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Family Reunion : Holbrook Edition! 📷

From left to right: Erin Holbrook, Riya Chandra, Blanche Holbrook, Marley Holbrook, Lawrence Holbrook, Viola Holbrook, Evan Bellevue. 

THANK YOU GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thank you Glee;

This TV show means everything to me. Each character has their own individuality which makes us believe in ourselves as we can compare ourselves to them. These past 5/6 years have changed my life for the better. We’ve (Gleeks & cast) had a difficult time dealing with the death of Cory, but only came back stronger. I will miss this show so much but we knew it was going to end eventually and I feel like it’s a good time. Some cast members have other projects they are working on outside of Glee which is fantastic and good luck to them. Hopefully we’ll still be seeing them a lot. They’ve worked so hard to create this amazing TV show and it’s paid off. Thank you for teaching me and thank you for being there when no one else was. Forever missing Glee.

anonymous asked:

What happened to Marley tho?

It’s a television show. They bring characters like Charlie, Brandon the Rebel, Billy Ross, and Marley Evans in to serve a specific purpose. They hire guest actors to play these roles.

Since they’re considered guest starring roles, they aren’t going to keep them coming back week after week just to sit in the classroom and say nothing.

They serve their purpose in their one or two or three episode arc and then they leave.

It’s television and it’s fiction. They aren’t meant to be long term presences in these kids’ lives. They come, serve their purpose, and leave.

For any work of fiction there needs to be a willing suspension of disbelief.