In the shop late on the lathe. One of the hallway ceilings in the house im building has a shallow barrel curve. The decorator picked out a light fixture that requires a flat ceiling. So I’m making up a small mounting ring that matches the curve of the barrel to give a clean finish look. Little details are fun. #woodworking #woodwork #finewoodworking #finewoodwork #design #marleybuilders #marleybuilt #woodworker #homedesign #buckscounty #wood

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What do you consider white people born in, say, South Africa? Also I unfollowed you because of this bullshit

So my next look is going to be Senegalese twist but Ima get platinum blonde Marley hair and I’m going to dye it with a blue and purple ombré. I found this really good YouTube video and it’s pretty simple. Im excited to see the outcome but I know it’s going to be tedious as hell lol.

What I see the glee girls sexualities as

Rachel: straight

Quinn: bi (because Dianna sure as hell did not play her as straight)

Santana: lesbian

Brittany: Bi/pan

Tina: straight

Mercedes: straight

Lauren: straight

Marley: Bi (I ship her with Unique okay)

Unique: bi/pan (I ship her with Marley ok)

Kitty: straight

Madison: straight

Jane: Bi


** 1 minute wonder ***

Mama I’m blind! Don’t call the sheriff… because he’ll take your boy

Loud banging beats, illustrated portraits,and terrible voice acting……combined to tell one unique story

Shenan-agains || Roderley - Para

Roderick answered Marley’s text, then quickly got up from where he was sprawled out on his bed with his music stuff to get his shoes on. There was never a reason not to see Marley Rose. Making his way out of his apartment, he turned and headed in the direction of Marley’s apartment. When he reached her door he knocked quickly then waited for it to be answered; giving Marley a wide smile as soon as the door was opened.

since i’ve gotten a significant amount of followers i feel like it’s only polite to do this. hey. i’m marley. like the dog. i’m not a dog though. i used to care about football and the steelers and now i eat dirt to feel alive. what’s good.

URL Song Challenge

chrisevansbrowngf tagged me to do this and I have to tag 10 people

Zimbabwe - Bob Marley
Lights On - FKA Twigs
American Wedding - Frank Ocean
Tumbao - Kat Dahlia
I Won’t Mind - Zayn Malik
New Americana - Halsey
Untitled 63 - Tyler, The Creator
Man Down - Rihanna

I will tag mmmwhatchasayzayn cockholmsyndrome gayforzendaya mashallahmangoes perriestitties liamhunny zaynsgoldmagic zerriam hrhpatroclus zamaican jadethirstwall

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Three Words to describe the people you know in the building?

  • Madison:My Big Sister
  • Jane: Future Mrs. McCarthy
  • Roderick: Sometimes a Dick
  • Myron: Tiny, loud, sparkle
  • Marley: Actual Human Sunshine
  • Tina: Most fabulous artist
  • Sam: Some blonde dude.
  • Shelby: An Amazing mom.
  • Quinn: Bright Pink Badass
  • Kitty: Awesome blonde bitch
  • Spencer: Varsity all-star fanboy
  • Alistair: Long haired mystery
  • Finn: Tall interesting actor