the last of us 12 day challenge

day 4: favorite enemy - marlene

“apparently, there’s no way to extricate the parasite without eliminating the host. fancy way of saying we gotta kill the fucking kid. and now they’re asking for my go ahead. the tests just keep getting harder and harder, don’t they? i’m so tired. i’m exhausted and i just want this to end… so be it.

Lily: I just don’t know how to tell him that I like him

Marlene: Invite him out for a drink. Then after about twenty minutes casually drop into the conversation that you’d like to marry him and have his children.

They weren't perfect

Lily Evans didn’t like how pale her skin was. Every pimple, rash, dark circle or bruise looked hundred times worse on her skin and she couldn’t stand the sun. Instead of having a beautiful tan like Mary she turned red as a lobster as soon as she stayed in the sun a few minutes. She once got a sunburn… In January. She regularly used a lot of foundation to cover every redness on her face. Blush was her best friend.

Mary Macdonald didn’t like how thin she was. When she looked in a mirror she couldn’t help but stare at her bones. She could easily count her ribs without even tucking her belly. She looked fragile and delicate like if someone could crash her into pieces without problem. She once tried to double her food portions in hope to win some fat, but it only gave her a few pimples.

Alice Longbottom didn’t like her body. She took weight too easily. When she went to the restaurant and ate too much or when she was stressed her clothes wouldn’t fit her anymore. Her stomach wasn’t flat and she had more curves than the average girl. She once tried a diet which allowed her to only eat green things, but it never worked so she tried that one instead who said to only eat raw things. It didn’t work either.

Dorcas Meadows didn’t like her muscled arms. Sure she was proud of them, she had earn them by working hard and it was a must being a beater. However, girls talked. Some said it looked ugly. Some said it made her look like a man. Her crush once turned her off and told his friends he’d never go out with a girl who had more muscles than him. She was proud of them, but no matter how much she said she didn’t care about those comments she couldn’t help letting them under her skin.

Marlene Mckinnon didn’t like her face. Her lashes were non-existent. Her nose was too large for her face. Her mouth wasn’t big enough. She had acne on her forehead. She thought she looked ugly without makeup so every morning she took an hour only to apply some. No matter what, she never went out without makeup. Even her dorm friends had rarely seen her without it.

Remus Lupin didn’t like his scars. They were all across his body and no matter what anyone said, disgusting. Some were bright red, some had pus. He never took out his shirt in public. He couldn’t stand people’s face when they saw how ugly his skin was. Every time he saw his scars it reminded him of who he was and he hated that.

Sirius Black didn’t mind his appearance. He knew he was good looking and that wasn’t being arrogant it was simply a fact. He used his looks multiple times to get what he wanted or to get away with something. However, that didn’t mean he liked everything about himself. His family made him feel like if he’d never be worth or loved by anyone.

Peter Pettigrew didn’t like being average. That’s how he thought of himself. He wasn’t as handsome as Sirius or as charismatic as James. He wasn’t really ugly neither. He was just average. The kind of boy girls don’t pay attention to because there’s nothing interesting to see. He was just plain, normal, boring average and he hated it.

James Potter didn’t give a fuck about any of those things. At least that’s what he said, but actually he didn’t take criticism well. When someone made him a reproach or insulted him he couldn’t help but take it personal. He thought about it over and over again, trying to convince himself that person was wrong, but a little voice inside his head would never shut up. It kept telling him it was all true.

They were all insecure about something. They weren’t perfect.

Happy Corvo Bianco Headcanons

Written by the lovely @bucketofbarnes

@panur asked: Please some happy corvo bianco headcanons, especially including Barnabas-Basil and Marlene!  

  • Geralt hangs the picture of young Ciri in the guest room. She gives Geralt hell for it but actually finds it a little bit sweet. Not that she’ll ever admit it.
  • B.B. walked in on Geralt and Yen before. They expected him to freak out. He wasn’t even fazed.
  • The kids in the vineyard love Roach and keep sneaking her treats. Geralt pretends not to notice.
  • The people in the vineyard quickly grow to respect Geralt. They spent some time working in a vineyard that was falling apart and losing business and then along comes this Witcher who makes the place beautiful and gives them a chance to bring money in again. He treats the workers with respect and is great with the kids that also live in the vineyard. The workers are glad to see that someone took the effort to breathe life into the vineyard again. Any negative thoughts they had about Witchers are quickly dismissed.
  • Marlene eventually finds out that Witchers eat a lot more than your average individual, and that Geralt sometimes eats less than he needs to in order to seem normal. She starts making his favourites and hinting that she put a lot of work into the food so that Geralt can’t bring himself to refuse.
  • Yennefer secretly buys her a bunch of flowers for her making her Witcher look so healthy.
  • Geralt lies in the grass next to Yennefer’s couch. She reads him the most ridiculous lines from her shitty romance novels. They occasionally stay outside until it’s dark to gaze at the stars together.
  • Eskel brings his goat with him to Corvo Bianco. She and Roach share the stables and cuddle up together at night. He’ll never admit that he finds it adorable.
  • Lambert visits and spends 2 whole days mocking Geralt for going soft since he lives in an actual house with a comfy bed now. He stops after Marlene smacks him on the knuckles with her wooden spoon. Hard. He now avoids the kitchen.
  • Corvo Bianco is one of the few places that Geralt has found that he actually feels safe sleeping in.
  • Dandelion comes to visit and a knight spots him. The knight almost takes him to the Empress, however, Geralt comes to the rescue by claiming that he’s not Dandelion because he can’t even sing. Dandelion is crying internally as he’s forced to sing terribly. He doesn’t talk to Geralt for the rest of the day.
  • Zoltan claims that he hates wine before he comes to the vineyard. After his first taste of Corvo Bianco wine he quickly shuts up. A whole case of it mysteriously goes missing during the night.