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GOLDEN-AGE GLAMORPUSS (SPECIAL EDITION): Marlene Dietrich in the 50s, 60s.

Here’s my top 5 favorite Dietrich films from the 50s and 60s (in no particular order):

– “Stage Fright,” from 1950, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Major highlight of the film is Dietrich singing Cole Porter’s “The Laziest Gal in Town.”

– “Witness for the Prosecution,” from 1957, in which she has a dual role. Reportedly, she was very disappointed not to have been nominated for an Oscar for her role.

– “Touch of Evil,” from 1958. She may have just a minor supporting role, but her presence is very memorable. She looks very much like Madonna as a brunette – or should I say Madonna stole Dietrich’s look.

– “No Highway in the Sky,” from 1950. She’s reunited with her “Destry Rides Again” co-star Jimmy Stewart in this film made in England.

– “Rancho Notorious,” from 1952, one of her few films shot in color over at RKO. This film was directed by fellow German Fritz Lang, of whom Dietrich did not speak highly.