I'm sure they know.

I’m sure Sean knows he’s a wonderful inspiration and and the cutest green bean ever, he’s been on the internet and popular for a while. He’s heard it before.

Same goes for Mark. I’m sure he knows we know that he is so damn impressive and smart in everything he does, he’s heard it before.

And surely Felix, by now, knows that his audience is there for a reason, and that he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Ethan must know that he’s wonderful and can do almost anything at 20, and we support him through that.

I’m sure they’ve been reassured that they’re beautiful, too. Hell we make art of them daily.

They know.

But does Tyler know HE was the actively saving my life? Not Mark? That he is a walking miracle of a human in the way he acts, and WE KNOW IT.

Does Robin know that when some of us see a really funny part in a JSE video, a close up or a few pop up things. We think of that funny Swedish dude that we barely see but god we love him. (Additionally hes so impressive? Like??? Antisepticeye is part jack but also a HUGE part Robin go dude)

Does Katherine know, as the resident brown haired woman with glasses in teamiplier that she makes me accept myself as the brown haired girl with glasses because she is so damn beautiful

Does AMY know, that she is so passionate about what she loves and that drives some of us everyday. I want to be like Amy Nelson! And FUCK NO, when I say that I do not mean I want to date Mark. I want to be loving, passionate, and talented. And she’s a fucking good inspiration. (Even though she has a channel, still saying this, because it’s true and it might not have reached her yet)

Does Signé know she makes some of us feel not so alone anymore? That woman dealt with depression and anxiety and still deals with some today. She’s creative, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful and when I say I want to be like Signe Hansen I don’t mean Sean’s girlfriend because I want to be creative and I want to fight off my depression and I am, with her help. (Even though she has a channel, I’m still saying this)

Gods sake, does MARZIA KNOW she is a sweetheart and smart and talented and not just Felix’s girlfriend because just a little scroll through the comments on her channel saying she’s using him for views makes me sorta insulted. Marzia is loving, and sweet and beautiful and when I say I want to be like Marzia Bisognin I don’t mean Felix’s girlfriend I mean a kind, loving and sweet woman with an impeccable fashion sense. Do all these people get left slightly behind and never told this, only getting indirect praise because it’s targeted at Mark? Or Sean? Or Ethan? Or Felix? I want Tyler, Robin, Katherine, Amy, Signe and Marzia to know they’re just as important as their friends/ significant others to some of us. Reblog with your own thoughts on these guys! Spread the love!
[trans] 170423 NCT DREAM Jeno birthday event fan account

(that cream on jeno’s face was chenle’s masterpiece btw) cr: bbomazin

1. Recently they have been searching for memes of each other online [markthingk]

2. Mark: Whose birthday is coming up next?
Fans: Haechannie~~~~~
Haechan: Ah~ the next is my birthday?
Mark: He’s pretending he doesn’t know [haetzzan]

3. Initially when NCT DREAM had their group chat, they had a lot of things to say. But as time goes by they are running out of topics. Mark says the kids don’t reply his messages, the members say it’s because Mark always say irrelevant things [markthingk]

4. Presents members gave to Jeno - Mark: Gundam, Donghyuck: Jordan shoes, Renjun: Made seaweed soup, Chenle: Delicious snacks Jisung: Not yet. haha [JAEHYUNDOG ]
Jeno,”Jisung is my present.”
Haechan,”Omg my ears… my eardrums…”
Mark & Renjun,”😱” [71cookiety]
Haechan wanted to buy a game console for Jeno because there’s not many fun things in the DREAM dorm but Jeno said he wanted Jordan shoes so Haechan got him that instead [full__SUN ]
Jeno initially thought Chenle got him chocolates, but after opening he realized it was something else. Chenle says he requested for the wrapper to be changed to something else because it was cuter. [w_nt_]

5. When asked about things they are afraid of. Jisung’s really afraid of cockroaches. Jeno says that Jisung is really weak hearted. Once they went to a shop, Jisung accidentally opened the door of the store room. He almost fainted upon seeing the mannequins, and this shocked Renjun too. The store keeper thought there was a murder 😂 [102W8]

6. When entering, Mark and Haechan were the ones who carried Jeno in. Haechan looks like he’s having a hard time hahaha so they put Jeno down very quickly. Seating arrangement: Donghyuck - Renjun - Chenle - Jeno - Jisung - Mark [postbox4nct]

7. When Jeno was monitoring the dreamies, he thinks that they have narrow shoulders and they look pitiful so Jeno bought a pole to do pull ups in the dorm. Jeno hopes that Renjun does pull up more often, but Renjun only did it five times. Now it is used by the dormitory auntie to hang clothes. Jisung says he feels he has pretty narrow shoulders, Jeno and Renjun says they hope Jisung does more pull ups then. [narinten227]

8. Mark says that Jeno is really manly he’s not even afraid of bungee jumping and could land with a smile while Mark could only watch. Haechan,”Mark hyung you didn’t jump!” Mark,”I was on the ground!” [dear_960201]

9. Movies Jeno watched recently: Hunger Games series
Variety Jeno wants to do: Weekly Idol with NCT Dream, NCT LIFE with 6 members
Place Jeno wants to go to: Backpacking in Europe
Things Jeno is afraid of: Big bugs (cockroaches are fine), and an angry Mark if he becomes angry (Mark has never gotten angry at them before) [dear_960201]

10. Haechan says that Mark is such a scaredy-cat. Once Taeyong, Haechan & Mark watched The Conjuring in 127 dorm. Haechan said Mark had to pray before sleeping. Mark,”The Conjuring was too over (t/n: i think he meant exaggerating)” [gocksdk]

11. I feel sorry to my mum but i think this is my best birthday yet. - Jeno’s ending speech [not_mood_yet]

12. The members were told to say something to Jeno at the beginning of the party. Haechan says that he was with Jeno the longest during Rookies period. But after they debuted they barely see other, so now he starts to appreciate how precious Jeno’s existence is, so he will treat Jeno even better T_T [gocksdk] Jisung was shy to make a comment, he said that they see each other almost everyday these kind of comments would make their relationship awkward instead. [whynotjeno]

13. The NCT DREAM chatroom: A summary
Mark: Kids why aren’t you replying my messages
Jeno: Ugh everyone is so noisy
Jisung: sends links of popular online brain quizzes
Renjun: sends selfies
(and Mark hopes that Renjun would stop sending them)
Chenle: sends cute photos of Mark
Donghyuck: Don’t really speak in the chatroom.. [RENJUN_131]

14. 170421 KID JEN❤︎! [ARTIUM_CHAIRS]

15. Jeno,”Recently with Jisung, Renjun and Chenle, we are into this game”
Jeno,”It’s a chinese game called Grandpa, it’s a little like role play” [not_mood_yet] (t/n: I tried searching I have no idea what game is this)

I hope Jackson is happy. I hope Jackson eats well. I hope Jackson sleeps well. I hope Jackson knows he's loved. I hope Jackson knows he's beautiful. I hope Jackson knows it's okay not to be okay all the time. I hope Jackson knows he's enough as he is. I hope Jackson won't let himself down by trying not to let us down.