Time Beards presents ‘Kurt Russell, Deep Cuts’ Art Show, hosted at The Public Works in San Francisco, and features limited edition posters, prints and original works inspired by the works of Kurt Russell.

Artists include: Paul Shipper, Luke Harrington, Craig Drake, Robert Bruno, Jeany Ngo, Kevin Wilson, Marko Manev, Nathan Anderson, Amy Beth Christensen, Eli Maffei, Andre Kirk, Chris Voy, Chris Koehler and Dawn Carlos.

The exhibition is on Saturday August 27 from 7pm until 2am at The Public Works SF, 161 Erie St (Off Mission Between Duboce and 14th), San Francisco, CA 94103.

Go here for the official Facebook Event page.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what your opinion about the whole doppelgänger scenario was? I'm not sure if you've already spoken on this, but I really disliked how all of season 5 was basically a way to falsify SE's relationship. Like the only reason they were in love was because of their doppelgängers.

There was actually a huge shitstorm on my blog a while back because I kept getting into arguments with DErs about it.


What are your first impression as a Juventus player?

I feel great, it’s an honour to be in such a big club, I came here to win trophies, I hope we will win a lot of them in the coming years. I hope we can go as far as possible in the Champions League.

Can you tell us about your childhood?

I was a good child, I was always good in school. I have too older sisters and they helped me a lot. Of course I played football as well.

You said you always wanted to play as professional player, why did you chose Juventus? What other sports do you like beside football?

The clubs that were interested me were from Serie A, as I have said the best was Juventus. It was always my dream to play here, and be part of the team, from the first day I wanted to come here. To the next question, I like a lot of sports, basketball is my favorite.

Did Mario Mandzukic tell you about what is it like to play at Juventus?

Of course we had talked about is in the national team, he said a lot of good things. He told me about the teammates. I chose Juventus, I wanted to be part of this great team, that is why I came here.

You are active on social network, Facebook, Instagram. You posted a photo in which you learn Italian. How is it going?  You picked #20 as your number, you said it was a lucky number. A few weeks ago it was Simone Padoin’s and he had won 5 scudetti.

Yes, I’m learning Italian, it’s not easy. I arrived only 10 days ago I hope I’ll learn the language in the coming months. As for the #20 it’s my lucky number, I had it at my previous club Dinamo Zagreb. I wanted it and I hope I can win wearing it.