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Dating Mark would include

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Mark Tuan

- oh man oh man oh man
- the perfect sweetest boyfriend
- hand holding
- like the kind you only hear about in books and movies
- cute park dates
- hand holding
- back hugs
- pouty kisses
- playing with your hair
- watch out for Jinyoung
- that’s his baby
- it’ll be a battle for Mark’s attention
- like legit you’ll be waiting for him at practice and Mark’s being all cute and winking at you and shiiiiiii
- suddenly Jinyoung starts getting all buddy buddy w/ yo man
- making kissy faces at him
- “are you jealous, Y/N?”
- “I’m more of a Markson fan”
- You’re also in a relationship with Jackson
- “Y/N I got you somethi-”
- “N-No no this is for Y/N-”
- “Jackson no that’s-”
- Honestly let’s face it, it’ll be you against the rest of GOT7 in a fight for Prince Charming’s heart
- I mean Mark
- same thing
- anyway
- you’re close w/ Papa Tuan and he h a t e s i t
- he’ll get back at you tho
- “hey Y/N you look so cute in this ladybug outfit”
- “what are you- gIVE IT TO ME WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”
- his laugh is the purest thing
- he can totally get away with calling you babe/baby
- especially in the morning
- when he’s spooning you and you’re trying to get up
- deep sleepy voice
- “baaaaabe stayyy”
- “I gotta gooo”
- “just 5 more minutes”
- his smile could bring world peace
- you’ll be in the audience supporting ur boy
- and he’ll see you
- bring you upstage and you’ll go along w/ it pretending to be a fan
- and he’ll kiss your cheek
- BAM everyone on earth envies you
- expect lots of videos
- of him just doing stupid and cute things
- when you’re sad he’ll just listen and be there
- and two minutes later just smother you in kisses and hugs
- he’ll make you feel so wanted and you’ll never feel alone
- speaking of being alone
- Mark + you being the cutest person in the world in his eyes
- american boi knows how to move
- have you seen his floor grinds
- you’re the floor now
- w i n k
- ehEH
- honestly a relationship with this boy would be so
-p e r f e c t
- playing with your hair
- resting his chin on your shoulder
- trying different kinds of food
- you’re his princess
- he’s your prince
- he just loves you s o much
- sometimes you’ll have your days, and other times he’ll have his days
- but you know how to make each other happy and honestly I think that’s what makes you two so perfect

Notice Me [Chapter 11]

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Final Chapter of Notice Me

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10

Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Slight Angst at times

Your eyes shot open as you saw Jackson hovered over the two of you, eyes wide and nostrils flared in anger.

“Shit!” you muttered, moving out of Mark’s grasp to sit up and look your brother in the eye.

“I knew something was going on with you two!” he shouted, pacing back and forth.

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Got7′s Toronto fan meeting: I made a lot of eye contact with Jaebum!

Hi loves! I have a fan account to tell you when I went to GOT7’s fan meeting in Toronto Canada last year. I was close and I had a lot of eye contact with JB, mostly, I wasn’t the only Black girl close to the stage, there were a few of us close. Either to the back or up close.

JB does this thing where he’s looking at you but then pretend he’s not looking at you and I’m like boy I see you! Even when I smiled at him he smirks and act like he wasn’t looking but smiles you was looking? Ok JB!! There was one moment he was looking at me while licking his lips probably not intentionally but a bitch was shook!!  And guess what dumb ass was trying to record Jackson and Mark and missed this part me? I had my camera on the other members but when I felt JB looking, I look up at him and try to hurry up and catch it on my phone smh but guess who looks away as soon as I do that? yup! Mr. Slick JB! I found the q&a video on HD on the sponsors channel (link below) and I GOT THAT MOMENT IN GREAT QUALITY and watched it over and over and over!

