A Spoonful of Sugar [tag: Mark]

After what had seemed like an eternity of begging and pouting Miles finally found himself freed from the bed he’d been stuck in. The room had grown overly stuffy and if he remained with his leg slung up any longer with nothing to entertain himself with but news stations and Kalosian dramas in languages he couldn’t understand he was going to go insane.

The older nurse that frequented his room had been adamantly against him moving around for obvious reasons. At first. But the ginger kept at it and continued to whine and plead until the woman was about to smack him one upside the head. He knew this because she’d actually said it. He had to admit it pulled a laugh from him and she finally caved and retrieved a wheelchair for the petulant redhead. Well it was something at least. 

He was shocked that the woman let him go off by himself but he supposed there wasn’t too many places he could escape to, especially with a peeved Sylveon following him everywhere and a pink Buneary perched in his lap. The ginger wheeled himself around and was thankful for the bit of a workout he was getting as he put his arms into it. After Miles was sure he’d done a lap or two around the place, or at least it felt that way, he stopped by some large bay windows that other patients were relaxing near as well. It was a nice lobby area for other people who were checked in to the hospital to get a break in, he supposed. 

“Wish I could smoke in here…” Miles puffed out a breath and propped his injured foot up onto the low window sill to stretch out his knee and help the swelling in his ankle go down a bit. Even with all of the medicine he’d been pumped full of it still hurt something wicked. Hopefully he’d be able to get the surgery he needed soon so he could leave the damn place. He’d never been overly fond of hospitals and this extended stay of his had already worn out it’s welcome.

Colby yawned, rubbing his eyes as he scrolled through his HoloFeed. His leg ached today, so it seemed like he was going to be stuck in his hotel room again. His Furfrou, Imogen, lay curled beside him as he went through the posts.

Wait a minute.

A news article was mixed into the posts made by familiar names. It wasn’t often that a news blurb slipped into his HoloFeed. He was about to scroll past it- he doubted that anything going on in Blackthorn City would have tremendous importance here. But his eyes widened immediately at the name “Mara”. Mara, he couldn’t for the life of him remember her last name, but he remembered her face.

Hesitating, he clicked on the attachment, and found the whole article, with her face- likely taken from her ID - staring back at him. His mouth went dry and he swallowed thickly. His leg wound throbbed.

No… no way…

He’d met her a few times before, along with her brother Mark. She shared his hometown of Lavender, and apparently, neither of them had the best memories of it. She’d seemed like such a nice, cheerful person, someone he felt he could easily hang out with. Not to mention, she’d kindly sent him a concerned message on the HoloFeed when she’d heard about him being in the hospital.

A deep, sad frown dragged down the corners of his face.

“It was, uh, nice to meet you, Mara,” he whispered quietly to his HoloCaster. “I’m… I’m sorry I didn’t get to know you better. I get the feeling we c-could’ve been really good friends… y'know?”

He drew his knees up to his chest, causing his Furfrou to stir and look up at him in concern. Automatically reaching out to stroke the dog’s head- really needing the reassuring physical contact- he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get anything done today.

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❢Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Sherry Wine

Avatar: The Last Air Bender AU with Sherry Wine ship

These three are just bender-assholes tbh. Cherise is a Fire Bender with a terrible temper, Sable is an Earth Bender who is stubborn as hell and Ry is a Water Bender who just really couldn’t give two shits about anything.

I reckon they’re adult mercenaries and they’ll take any job with  the right amount of money. They rarely kill, but if they need to, they’ll do it. If anyone messes up they get teased by the other two. They’re notorious, obnoxious and people are generally really annoyed with them.

They’re fighting method is flawless though and it’s hard for anyone to catch them because they’ve perfected their cycle. Defend, attack and support. When one switches, the other two will switch to different methods to keep the balance.

Secretly sometimes government bodies will hire them to detain difficult bounties, but they would never admit to it.