The National Park Service manages more than 400 parks, monuments, and historic sites that touch just about every corner of the US. But while the National Park Service has been preserving the natural beauty and resources within these parks for nearly 100 years, it can only do so much when the climate in and around the parks is drastically changing.

Five Striking Examples of How Climate Change Is Affecting Our National Parks in the US

Happy 100th anniversary, National Park Service! Let’s continue to protect our precious environment.

GOT7 as Types of Drivers

JB: Makes sharps turns so whoever is driving with him goes flying out of their seat. Purposely breaks hard so you jolt toward if you say something that pissses him off. Makes several stops at fast food drive throughs because he gets hungry. Slight to moderate road rage. Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh. PLAYS R&B. Runs his hands through his hair a lot while he drives.

Mark: Overall an excellent driver. Will mumble curses if someone cuts him off, or if the GPS gives wrong directions. Small talk with his passengers. Usually has the radio on, nothing too up beat. A ride with him is nice and smooth.

Jackson: Likes to have his seat reclined back a little bit but sit up anyways. Drives single hand. Likes to have conversations while parked. Asks if the A/C is ok like 15 times. Always lets other cars go in front of him, because he’s just that nice of a guy.  Plays music through his phone instead of the radio. Looks over and smiles at whoever he is driving with during red lights. If someone is in the back seat he will talk to them through his rearview mirror.

Jinyoung: Warms up his car for like 10 minutes. Make sure everyone has their seatbelt on, won’t pull out of the driveway until he sees everyone has done so. Gets mad when someone eats or drinks in his car. Gets new car air freshers every three weeks. if someone cuts him off, he’ll speed up and pull up next to them just to see who they are, roll down his window, then and give them the death glare. 

Youngjae: Has a dog car seat covers for his commutes with Coco. Drives with both hands on the wheel. Riding with him would consist of sunshine and laughing the entire time, its Youngjae. Has never gotten any traffic tickets. Plays music from his phone. SINGS THE WHOLE TIME.  

BamBam: Has 10 keychains on his car keys. Drives single hand. Blasts music from his phone. Sings songs with whoever he is with. Dabs at red lights. Poses while he’s filling up his tank at the gas station. Has 6 paris of shoes in his trunk. Yugyeom is almost always with him. 

Yugyeom: Likes to have the window or sunroof open so he can feel the wind in his hair. Talks a lot with whoever he is driving with. Dances to his favorite song when they come on. Milly rocks at red lights. 9.9/10, BamBam is in the passenger seat.