I even noticed the other times he looked at me, like when I was trying to get Mark’s attention by saying “Marky poo” and Mark giggled at me GOD IS GREAT! and JB just looking at me again like “dis chick….” lmao

at the end of the q & a Jackson wanted a fan in the audience to ask a question and he duck and dodged through the fans’ hands to give the mic to the Black girl and Jackson held on to her hand and then put the mic in her hand, all the girl could say was “oh my God” and Bambam teased her saying. ‘that’s a good question’ lmao. I found a better quality than my shit cam thank God, so That’s in the video too at 22:48 it starts. But then her question was, “What do you think about Toronto?”

I know my fan account is late afff since this was last year but they are sooooooo handsome in person! Don’t miss out on seeing them live, it’s the best money spent and all of those eye contacts from JB and Mark, I couldn’t walk straight after the show, literally!

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Heya! I'm _kinda_ new here, and if this question have not been asked a million times before, can you suggest some blogs to follow please? c:

Hello friend and welcome!

Okay so here ya go: @itsfoxyy, @megsiplier, @egogrumps, @grumpyoreos, @jacksepticeyegifs, @protectmark, @youtubesmi1es, @markisepticpie, @tiny-septic-box-sam, @septicrier, @lum1natrix, @d-sliceisnotonfire, @dork-iplier, @rainyplier, @seanmcloughlin, @markiplierswhatifs, @markired, @jeniplier, @marki-poo-moo, @biscuitplier, @oniseptic, @sallymcsaggytitss, @booperplier, @barfiplier, @unclemarkimoo, @honeyplier, @jacksepticfly, @liberrystone, @markipliering, @markiblu, @markiplierkawaii, @floralcrownjack, @mitsuko-chan, @mary-plier, @castiel-winchxster, @merkiiplier, @alyalyalyssa, @tigracespace, @markiiboo, @captain-ass-ass, @dailyseptiplier, @antispedicy, @jack-isms, @youtubetrashisreal, @braonain, @starlit-jse, @antisepticdark, @y0utube-trash, @jseplier, @phanofjack, @stardustphan, @superseptictrash, @briseptiplier, @lightninglime, @juggvjones, @wiishugifs, @septicjacks, @sayonai, @danisjustonfire, @aesthseptic, @jiminy-krispies, @crankgameplay, @danisnotoffice, @celestialsean, @planetpeebles, @crankyethans, @booperdoopcr, @nestorquik, @jse-support-group, @angelboyjack, @jackmarkieye, @jeaniplier, @perilit, @sparklyjackaboy, @septicpotato, @delightful-jackaboy, @marktylerandethan, @rossdonovans, @markimoot, @trellyeye, @arsenicnenuphar, @arophan, @shortfancy, @mariah-wants-to-live, @exquisitemark, @one-word-tyler, @jacksepticishoulddie, @bumblebeeblueboy, @piishu, @aesthetic-blue-boy, @toquotemark, @tylertrash911, @jseandmarkimoo, @piteousfangirl, @bekadmfb, @adatewithmarkiplier, @partypewds, @pewdiecringe & sooo many more!

And of course: @markiplier & @therealjacksepticeye!

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Yo I am a bit new to tumblr and I was wondering what blogs you think I should follow (P.S. can I get a sick dab)

Alright this is kinda hard because I love like everyone but here’s just a few people that I really love:

