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➝ finding marley

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Gnathia marleyi*

…is a unique species of Gnathiid Isopod crustacean which is endemic to the Caribbean Sea, where it occurs in the shallow waters of coral reefs in the eastern portion of the sea. G. marleyi is a parasite an functions in a similar ecologic sense to ticks and mosquitoes. Juvenile G. marleyi will hid themselves among some sort of substrate and then will attach themselves to passing fish (typically French Grunt (Haemulon flavioliniatum) from there they will feed on the blood and mucus of the fish. This is only done in the juvenile stage and once G. marleyi reaches maturity it will cease to feed and then becomes a free-living, benthic organism surviving on the blood it has consumed until its death. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Crustacea-Malacostraca-Isopoda-Gnathiidae-Gnathia-G. marleyi

Image: Ann Marie Coile

*Yes G. marleyi is named in commemoration of Bob Marley…