(2014) Acrylic

“The Second Cargo”

This was a painting done for an art auction that Dreamworks put on for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles using HTTYD 2 as a theme.I borrowed some Nico Marlet character designs and an NC Wyeth compositon for the idea. It had been a while since I used my Cel-Vinyl paints but I was able to salvage them,the painting is 8" by 6".


Hey guys, the Artist of the Week is contemporary character designer Nico Marlet.

Nico Marlet is a French born concept artist working in the American animation industry. He graduated from CFT Gobelins in France, and moved to California, in the United States, to work at Dreamworks Animation Studio in 1990. He worked for several years as an animator, before switching to the character design team in 1995 for the production of “Balto.” Since then Marlet has worked mostly on character design for Dreamworks’s films.

His concept art for “Kung Fu Panda” and “How to Train Your Dragon” is his most popular around the world. They feature his impeccable shape design, loose, gestural quality, and trademark sepia colored pencil and markers. I think Marlet’s recent popularity is significantly due to how lively his drawings are. His practice as an animator is highly evident in his concept designs, which are full of movement and expression.

Nico Marlet-style Pokemon: Druddigon!

Ok this guy was a bit tough to start out with. I try to stick with the same image dimensions for each one of these so posing this guy proved a bit of a hassle. Not only that, but Druddigon’s colors are..strange. So I had to figure out how to translate the colors once I got the pose down. I also exchanged the typical dragon tail with a clubbed one since Druddigon is a walking fortress and might be a Boulder class :) It can’t fly either by the way. Its wings are, like its Pokedex entry says, solar panels.
But hope you guys enjoy this too :D

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