GOT7 in 7 Words

Jaebum: Being a father of 6 is exhausting

Mark: Leave me alone I’m quiet on purpose

Jackson: Honestly I don’t have an off-switch sorry

Jinyoung: ‘Exude a superior aura’ is my motto

Youngjae: My laughter is heard before I’m seen

Bambam: Your boyfriend is in love with me

Yugyeom: 5sec away from getting my ass whooped

Angst Prompts

  • “…and when the clock struck 12 I was erased from their memory.”
  • “I didn’t want it to come to this.”
  • “Stop trying to save me!”
  • “I guess we just weren’t meant to be.”
  • “What do you mean they’re gone?”
  • “You know this wasn’t my choice.”
  • “I’m tired of pretending!”
  • “Just wait a little longer, we’re almost there.”
  • “There’s nothing here for me anymore.”
  • “I never cared in the first place.”
  • “You killed him!”
  • “I died when she did.”
  • “I told you I’d do anything for you.”
  • “Stop running from me.”
  • “Maybe we could’ve been, in another world.”
  • “I never stopped loving you.”
  • “None of this was real.”
  • “How foolish can you be?”
  • “I told you, you would never have them.”
  • I’ve always suspected it, I guess I just didn’t want it to be true.“
GOT7 loses Jackson in a crowd

Other Got7 members: Guys, where did Jackson go?

Mark: I got this *grabs Eric*

Eric: *opens mouth*


Mark: Found him