Artist Riusuke Fukahori’s technique creates an incredible 3D illusion. You will be amazed. A must see.

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French artist JR on TED. If you haven’t seen this presentation, check it out. A truly inspiring vision of how art can change the world.


Beauty fades, but the the impression lingers. Sweet piece of calligraffiti applied in water, so the image is fleeting. “Sweeping Beauty II” by Niels Shoe Meulman, Singapore.


Wanna feel small? Check out this amazing trip from the microscopic to the galactic. All done with 1977 technology. Take that, Google Earth!

“In Europe, people took the Lego man to music festivals, art festivals, parades and movie premieres. Here, though, after the happy snapshots, he was loaded into the back of a white beach patrol pickup and taken to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, where he was stowed in a room with other items filed as lost and found, like some misplaced wallet.”

Initially, I dismissed this as a publicity stunt. But now I see it not only as a genuine artistic statement, but also a profound reflection on our society. Click the pic to read the full story.