marlene steyn


Featured Curator of the Week: DearMirah [dear-mirah]

1.  Alex PaikPrelue and Fugue: Polyphony (2012). Gouache, colored pencil, marker, paper. 

Ben Meyer from The Art Blog describes Paik’s art as multi-colored paper works that capture light in a process of transmission (x). He has been featured in multiple galleries all over the U.S. 

2. Marlene SteynMedusa’s a Hungry Hair (2014).  Ink and oil on linen and wall. 

Marlene Steyn’s delicate paintings depict multiple happenings and events. She focuses on the human form captured in elaborate narrative landscapes with multiple textures. 

3. Ethan Kastnerexperiment from monday morning maybe (2014). Paint and mixed media.  

Kastner is an artist who has been on Tumblr for a very long time. His art is expressive and humorous, and maybe even a little bit snarky. 

4. Andre CoronadoBus (2014). 

Cornoado is an artist from Peru. As a jack of man trades, he is attracted to created art of a grotesque and dark humor variety. He is a cartoonist, and a short story writer! (x)


January/February 2015 resident Marlene Steyn discusses her work and shares some of her poetry.