@adatewithmarkiplier @adorabloodthirstykitty @amys-support-group @another-tyler12-blog @antisepticjack @antisepticdark @apocalypto-12 @apocalyptiplierthighs @apocalypto12imagines @apocalypto12related @artsandfandoms @avatareagleflight @barfiplier @blueberry-boii @blurryphotosofjacksepticeye @booper-dooper @booperdooper78 @boopymooplier @briseptiplier @bristlee1 @bubblebutt-markimoo @buttsepticeye @captain-ass-ass @captainmcocklin @caustic-synishade (aloT!!) @cheapcookiez (Obviously) @chibi-megimoo (also) @cranck-game-plays @crankiboy (I LIUV <3!!) @crankityler @crankyapocaplier @crankyplier @cuddlyethan @dogiplier @dork-iplier @earthbooty @egogrumps @floatingmegane-san (oMG ALWAYS HOLY HECK I’m luv u) @flojouno @floralcrownjack @fluffyjacksepticeye @homo-noodles @http-jack @i-septiceye @iamthewhispers112 @inhalemybigdong @irlseaborne @itsfoxyy @jack-isms @jacks-support-group @jacksepticfly @jchnmulany @jiminy-krispies @katfox89 @kayroos-art (again, always) @kissmefelix @legendofgrump @lisuje @lovelyethan @lum1natrix @madiesunny @marki-poo-moo @markidarki @markiiboo @markimoo-is-a-nerd @markimoochica @markiplier-imagines @markired @marksandrec @martziplier98 @megsiplier @neko-puff @nestorquik @notsosepticeye @one-word-tyler @paperbaghero @peeblesprotectionpatrol @pixelatedmilkshake @rhinkydankiplier @septic-crankiplier @septiceyespeed @septicjacks @sinfulblueberry @smile-always-bitch @stoiictyller

There’s just a few for now since I have to go to school, I’m luv you all btw <3 

Now for the dab thing, alas I woke up this morning and I could barely lift myself up, after my whole pull-up thing yesterday I’ve become fairly weak. Actually have no idea how I’m going to walk to school but hey. Maybe later today I will! It is dance marathon!!!

who is Trashi following

 Because of the lovely @markimu who is finally back, I decided to make a list with all (226) the people I follow. Some are about Markiplier, some aren’t.

I really hope you’re okay with being tagged. I don’t want to be annoying

@planetpeebs  @markimu @mr-markiplier @ultra-art-blog @cinnamon-grump @asspocalypto @ghastlymisstaken @booperdoopcr @mrakipiler @teamiplier-tothemoon-andback @ethansnestor @thnks-fr-th-sins @katswenski @ethanscolorfulsocks @lazer-phan @sevenwholelemons @oh-hi-sky @vinerider31 @antisepticdark @thesunisinmytoes @rabidrabbitrabato @lazycrybaby @iiiiiim-tyler @markiplierswhatifs @giggleplier @dogiplier @trustinghowell @pewdieclothes @pewpewpies @keito-plier @pastelmoon101 @grumpy-pewdiplieyer @biscuitplier @ohscheid @apocalypsethetyler @a-dot-lin @tythan @crcnkgameplays celestri4l @tinybox-septiceye @wowie-wowie @post-stripper-anon @disc-of-riches @peebles-appreciation @apocalypto12imagines @apocalypto12related  @ethan-support-group @caustic-synishade @apocalypto-12 @jiminy-shit @not-exactly-teamiplier @sir-fuzzologic @thespookytrashbag @stonebang @shestheauthor @ordinaryunicorns @iloveapocalypto-12 @smile-always-12 @kinkyravioli @helveticanemh @nestorquik @markired @katskot37 @azrew @pashachap @stonefaced-tyler @toquotemark @cranky-community @tyler-apocalypse-scheid @markandfriends @floatingmegane-san @buttsepticeye @theapocalypse-scheid @50-shades-of-iplier @ethanscrankycrew @markimoot @crankgameplaysreactions @markipliergifs @iiiiimtylerr @tylers-arms-support-group @planet-peebles @apocalyptotyler @atrashylifeforme @its-a-face-off @psychoticscheid @nallieplier @mark-i-fart @nakedherbage @sir-tostwat @iiiim-ethan @i-dont-know-what-to-put-as-a-url @iceddorkroast @fantasies-become-your-legacy @chicaiplier @trashysilver @briseptiplier @sticks-and-stonefaced-tylers @not-another-bloody @frankstar24 @alyalyalyssa @marshughes @purrtlepuff @xiao-nangua @randomly-injured @heavydirtymarkiplier @lampllama22 @booperplier @stonefacesmilesalways @heartbreakerlester @softedan @partypewds @smile-always-bitch @tylersbabydoll @markiplier-imagines @galacticmarkimoo @gillyplier @thedanhowell @theanomex @ethan-works @rockersoul13 @marks-arms-support-group @sunnyhedgie @fuckinlester @darkimooplier @fobiplier @dusterazel @versaillesingray @moondragon12 @crystalchryssi @galaxyghosty @youtubetrashisreal @doctorpewdiepie @d-sliceisnotonfire @jennagetsartsy @rainyplier @dork-iplier @marki-poo-moo @girly-boi-writes @megsiplier @lum1natrix @erilias @thatmessyfanaccount @markipliers-hair @notsogrumpy-curls @asmion @teyniri @miniboymarkipoo @markistellar @markiplier-reaction-posts @pixelatedmilkshake @mercymoonlighting @imsuffocating @markiiboo @ratomik @markiplierquotes @markaplier @poofingwarfstaches @markipliergamegifs @moomooplier @gemmaplier @markeiplier

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Smashed Smash

Request: How are ya doing? Can I request a Markiplier&Jacksepticy imagine where them and the reader are streaming and playing a drinking game where you take a shot every time you die. The reader is the most skilled therefore taking less shots but is also a lightweight. So while the other two are buzzed the reader is flat out drunk and is saying incredibly funny stuff about the game and their friends. How do these two deal with their drunk companion.

a/n- The only game I could think of was Smash lmao. Fun fact my main is Diddy he’s my BOI. Anyway, here’s an imagine that I should’ve tried harder on but didn’t because I’m still drained from finals. Disclaimer: I have no idea what these dudes are like drunk or how many shots it would take to get them buzzed/drunk.

The rules were simple: every time you die, you take a shot.

The game? Smash. Final destination, no items, 99 lives.

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GOT7 When You Ask Them to Buy Pads/Tampons for you

u know I always thought these types of reactions were unrealistic bc what sort of person just doesn’t restock their tampon supply like honestly if I am down to 2 boxes of pads I start to panic but then today I realize AFTER I LEAVE THE STORE that I am currently on my last night time pad. Me @ myself gET UR SHIT TOGETHER ~Admin Hedgehog

Mark: Surprisingly, he would be cool with this. i mean, he does have sisters so like?? nbd to him like i’m sure one of them have asked him to buy/ grab a pad for them. You would call him up in a panic and he would have to calm you down before he told u he would go and grab a box for you. He would be so casual and chill with this it made u a little unnerved like?? Markie-poo are u sure ur ok with this? Ye no problem hun its fine, not like u can control ur flow or anything long enough to walk to the store its all good just buy my fav snack and we r cool~

JB/Jaebum: This bun would be the most embarrassed out of everyone!! I know that comes as a  surprise but he would be complaining with bright red ears and trying to make you call any friends you might have, you know, FEMALE friends. You would get a little mad at him and tell him that it was an emergency for you and you couldn’t go out and get them yourself, and he would concede and wear sunglasses and a facemask to make sure nobody recognized him.

Jackson: J-Flawless would be HELLA embarrassed to get your “monthly stuff” for you, but bc he loves u and ur A+ at begging and bribery, he agrees to get them for you, and in typical Jackson fashion, he plays it off well, and would try to be mr macho when buying them, getting defensive whenever someone looks at him weird for buying tampons, like haven’t you ever seen a good boyfriend before? psh. 

