The little shack we stayed in. It wasn’t too shabby on the inside, but omg we had lizards living at the front of it and lots of them! In the rocks, under the decking and one even came inside a few times. They freaked me out, I don’t like anything with scales!

We didn’t even have reception at the shack, you had to walk up this garden path to this fake telephone box (with a desk chair) and make your phone calls/texts/FB posts there. The right pic is my boyfriend Adam sitting in the, I called it, ‘the reception chair’. He’s was making dinner reservations for us at the local pub. lol

Bottom pic shows where the snowy river meets the sea. It’s really too wide to get in one shot so I took two and put them together. lol It doesn’t look all that interesting but it’s quite scary when you’re up close to it because the water is moving quite fast, in and out!


Last month, Ato Essandoh (Dr. Latham on Chicago Med) started working on a new show called Altered Carbon. He has a recurring role on Med and someone is gonna die in ep. 2x17, what if it’s Dr. Latham? Look what Colin, Suzi Ostos (one of the makeup artists of the show) and Marlo Marisie (Chicago Med’s producer’s assistant) wrote under a picture.


M-my hand… slipped? *sweats nervously* *whisper* softly, slowly… implanting the idea in your minds…

 I’ve redrawn this panel, btw 

External image

And… and I drew Mikasa as a boy with no regrets c: