moment,” he told them. “Mr. Crouch is really starting to rely on me.”
“Yeah, you know what, Percy?” said George seriously. “I reckon he’ll know your name soon.”

seriously, have i mentioned how much i love the twins?

- this taxi ride to kings cross seems bomb af. theres fireworks, animals jumping around, seems pretty cool.

- the trio leaned ~super casually~ against the platform and slid on in. it was smooth as FUCK.

- okay now all these fuckbois keep being like “well we might be seeing you soon because of…..IT ;)” “wish i was gonna be there when IT happens” “IT is gonna be soooo exciting” LIKE SHUT THE FUCK UP stop hinting about the tournament YOURE BLOWING THE MINISTRYS COVER

- hahahhaha okay now dracos up in here talking about durmstrang and he LITERALLy says the world ‘durmstrang’ like 90 times in one sentence. 

“But Hogwarts is hidden,” said Hermione, in surprise. “Everyone knows that… well, everyone who’s read Hogwarts, A History, anyway.”
“Just you, then,” said Ron.

dead. savage ron is my favorite ron BY FAR

“Ah, think of the possibilities,” said Ron dreamily. “It would’ve been so easy to push Malfoy off a glacier and make it look like an accident…Shame his mother likes him…”


- hermione is trying to learn a summoning charm on the train rn. INTERESTING…….I WONDER IF THAT WILL COME UP AGAIN LATER. probably not tho right?

Laughing once more, Malfoy beckoned to Crabbe and Goyle and the three of them disappeared. 
Ron got to his feet and slammed the sliding compartment door so hard behind them that the glass shattered.
Ron!” said Hermione reproachfully.

RON JESUS CHRIST its like as soon as he steps foot on platform 9 ¾ he turns into SAVAGE RONALD im seriously deceased at him in this chapter lol

- YAAAASSSS hagrid sighting yall. hes making jokes about all the children drowning. gotta love him

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Brew by Numbers 55/01 Double IPA (9.2% abv)

Born under a railway arch in south London, this is yet another UK brewed double IPA that’s been causing a stir of late. Nothing like the absurd level of hype that’s surrounded certain DIPA releases from Manchester’s Cloudwater or fellow Londoners Beavertown, mind. Rather, a gentle rippling of the craft beer community’s collective conscience. A unified raising of eyebrows. And I know what you’re thinkin’. “Holy shittin’ fudgesticks!!! How can it possibly live up to being responsible for mass mild facial movements?” By being awesome, that’s how. 

It pours a gorgeous, depthless, candy orange, the aroma an assault of ripe, juice-alicious tropical and citrus fruit notes that follow into the taste. That taste, a dank, oily, and resinous blended fruit salad of tangerine, mango, passion fruit, peach, and melon, joined by pine sprinkled dirty marmalade on toast and soothing caramelised biscuit malts. It’s bittersweet, soft, smooth, medium bodied, and downright delicious. 

Aye, this did a proper number (Ha!*) on me, those dank hop notes, the sticky, oily feel, the absence of any noticeable booze, just superb and absolutely worthy of a place amongst the top tier of UK brewed DIPA’s. I’d actually take it over any of those more hyped brews of late. Srsly. Good jod, tunnel lurkers!


コーヒーのある食卓の風景・その59 - 意表をついて夏目漱石特集!(最近青空文庫で読みかえしたものを中心として)編

1. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Kiwi, & Yogurt Juice feat. “坊ちゃん” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

2. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Kiwi, Mandarine Orange & Yogurt feat. ”文鳥・夢十夜” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

3. Coffee with Dassai Cake & Fresh Banana, Strawberry & Soy Milk Juice feat. “二百十日・野分” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

4. Coffee with Fresh Banana, Rhubarb Jam & Yogurt Juice feat. “それから” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

5. Coffee with Marmalade Toast & Kiwi feat. “門” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

6. Cafe Au Lait with Strawberry Jam Toast, Amanatsu & Mandarine Ornage feat. “硝子戸の中” 夏目漱石 - Breakfast

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What a ruffian!  

It seems that John collapsed suddenly after a light breakfast of tea and kumquat marmalade toast.

But that one, she takes the biscuit.

Queenscliff used to be such a select suburb, before the day-trippers and the riff raff moved in.

Unusually devoted, isn’t she?  For an ex-wife.

Was that the baby?

…..Narrowly avoiding my Ming vase.  Most unlady-like.

I really miss Aunt P and her one liners, as well as her look of disapproval that she uses to hide the fact that she’s a big softie. And one day I want one of those one liners to be-

Are you stepping out with the Inspector?  Jack and Phryne are getting it on. It’s not exactly socially convenient but I can’t stop them phracking now.