Jinyoung: Honestly would be the best person to ask in this situation, even if u aren’t dating him. like if ur dating another member and they’re being a baby(COUGHJBCOUGH) he’ll be like okay u know what girl i got u don’t worry~ TBH tho he would probably be the one to notice you were running low before u noticed and would get u another box and just accidentally put it in the wrong spot, so when u called him shyly asking him to buy more, he would be like, girl have u looked in ur closet recently?? I already got u fam now don’t worry i’ll be back in a lil bit would u like chocolate ice cream or chocolate covered popcorn?honestly he would be a dream 

Youngjae: No. Just ask Jinyoung to get them for you. It would be like pulling teeth to get this boy to go out and get u pads, you better be paying for a full meal of samgyeopsal for him, make that two full meals, and a lifetime of thankfulness to him bc he would only do it if you were about to die bc its just so embarrassing for him!! He would do it eventually, if u begged and bribed enough, bc he loves you and you looked really pitiful it make him get second hand embarrassment. he’s currently standing in the store regretting his decision.

Bambam: tbh Bambam is another person i dont think would really care a whole lot about buying u ur tampons or whatever but he would mAKE IT A BIG DEAL he would be so casual at the store but then when he came home he would be like oH NO JAGI EVERYONE WAS STARING AND LAUGHING AT ME AND IT WAS SUCH A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE FEEL BAD FOR ME and would make it like he had had the worst thing in the world happen to him so he would get cuddles and kisses for being your knight in shiny shoes.

Yugyeom: Sweet pea here would hesitantly agree to get them for you, but then when it came down to it he would be standing outside the store and be internally screaming like omg what did he get himself into. he would call someone like Mark or Bambam to come and help him out and would beg them and then would be so thankful when they came out of the store with the tampons doubled bagged so nobody could see what it was, and would be so relieved and would owe them anything. He would then strut home and be like “look what i got you aren’t i the best bf ever!!” But Bambam would have texted u and told u what happened bc he’s a lil shit but please ignore it and just make yugyeom feel like a good bf please lol he’s new to this 

Got7 date series!

I have never been so excited to write Christmas fluff in my whole life. I think if you guys like it and it does well, I’m gonna do a Christmas series. Here’s the fourth installment. Enjoy!


                       It was Christmas Eve, and you and your boyfriend, Jinyoung, had ended up at a Christmas party with the guys. There were so many kinds of food. There were dips and chips, crackers and cheeseballs, mashed potatoes, hot chocolate, a massive ham, spiked eggnog, and above everything, a towering, magnificent tree covered in gold bows and silver ornaments.

           “Wow, JYP really outdid himself this year,” you said, marveling up at the huge tree.

           “I know, right? It’s insane. There are so many presents under the tree, too. None of us are allowed to touch them until tomorrow.” Jinyoung said, rolling his eyes.

           “Go figure. What do you wanna bet that Bambam will be the first one to open a present once he’s drunk enough?” Jackson said, glancing at him and Yugyeom with two glasses of eggnog each in their hands.

           “I heard that! Why are you so mean to me?” Bambam had put down his glasses and was now staggering around the room with malicious intent.

           “It’s not mean if it’s the truth!” a giggle escaped Jackson’s lips as Bambam grabbed him around the neck and gave him a noogie.

           “ Ah, JB hyung! Bambam’s being aggressive!”

           “Boys, behave yourselves.” Jaebum was sitting on the couch with his girlfriend and your own best friend, Chelsea, whom he’d met thanks to you. Her cheeks were bright red as he kissed her neck gently. You looked away, trying to give them privacy—as much as they could get in a room full of loud and rowdy boys, anyway.

           “Aish, get a room! You guys are always macking on each other, man. Could you dial it back, for the sake of Christmas?” Mark’s tone was teasing as he glanced at the pair on the couch.

           “Sorry, but I can’t not touch her,” he grinned as she blushed more deeply and tried to hide her face. “Ah, don’t hide, baby. You’re gonna kill me.” He beamed as she pushed his shoulder and kissed him.

           “They’re so cute,” you said as Jinyoung leaned in to peck you on the cheek.

           “If by cute you mean sickening, then sure.” He smiled. “I’m just happy that he’s happy. He deserves it, that’s for damn sure.”

