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Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap


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🎊Happy birthday Markie Pooh!🎊 My baby boy! My tuna bean! Thank you for giving me a reason to smile 😊 Thank you for being an amazing human being. Watching you grow since debut and seeing how much you’ve matured into the handsome caring man you are today really inspires me 🙇🏻 Thank you for being someone that I can look up to, that gives me strength to reach my dreams 💖You’re 24 now and I wish and bless you with many more years to come along with happiness 🎂🎉


I know I said I was on a writing hiatus and I am, but I found this on my phone notes based in my Dark-Mark high school au



Dark noticed the bruises before anyone else did, and Mark did well to hide them during dinner. When he was alone in his room, Dark cornered him, locking the door and the panicked look on Mark’s face told him he knew exactly what he was there for.

“Who gave you those bruises?” Dark asked, leaning against the door.

“What bruises?” Mark replied weakly, avoiding eye contact.

Sighing, Dark made his way over to his little brother and forced his shirt up, revealing some fresh bruises on his torso. Mark batted his hands away and hid his stomach, embarrassed to have Dark see the bruises but it was too late. Stepping away, Dark scrutinised his brother, already formulating a plan.

“What happened?” He asked softly.

Mark shifted uncomfortably before explaining, “Some kids at school were calling me names, saying stuff about my flannel, and how I’m a nerd because I like space so much. I was ignoring them, but one of the guys pushed me, so I shoved him back.” Pausing, Mark glanced at Dark to gauge his reaction, but Dark had a calm expression on his face as he listened.
“Then all his friends set on me. Couldn’t fight ‘em all off.”

“Show me who they are tomorrow.” Dark stated. “I’ll sort them out.”

Mark went to protest, but decided against it and stayed silent. Dark left the room, leaving his brother to the game he had been playing beforehand, already formulating a plan.

When Mark pointed out the boys who had beat him up after school the following day, he was mortified when Dark followed to the secluded baseball field at the back of the school. He was even more so when Dark marched right up to them, calm as ever when they sneered at him.

“Aww, so baby Markie has to run to big brother.” One laughed.

Dark cracked his neck as Mark flushed in embarrassment.

“Actually, I came here because you did a pisspoor job.” Dark said evenly, “I mean, you didn’t even do any lasting damage.”

Mark gaped at Dark and even the boys seemed shocked at Dark’s
words, but he ignored them and continued.

“Now apologise.”

That prompted laughter from the boy’s and one stepped forward.

“I’m not apologising to that nerd. He got what was coming to him.” He spat.

Dark side-eyed the boy as he slowly circled the group to where the metal baseball bats they had stolen from the school supplies lay. Mark felt sick to his stomach as he had a horrible inkling of what Dark was going to do, but he stayed silent, too afraid to interrupt.

“One last chance.” Dark murmured.

His words were met with laughter again. Sighing, Dark picked up one of the bats and swung it, hard, into the legs of the boy who had gotten into his face. The crunch was sickening and Mark’s stomach rolled as the boy screamed and fell to the floor, Dark stood over him calm as ever.

“Apologise.” He repeated.

Why the boy refused was beyond Mark, but the bat came down again and again, until the boy could barely speak through the pain. The others were frozen in fear, and Dark was spattered with blood, and was just as calm as when he had started.

Slowly he moved around all the boys, and slowly they all apologised. By the end, Dark’s hands were shaking and Mark was crying, as were the boys.

“You won’t tell anyone who did this.” Dark whispered as he dropped the bat. It was then that Mark realised he was wearing gloves, so as not to leave fingerprints. “And if anyone asks, you will point the finger at someone else.”

Most of the boys were barely hurt, just bruises and potential broken bones, but the first boy was bleeding in earnest but Dark didn’t care. He wrapped an arm around Mark’s shoulders and led him away from the sight, pausing only once to adopt a panicked expression as they happened across a teacher.

Pointing said teacher in the direction of the “accident” Dark successfully convinced them to allow him to take Mark home, and that they had merely found the boys.

Mark said nothing to contradict it.

They arrived home late and Dark put Mark straight to bed. He went for a shower to wash the blood off and Mark didn’t ask what he did with the clothes.

He snuck from his room into Dark’s and whispered, “Can I stay with you tonight?”

Dark nodded and they curled up together. Neither spoke of what had happened and Dark slept peacefully.

At school the next day, Dark and Mark were questioned, and Mark told them the same story as Dark - that they had found the boys. None of the boys pointed a finger at Dark and the boy who Dark had bled was never seen again at the school.

Nothing ever came of it, and the police investigation turned up nothing.

Mark wasn’t surprised.

