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First of all : Happy New Year ! Can you write a prompt with Cat (or Kara) in tuxedo ?? Maybe for a New Year party ^^

Kara knocked on the door of the fitting room.  “Cat?”

The attendant, Marta, stood beside her, and after a discreet pause, also knocked.  “Missy Grant?”

A heavy sigh from within.  

“Cat,” Kara pressed.  “It can’t be that bad.  In fact, I’ll bet it looks great.”

Cat had lost a bet with Lois Lane.  It was an ill advised bet, one that Kara in fact had advised her not to take.  Even Kara knew that the Globetrotters never lost.  Cat had insisted that the Generals were due.  It all ended with Cat in the fitting room at her favorite exclusive boutique, trying on a tuxedo.

The door swung open.  Cat stood leaning in the doorway, hand on her hip, looking vaguely irritated.  Kara literally had to push her chin back up with her hand, because her mouth dropped open.  She looked like a tiny, blond, female James Bond.  Marta always did have a good eye.  It was a nice tuxedo.

“Wow, Cat,” Kara sighed.  

“I know,” Cat grumped.  “It’s ridiculous.”

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