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It baffles me how much hate the glee girls get. They are only bad role models if you are emulating their mistakes rather than looking at their virtues. Rachel’s determination, Quinn’s perseverance, Santana’s passion, Brittany’s optimism, Mercedes’ empathy, Tina’s patience, Marley’s kindness, Kitty’s energy, Unique’s bravery. You can’t take that away from them just because they made mistakes or annoyed you.


Thank you Glee;

This TV show means everything to me. Each character has their own individuality which makes us believe in ourselves as we can compare ourselves to them. These past 5/6 years have changed my life for the better. We’ve (Gleeks & cast) had a difficult time dealing with the death of Cory, but only came back stronger. I will miss this show so much but we knew it was going to end eventually and I feel like it’s a good time. Some cast members have other projects they are working on outside of Glee which is fantastic and good luck to them. Hopefully we’ll still be seeing them a lot. They’ve worked so hard to create this amazing TV show and it’s paid off. Thank you for teaching me and thank you for being there when no one else was. Forever missing Glee.

I want Rachel’s determination, Mercedes’s ability to stay true to herself, Quinn’s growth, Tina’s compassion, Brittany’s lightheartedness, Santana’s honesty, Kitty’s quick mind, Lauren’s confidence, Becky’s spunk, Marley’s charm, Sugar’s generous nature, Jane’s tenacity, Madison’s optimism and Unique’s strength of will.

popular gender neutral names for the signs
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  • virgo: hayden, jordan, charlie
  • libra: harper, emerson, leighton
  • scorpio: alex, skylar, avery
  • sagittarius: phoenix, elliot, taylor
  • capricorn: morgan, sage, rowan
  • aquarius: tatum, logan, marley
  • pisces: riley, peyton, quinn

Sometimes I fantasize what S4 would have been if the writers had used the newbies and TGP “winners” as the new team expies: Harmony (Rachel), Kitty (Quinn), Jake (Puck), Ryder (Finn), Unique (Mercedes/Kurt), Marley (Tina), Betty (Artie), Joe (Mike), Sugar (Brittany), Rory (Sam), and Bree (Santana).

Puck and Marley should have happened! That would have been interesting. I wish the writers weren’t so afraid to explore more unconventional relationships like maybe Finn and Mercedes, Santana and Tina, Quinn and Mike, Artie and Rachel, to name a few. The only relationship that I didn’t feel was predictable like “Oh these two are gonna have a thing” was McHayward.