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Electric Daisy Carnival In Trouble Due To All The DJs Beefing After Calling Each Other Out

In an unforeseen chain of events this week; several notable names in Dance Music took to Twitter in order to rant and call out fellow industry namesakes due to the rampant over-use of ghost writers, buying chart/magazine placement, nose picking habits, drug use, panty fetishes and so on.  This butterfly effect of butthurt has touched almost every promoter and EDM record label around the globe; many egos have been badly damaged beyond repair.  The ripple effect of those with their panties in a bunch is hitting hardest at The Insomniac Events Offices in Los Angeles, CA.  In 2 weeks Insomniac Events is scheduled to host the largest North American EDM music festival in Las Vegas, NV; but sources closes to the event tell us its likely most of the larger headliners are slated to cancel or the event could be pulled all together. 

Our source at Insomniac Events has informed us that their offices have been berated with calls since Tuesday from industry personnel and sometimes the DJs themselves who are demanding to speak with talent buyers or the company CEO.  Some of the biggest acts have made it clear that they intend to refuse to board their flights to the event if specific demands aren’t met.  Event organizers may be left with no other choice than to postpone or possibly cancel the event entirely.  The laundry list of gripes includes (but is not limited to):

  • DJs refusing to be at the same event as other DJs.
  • DJs refusing to go on or after certain DJs or share the same stage.
  • Name placement on the flyer disputes (names are in alphabetical order; Tiesto is threatening to change his name to ATiesto).
  • DJs playing at the same time on a different stage as another DJ.
  • Generic whiny temper-tantrums of “its just not fair”.
  • DJs complaining that they weren’t called out on line and thus not getting as much attention publicly. 

Shots were first fired online this week when Mat Zo criticized Tiesto, Diplo, Markus Schulz and Carnage for pay-to-play antics and avid use of ghost writers who have made the vast majority of their production endeavors.  Carnage replied immediately via his online accounts and cursed Mat Zo for telling the world what we already knew.  Deadmau5, while not originally a target of Zo, took the liberty of making sure to air Mat’s dirty laundry himself and explained why Mau5Trap Music wouldn’t pick up Mat Zo’s newest album (because it sucked).  Diplo eventually got around to responding a day later and ultimately threw Zedd under the bus for a fabricated relationship with Selena Gomez and lackluster original tracks.  Markus Schulz called his mom and his mom called Mat Zo’s mom; its official… Markus and Mat are no longer friends.  Jabs and zingers, more than we can count, have made serious rounds across agencies and public relations reps this week.  Oddly enough, the one DJ we were surprised to see avoid the onslaught of insults was none other than David Guetta.  However, thats possibly because David is too stupid to understand whats going on most of the time.