           You nodded and kissed your boyfriend once again.

           “Okay, guys, we’re gonna do white elephant gifts and everyone can be on their way. Bambam, Yugyeomie, no more eggnog.” Youngjae chimed in, taking the glasses away from the maknaes and passing them to you to put in the sink. “Thanks, Y/N-ah.”

           He turned and got all the gifts ready to be passed around. We’ll open them one at a time, youngest to oldest. Mark, you go first. This one’s from Jackson.” He passed Mark an odd-shaped present that appeared to be very poorly wrapped.

           Jackson saw the look on Mark’s face and immediately jumped to defend himself. “Listen, hyung, I didn’t have much time to wrap it. I just decided on what I was getting you today, and you shouldn’t judge my ability to wrap because I’m good to you.” He folded his arms and waited for Mark to respond, but he just unwrapped the object, pulling out a small pink stuffed bear and a note that read,

for Markie poo, with love.

Mark grinned and hugged Jackson, and he seemed to beam with pride. “Thank you so much. You always know exactly what I need.”

           “JB hyung, you next. That’s from me.” Youngjae beamed from his seat, seeming to throw sunshine to every corner of the room.

           “Oh boy,” JB said as he was handed a rectangular and rather fluffy package that was also sloppily wrapped.

           “It’s not just me! Boys don’t know how to wrap presents!” Jackson spoke again and everyone burst out laughing.

            JB glanced lovingly at Chelsea again, and she nodded as he went to unwrap the present. “Ah! A pillow! I can use this!” He smiled as he handed the wrapping paper to his girlfriend, who was holding the garbage bag filled with paper. “Thank you, Youngjae. This will be used every day. I love it.” JB hugged him tightly.

           “Okay, Jackson, your turn. It should be from Mark, if I remember right.” Youngjae checked the list again.

           Mark handed him the present, which was neatly wrapped.

“You can’t have your mom wrap presents for you, Mark, that’s cheating.” Jackson’s bubbly laugh filled the room and he started to unwrap the rectangular box. “You got me a Bluetooth speaker? Mine broke last month. I needed a new one and you noticed… Oh, Markie. You do pay attention!” He hugged Mark and looked like he was close to tears.

Youngjae spoke again. “Jinyoungie, it’s your turn.” He handed him a longer rectangular package. “That’s from JB.”

Jinyoung’s present was neatly wrapped as well, and he grinned as he unwrapped it. It was a white rectangular box, and from what you could see, it looked as if it were embossed with a crown.

“No,” Jinyoung looked up. “You did not.”

“Keep opening it.” JB smiled sheepishly.

Jinyoung’s hand was shaking as he opened the box, and inside that box was an emerald green box that had another crown raised on the edge. He pulled open the top part of the box, and inside it, nestled in cushy fabric, sat a gold watch embossed with the word ROLEX.

Jinyoung screamed and handed you his box as he full-on tackled JB to the floor. “THANK YOU SO MUCH, HYUNG!” The other boys dogpiled on top of Jinyoung and JB, while you and Chelsea just sat and laughed, waiting for them to come back to the circle so you could finish opening presents.

Once the commotion was over, Youngjae handed Bambam his present. “That’s from Yugyeomie. This one was poorly wrapped again, and Yugyeom smiled sheepishly as Bambam unwrapped it. It was skate wax and a book of pictures of lima beans shaped like the presidents of the US.

Bambam and Yugyeom did their secret handshake and dabbed at the end of it, and exchanged hugs.

“Yugyeom, that one’s from Bambam.”

Yugyeom wasted no time unwrapping his present, which happened to be the coolest record player you had ever seen, it was vintage-looking, but it had an up-to-date built-in speaker, with AM and FM radio, and a tape and CD player.

Yugyeom looked close to tears as he hugged Bambam so tightly you were sure he was going to break.

