marlies dekkers

My lovely Honey Birdette is having a VIP night for the launch on the brand spanking new Marlies Dekkers gorgeous leather and lace Oseberg Queen corset tomorrow night. (I am so disappointed I won’t be working the event)

A Honey Birdette party is always amazing, champagne, lingerie and sex what is more fun? So if you’re looking for a good time tomorrow night check out a VIP night at your nearest Honey Birdette store!

Sydney Pitt St Mall, Parramatta or Miranda


Seeing Red

I’ve been very involved with the color red lately.  It’s an obvious choice for a bold color statement, and is always bound to turn heads.However, it proves to be a difficult transition into lingerie.  Red has the reputation of being the signature color of lingerie you might find in a store on 8th Avenue or Fantasy World. 
It’s unfortunate that red can easily become tacky in the world of intimate apparel. But when pulled off and used correctly,  it can be extremely beautiful.Lingerie sales soar during Christmas shopping season. It’s a well known fact that the boys are commonly attracted to red, so why not give your man his favorite thing for Christmas this year?Agent Provocateur takes red to it’s limit here, creating the ultimate burlesque fantasy of pasties, fringe and bows.
[originally posted 11/12/10]

Marlies Dekkers!!! Erghhhh it’s just so beautiful!
So here it is. An image from one of many from the autumn Winter 2012/13 range. Though I must say it is looking a bit summery non?
So take a look… The high cut briefs, the long cut bra, a double strap by the looks of things. And the colour!
The orange colour is fantastic and I love the way the cups pale out as if the model has been dip dyed herself! Gorgeous.