marley moses

House Guests' most common word/phrase
  • Audrey: I never said that ...
  • Jason: *pulls out a cigarette*
  • Da'vonne: mhmm mhmm
  • James: MEGGG
  • Austin: bro
  • Jeff: So how do you think she is in bed???
  • Steve: I don't know if you watched past seasons but ...
  • John: *flosses*
  • Jace: So nobody wants me off the block?
  • Clay: Nah, Lemme talk to Audrey about it first
  • Liz/Julia: Remember the twin twist???
  • Shelli: omg Clay
  • Jackie: *crickets*
  • Becky: shush
  • Meg: y'all disgusting *continues hanging out with them*
  • Vanessa: so I'm a poker player