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Dear Journal,

Today Sirius helped me place my books in the library. I couldn’t wait to open my own little shop. I decided to name it “the Moon and Stars”. Sirius said he would help me paint the name on the facade of the building tommorow. I was placing books on the sci-fi shelf and Sirius was sitting on the floor going through romance books.

“I’m thirsty! Want some Lemonade?” He asked, standing up.

“Sure!” I smiled to him.

He walked upstairs to the kitchen and a few minutes later, I heard a glass break. Scared, I ran upstairs to see Sirius holding a letter in his shaky hands.

“Sirius.. What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Mother is dead.” He said, frowning.

“What?!” I said, walking up to him.

“Sh-She’s dead. Mother’s gone.” He said, shaking.

“Come here..” I said, putting my arms around him.

“No.. No.. I shouldn’t be sad.. She was awful to me.” He said, getting angry.

“Sirius she’s your mother it’s okay to be sad..” i said.

“No! No! I-I need to go for a walk.. I-I need to be alone..” Sirius said, pushing me away.

“Sirius..” I said, but the door was already closed.

I waited for him to come back. There was a thunderstorm and I was scared. I kept looking at the clock from where I was sitting, hoping he would come back soon. I heared a thunder and jumped. I was terrified. But I was mostly worrying about where Sirius was. I sat on the floor next to the door and layed my back against the wall. Where was he? I held my legs close to my chest and let the tears fall on my cheeks.

“Where are you Pads.. I need you. I need to know you’re safe..” I whispered, crying.

A big thunder made me jump again.

“Pads.. Come back.. I’m scared..”

I then heard the door. Sirius. He walked in, soaked with raindrops.. or tears. He was still shaking. But this time, he was also crying. When he saw me, he fell on the wooden floor and hugged me.

“She’s gone.” He cried.

“I know.. I know.. It’s okay Sirius.. It’s okay to cry..” I said, wipping my tears off of my cheeks.

“But I hate her! Why does it make me sad?” He asked, looking deep into my eyes with his grey ones.

“She’s your mother Sirius. No matter what she will always stay your mother..” I said, brushing wet srands of hair away from his forehead.

“Poor Regulus.. He’s all alone..” Sirius said, crying even more.

“Shhhhhh… it’s okay, he’s with Sophie Remember? She’ll take care of him..”

“Okay… Remus I’m sorry, I left and you were worried..” he said, silent tears running down his cheeks.

“It’s okay.. You were angry and sad, I understand Sirius..”

“And.. And there was a storm! You must’ve been so scared! I’m sorry Remus..” He said hugging me closer.

“It’s okay Sirius.. You’re here now. You’re safe.. it’s all that matters..”

“Can you help me write to Regulus? I would like him to visit us for a while. Is that okay?” He asked, wipping his tears away.

“Of course It is.. Come on, we need to get you some dried clothes..” I said, helping him get up.

“I love you Remus.. I’m sorry I made you worry..” He said, his face burried in my chest.

“It’s okay baby.. Everything’s okay..”

March 27th 1978

Its really ironic that King Julien...

That being the number 13 of the lemur monarchs (you all know, the number 13 its considered an unlucky number and a bad omen) has a bodyguard called Clover (and clovers, especially the four-leaf clovers are considered good luck charms)

So metaphorically speaking, Clover is King Julien’s good luck charm.

anonymous asked:

Have everyone else cast you your role in a nuclear family.

Marlene: Aesthetic housewife mom
Alice: ‘Dad jokes’ Dad
Dorcas: Rebellious tween
James: The baby
Lily: The daughter who’s gone to college and the family always refers to
Sirius: The friend who thinks he lives with the family
Regulus: The young child who goes along with everything
Remus: the quiet Book Nerd child who wants to protect Regulus and James

I really hope Marlene releases a list of episodes to watch before the season 7 finale like she did when Cece was revealed as A because “How the A stole Christmas” is one of the episodes she said to watch for that reveal and it was a HUGE clue

Upcoming AhKJ/PoM wood ornaments

Not in any order.
From ahkj: Maurice, Clover, Mort, Timo, Ted and Dorothy, Horst, Willy, Xixi, Pancho, Hector, Dr. S and Rob, Koto, Magic Steve, Sage, Becca and Abner, Rat King Joey, Karl and Chauncey, Masikura.

From PoM: the other three penguins, Marlene, Clemson, Hans, Dr. Blowhole, the ducklings, Savio.
There’s a lot more to this list, but this is my main goal for right now.

Debunking Hogwarts Rumors

There have been some rumors among the Hogwarts Student Body about the Gryffindor favorites, it’s definitely from those who don’t know them, it’s time to set the record straight.

Sirius Black is a Soft Flower Child

Sirius: The fuck you lookin’ at?

Remus is a Swot

*During Prefect Duties*

*Student out of bed*

Remus: No. Stop. Come back.

James is an Uncaring Asshole

James: Hey, hey, hey. Forget him, I’ll buy you a hundred flowers! I’ll put lace-wing flies in his potion tomorrow! I’ll send him a Howler everyday for a year!

Peter is a Lady’s Man

*girl sits down to talk with Peter*

*Peter leaves*

Lily is a Hard-Ass 

*weekly quiet time with Dorcas*

Marlene and Dorcas are “Gal Pals”

Dorcas: I love you.

Marlene: I love you too, Meadows.