marks&spencer shirt

Has anyone else ever noticed how when Dean wears this particular red shirt bad shit happens? 

For example…

10x03 … Deanmon!!!

10x17… Threat of Deanmon returning! (also Rowena tries to kill him)

10x23… Dean almost kills Sammeh! (also the darkness is released)

11x17… Dean attempts suicide and Sammy almost dies!

I’m sure there are more but my point is, if you see this shirt… Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a rough episode!!!

Another request of @jazzzasaruss: Date Night Shallura

So, they’re having a movie night in a pillow fort. Shiro just has to show her Star Wars, ok, it’s a requirement.

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she had the world // panic! at the disco

Shoved; Then Jumping

She wakes early — the sky outside his window is barely lighter than the humid, musky darkness inside — and her first semi-conscious thought is don’t move, don’t wake him.

She needs a minute to herself before she has to deal with whatever’s about to happen.

Images from last night flood her brain: him clutching her as he sat in his desk chair, weeping and lost, abruptly and painfully an orphan; her moving off her knees once his tears had stopped and him pulling her close in a different way that was at once shocking and completely expected; his mouth on hers, his hands everywhere, his erection pressing hot and hard against her — and her immediate response in kind, the feeling of being so blazingly alive, so raw and vital, of sudden, animal heat rising to match his; the frenzied unbuttoning, tearing, yanking-off of clothes; his teeth scraping at her nipples through the lace of her bra; his fingers sunk deep inside her before her underwear is all the way off.

Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.

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