marmalade doll


I went to see La Dispute for the 3rd time and they were still intoxicating and brilliant.
“Because I thought it might scare you
To see me under the ice
Make you remember you cared for me
What would you do if I died?
Would you fly out for my funeral?
Get too drunk at my wake?
Would you make a scene then?
Climb in and try to resuscitate me?”-LD


How many nights dancing in only socks and under wear, as a kid? You filled my lungs with a confidence, shaky but strong? I saw you flicker and you went and became stardust, a million voices crying out.  I can say that you filled me to the brim.  Space man, you’re dancing to and fro with the constellations for ever and my heart weeps. We lost your blood and flesh and I thought it was a bloody joke. You were supposed to outlive us all. Shine on diamond dog. The dust echo vinyl playing.