Dark had a way of manipulating people into whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

But he still loved him.

1) Baby Marco is adorable 2) I’m not sure whether to be happy, disappointed, or furious that he’s been nodding to Jackie like every day of his life. Ever. On one hand, he seemed to realize how pathetic that was and I was half hoping he would be all “idk if it will ever work”, the happy part. The furious part was where he actually said hi, which, still gets him basically nowhere, but implies a further relationship someday. The disappointed was just me being…disappointed that Marco can’t make a single move in 14 years.

God, Marco, get your shit together.

His Friends Hit On You: Mark


Summary: Mark’s friends flirt with you and Mark doesn’t take well to that.

Request: Open

Little Author’s Note: A Kickback which is mentioned in this story is just another name for a house party!

You had no intentions of spending Mark’s vacation time with his friends but you also knew you couldn’t stop Mark from seeing the people who have been there forever. So you agreed to go to a Kickback at Andrew’s new place that he and a few other Mark’s friends are renting together. Although there were lots of people you both new Mark suggested the further away from the party you two were the more “us” time you both could have. This however, didn’t work, at all. Soon enough Andrew was howling from across the room to the both of you. 

Mark sighed. “We better go before they come to us.”

“Sure,” you smiled. You didn’t want him to feel bad about hanging out with his friends so you made the initiative to play nice. It wasn’t that you didn’t like them you just didn’t like them when they took your time with Mark away.

“(Y/N), looking mighty hot in those skinny jeans might I say.” Andrew winked earning a grunt from Mark. 

“Oh Andrew I wore them especially for you of course.” You joked. 

Next to you Mark’s whole demeanor changed. He knew neither you nor Andrew had interest in the other but it still drove him insane to see someone hitting on you. 

Andrew threw an arm around you and winked at Mark, “Markie baby you don’t mind sharing do you?” Andrew teased.

Mark rolled his eyes and looked at you. It didn’t take long for you to realize how annoyed he was getting. Mark wouldn’t say anything to Andrew. They were boys and he knew Andrew wouldn’t do that to him. But you were getting the feeling he would hundred and one percent believe you would. You scoffed and pushed Andrew away.

“Shut up Andrew before I make you.” you folded your arms and let out a shaky breath. You never gave Mark the inclination that you would do that so why was he so pissy? 

“You promise?”

At this you couldn’t help but laugh which Mark took as you enjoying this. “You knew what? I am a bit jet lagged later guys.” Mark said taking your hand. You both drove in silence until you reached your parents house. All the lights were out and the gate was open more than likely for whenever you decided to come home. “What was that back there? Is that what you always do flirt with guys?”

You sat back angry at this. “I wasn’t flirting with Andrew, Mark. He’s your best friend. I can’t believe you would even think that.”

“I know you don’t like Andrew and I know that you guys were just joking.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know okay?”

“Whatever Mark I’m going in.” You got out the car and walked towards your gate. Before you could even reach it Mark’s hands were wrapped around your wrist. 

“(Y/N) wait.” you waited but refused to look at him. He sighed and continued, “(Y/N) I love you but-you’re mine and I don’t want you to even joke about that, got it? What so its okay then for me to play flirt with Anna or May?” at the mention of flirting with your friends you turned. You face heated and you couldn’t help it. You hit him hard on his arm.

“Hey are you crazy? Do you have a death wish?”

Mark rubbed his arm with a smirk. He gripped your waist and brought you into him, “Mhmm you don’t like that do you?”

“Don’t be so cocky.”

“But you don’t.”

“I’m sorry,” you mumble.

“Mmm, how can you repay me?” he taps his chin and breathes in. “Ah,” he says holding up his index finger. Pulling you inhumanely close he dipped his head and kissed you. He started slow but it turned intense and you suddenly forgot you were at your parents house. Your hands went under Mark’s shirt and you suppressed a moan. Right when you were going to say fuck it to all morals about having sex in your parents house he pulled away and wiped his mouth. “See you tomorrow baby.” he walks back to his car and stars to pull away. 

“You are such a dick!” you say still not breathing steady.

“Love you but don’t try it again or next time it’ll be worse!” he waves you off and waits til you get inside and lock the gate. Once inside you plop down on the bed and sigh. You smirk and text Mark.

Hey Andrew! Mark dropped me off wanna come over(;

No more then seconds later your phone blares with a phone call from Mark. You have to bury your face in the pillow to stop your laughter. Six calls later and he sends a text.

I am going to freaking kill you! lmaoo

AN: So yeah I just used Andrew cause I don’t know many of Mark’s friends names and I didn’t wanna use another member hope you enjoyed anon!

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