For Those Who Care… I made a personal Twitter Account

Follow me: @Marks_Manifesto

I finally had a reason to make a Twitter account.  A while back I started writing down a lot of my personal sayings and ideas about life & success as a building manifesto for myself.  Then I started a blog called “The Mind of Mark” here on Tumblr to record my manifesto publicly. Unfortunately, since I run about 9 blogs (among every other crazy thing that I do), I haven’t had the time to make posts to that blog and everything stayed on a notepad on my phone.

Now I made this Twitter account and can post everything there as things happen to me.  Usually every post is related to an obstacle I have to overcome or something I see a friend going through. I have been pretty reluctant to make a Twitter, because I never saw the purpose, but I think I found a way it will be beneficial.

If you want to follow me, Do it to it Lars!  :)  We can beez fraiindz. 8P