“And this one,” JB said, “is from all of us to you.” Youngjae looked surprised at the fact that he had received anything, let alone something that everyone chipped in to buy.

“It’s not wrapped or anything, but it’s in the next room.”

Everyone followed Youngjae into the sitting room, where there stood a sleek white piano, wrapped in a big red bow.

Youngjae fell to his knees, unable to contain his emotions. He was crying and everyone else was consoling him. “You didn’t have to. Thank you, guys. Really.”

“You needed a new one,” JB said as he hugged his dongsaeng. Everyone was moved to tears.

“Guys! It’s snowing!” Bambam yelled from the next room.

           “Y/N-ah! We have to go play in it!” Jinyoung looked from you to the window.

           “Anyone else game to go out and play?”

           Everyone agreed and bundled up to go play in the snow.

           You, Chelsea, JB, and Jinyoung were all dead-set on building a snowman, and about halfway through making your snowball, Yugyeom, Mark, Bambam, Jackson, and Youngjae were throwing them at each other.

           “Hey! We’re gonna make a snowman, you shits!” Your boyfriend rushed Bambam and pinned him to the snow. “A snowman, you hear me?” Bambam was giggling like he was three, and the second he was free, he grabbed a handful of snow and shoved it down the back of Jinyoung’s sweater.

           “Hey!” and so began the most fun and brutal snowball fight you had ever been in. The hyungs won, needless to say, but it was close. Everyone wound up going back in to get hot chocolate and warm up a bit before they headed home, but you and Jinyoung had more plans after the party.


           “Baby, look at this one!” He pulled you by the hand to yet another of the beautiful trees in the festival of lights. You drew in a deep breath as you looked it over, majestic and sparkling and covered in pink and green ornaments. It was absolutely breathtaking, and as you looked over at your long-time boyfriend, it was like you were seeing him with new eyes. The childlike sense of wonder he had never seemed to leave him, but it was always more prominent around this time of year. You drank the scene in, drank him in, and sighed, pulling him in for a long, slow kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck, one gloved hand tousled in his hair, the other slid slowly down his chest as he pulled you closer, pressing both his hands to the small of your back.

           “I am so in love with you, Park Jinyoung.”

           He grinned. “And I’m in love with you, Y/N.” His lips met yours again, and you sighed again in bliss. “I could never have imagined being with anyone as wonderful as you.” He just chuckled as you kissed him again and again, and the clock tower struck midnight.

           You looked around at the other couples, bundled up and holding their lovers, as they all kissed each other in celebration of the new day.

           “Merry Christmas, baby.”

           “Merry Christmas.” He kissed you one more time.

things i’ve said as a got7 stan pt. 2

pt. 1
-”chicken five”
-”would it be a waste of money if i bought both versions of the fly album”
-”i love water, my parents love water, my brother loves water”
-”i am the king of SASsy”
-”i would like to fight the people that styled got7 for their debut”
-”like honestly what was juniors haircut even”
-”why are they like this”
-”yugyeom is a savage maknae”
-”GOT7 I-N-G ING!”
-”park jinyoung stop messing with me”
-”bambam what happened to being ‘got7s self proclaimed cutest member’”
-”omg they’re so beautiful i could just die”
-”i should’ve studied more but instead i just rewatched real got7 episodes”
-”it must be hard for jb to raise all these kids”
-”did they seriously just dab on live broadcast”
-”im jaebum lets fight”
-”i just want got7 to know that theyre beautiful and amazing just the way they are. i want to hug them and thank them for always making me smile and that i am so proud of them.”

this is really embarrassing but you’re really cute

pairing: jikook w a very strong hint of markson
word count: 1648
genre: humour but no fluff :c

summary: something about being stuck in a tree and having to call the fire department w that one really cute firefighter to come save them


“I can’t believe this.”

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Hello guys! My blog just hit 206 followers! This is just mind blowing!

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You are the best and I love you all so much!

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