ieri sera @3nding è venuto a trovarmi a casa, ci siamo fatti quattro chiacchere di cazzacci nostri ed abbiam pensato bene di far due passi in quartiere per far muovere un pochino il cane.

Marlene è una meticcia di appena tre mesi che ho adottato e portato in casa mia da nemmeno una settimana.

è una cucciola, poverina, e ancora non capisce che espletare i propri bisogni su parquet e tappeti non è proprio bello, soprattutto quando la porto in continuazione al parchetto. ma con il giusto dosaggio di amorevoli pacche sul muso e coccole inizia a capire cos’è giusto e cos’è sbagliato. 

diciamo che sono ottimista.

preso da questa mia temporanea predisposizione pedagogica ieri sera con l’amico @3nding non mi son riuscito a trattenere quindi, vedendo due ragazzotti pisciare su di un muro.

ho provato a far loro notare che il bar da dove venivano, dall’altro lato della strada, è anch’esso munito di servizi.

ho anche cercato di spiegar loro che quel palazzo è pubblico, essendo un liceo.

ho sottolineato anche che stavano pisciando su un palazzo antico, un ex convento di suore e successivamente una casermetta napoleonica, che tuttora custodisce splendidi ciliegi nei suoi cortili e affreschi nei corridoi.

ci hanno riso in faccia, ché tanto è una scuola e mica è antica e chissenefrega.

ora, io ero stanco e ancora sfatto da una giornata d’ospedale e non ho insistito. ma dento di me ho pensato che l’unica sarebbe stata prenderli per il coppino, fargli annusare il loro piscio e poi dargli delle sberle sul muso. 

sta di fatto che la mia cagna sta imparando a non fare i bisogni dove non deve e quando sbaglia almeno si sente sinceramente in colpa. 

con lei sono ottimista, il problema è il resto.

Marlene tweeted this and it’s being talked about A LOT. So let’s go over the possibilities! Let me know if I missed anything!

A) This is a flashback scene; where Toby is meeting Yvonne and he talks about Spencer to her. This breaks our hearts because Toby is dead and we’re seeing things we missed from before he died.

B) This is Toby alive in current time talking to someone about Spencer because she has passed away. Hence the “used to know”

C) Neither Spencer or Toby die from 7A finale, but Toby has still moved on and is talking to somebody about Spencer.

D) Wedding vows. This is Toby being romantic. Mending our hearts because neither of them passed away, and now they are together being married. (Marlene has previously said 1 or more marriage will be happening)

D would be my favorite. D would mean neither Toby or Spencer passed away and now Spoby is back together. Are there any other explanations for this quote? I can see flashback or current time but both have different possibilities for the outcome of Spoby.
No matter what this line is going to make us cry.

Something exciting!

So, yesterday I read something really cool. It was a series finale script written by a fan here on Tumblr (I am so sorry I can’t remember the exact name of who it was!!) It was SO fun reading someone other than the writers’ style of writing, and also their ideal endgame. So I’ve decided to join in on this, because it looked so fun to write. So…

I’m writing my own series finale!

It acts as a theory, because you get to see the way I explain the main things (I’m not going to the extreme level that I expect of Marlene - like answering the season 2 unanswered questions) - and also the way that I would reveal it because as we all know, especially after the disappointment that was 610, the delivery is equally as important as the reveal itself. 

It’s not full length like 2 hours! Just a couple scenes. The important scenes. I’ve already started and I’m loving it! Hopefully it’ll be done in the next week or so. 

Anyone want to read it, or do I stop working on it? hahaha

004: Narcissa always knew that she was gay, she’d only ever confided in one person about her sexuality - Marlene Mckinnon. When Andromeda was blasted off the family tree for marrying a muggle she knew that the same would happen to her if she came out about being a lesbian. She completely gave up on following her hearts desire when her only true love - Marlene - was killed by the person she had been betrothed to, Lucius Malfoy. After that she became emotionless and cold, she had the only thing she ever truly cared about snatched from her, so why should she be warm and care-free.

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Spoilers: Wedding Vows, a Potential Death and More

The Pretty Little Liars series finale may be months away but I. Marlene King is already giving fans a taste of what’s to come. The series creator took to her Twitter to tease portions of the finale script. 

“When I was writing the pilot I tweeted u lines along the way. So let’s share the series finale 2gether,” she tweeted.

Her first teaser? A scene between Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) in which Ali is on the phone with…the state police. Dun, dun, dun….

The next: a line from Toby (Keegan Allen): “I used to know a girl who liked to say ‘hope breeds eternal misery.’” Awww.

And then there was this mysterious gem with the character speaking it remaining a mystery: “If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m never going to be able to say my vows without the ugly cry.”

How about a threatening one? “Are you here to kill me?” and King paired that line with this tweet: “Of course it’s not all romance, it’s PLL.”

Finally, her last tease of the afternoon: “It’s like when you finish a book and you don’t want it to end. Even if  the characters are happy, you’re still sad that it’s ending.”

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Not cool how Marlene used both Spencer and Yvonne. Spencer was used used simply to cause drama/conflict to only get cheated on and get Haleb back and Yvonne being killed off just to get Spoby back. Instead of bringing an entire new black actress with no other purpose than killing her off, when she could've not done that?

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Marlene is taking the kissing rock back to the set in screamingggg they are gonna film on Monday wtffff i love life I'm so excited we are gonna get "I had a dream about us being here" I can believe 😭😭😭😭

Girl you already know Alison is gonna profess her love if she hasn’t already. Alison has been taking the lead in terms of emison

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Based on the bits of script of the finale Marlene posted, it sounds like Hanna's getting married (she said something like I'm not going to be able to make it through my vows without the ugly cry, which sounds very Hanna-ish to me). So unfortunately, it seems like there's gonna be a h*leb wedding :(

I can’t believe Caleb had been allowed to live this long

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Marlene.... Sirius said *sob* ... he said he didn't love me... Did I do something wrong? - Remus

It’s okay, Remy. Sirius has an M!A where he says the opposite of what he means. Calm down.

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omg I am so mad that marlene just SPOILED that toby is alive???? wtf is wrong with her? and of course poor Yvonne is going to just die just so spoby can get together. so toby's fiancé has to die in order for spoby to happen and Alison has to get basically raped with Emily's eggs implanted in her without her consent for emison to happen. what the actual fuck. haleb are gross too he was crying over spencer, then having sex with hanna 5 episodes later. fucking marlene..

I know I’m so mad, all the storylines post time jump have been shit af