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How tall are you? 5'2″

What style is your hair? shoulder length wavy black hair

What color are your eyes? hazel green with a brown square in my left eye

Do you wear glasses? Yup when I look at anything with screens for a while and from far away

Do you wear braces?I did for 2 years

What is your clothing style? Jeans and a t-shirt

Name: Eilish

When were you born? March 25th

Where are you from? Illinois

Do you have any siblings? a younger sister

What school do you go to? My community college

What kind of student are you? An okay one who is awful at math

Do you like school? I like it.

Favorite shows: How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, Big Brother (US), Hockey, How To Get Away With Murder, and Cuthroat Kitchen

Favorite movies:  Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the 4th Harry Potter and a lot more 

Favorite books: Harry potter series,The Plan by Rahm Emmanuel and Bruce Reed, If You Feel Too Much and anything that isn’t a textbook

Favorite pastime: Watching hockey

Do you have any regrets? A few

Dream job: Working at Walter Reed, VA hospital in Washington DC

Would you like to be married someday? Maybe, haven’t thought that far ahead

Would you like to have kids someday? See above

Do you like shopping? Yes

What countries have you visited so far? I have family in Ireland and I’ve been to Mexico and Canada both one time

Scariest nightmare I’ve ever had: I really don’t remember, but I remember waking up in a cold sweat and a panic attack

Do you have enemies? No idea

Do you have a s/o? This is no time for jokes

Put your music on shuffle and put first 30 songs:

  1. Girl Like That- Every Avenue
  2. Melrose Diner- The Wonder Years
  3. Mister Disaster- Goodbye Coastline
  4. Last Nite- The Strokes
  5. The Pros and Cons of Breathing- Fall Out Boy
  6. Hey Dreamers- Goodbye Coastline
  7. Obviously- McFly
  8. Saturday- Fall Out Boy
  9. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad- Brand New 
  10. I Won’t Say The Lord’s Prayer- The Wonder Years
  11. You’re A God- Vertical Horizon
  12. After Midnight- Blink-182
  13. My Life As a Pigeon- The Wonder Years
  14. It’s Complicated- A Day To Remember
  15. All My Friends Are In Bar Bands- The Wonder Years 
  16. Prepare To Be Noticed- State Champs
  17. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)- Bowling For Soup
  18. Storyteller- Broadside
  19. Remedy- State Champs
  20. Cul-De-Sac- The Wonder Years
  21. This Ain’t No Place For Animals- Hands Like Houses
  22. Logan Circle- The Wonder Years
  23. Easy Enough- State Champs
  24. Not Tonight- Jocelyn
  25. Ripped Away- This Wild Life 
  26. Failure By Design- Brand New
  27. Living Room Song- The Wonder Years
  28. Smile In Your Sleep- Silverstein
  29. She Walks Away- The Icarus Account
  30. Come & Go- Broadside

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ok this is not a follow forever (honestly i’m just too lazy to make one hahaha *sigh*) but this is just a post for these people right here

@thewinterjawline, @stripperdameron, @stoppedbyfleury, @bolled-over and @marklesextu

these girls are the ones that have been there for me when times were bad and good, no matter the circumstances. i can go and on how much they each mean to me and how important they are to me. i am getting very emotional writing this lmao.

know that i love you all and i hope to be friends for a long time <3333

and to the rest of my followers (mutual and non mutual) i appreciate you all <333 thank you!