Puppy play date || Santana & Mark + whoever else shows up

Things with Mike had gotten a  little awkward the night before, only because she had practically forced it to. The drinking was a terrible idea; her headache hours later proved that. She took something for it after leaving how house, but it hadn’t fully gone away and now she was supposed to go to Mark’s for a puppy play date with Remus and Daisy. 

She looked down at her yoga pants and long-sleeved tee, and realized she didn’t feel like changing. As Remus came running over, she grabbed his leash and hooked it to his collar. “Let’s go, you,” she said looking down at him. A bag full of gifts for the zoo and the rest of the Abrams’ clan was waiting by the door. She grabbed it and her purse on the way out. Once everything was securely in her car, including Remus, she got in and made the drive to the house, texting Mark on the way.

*text* Hey, I’m on my way.

A few minutes later, she was parking in the driveway grabbing everything out of the car and walking to the door knocking a few times. 

"Have your way with me" || Santana & Mark

Mark hadn’t told her what time dinner was, but she assumed she’d be there early enough. After school and practice, and feeling like she was having a case of the Mondays, she went home to chill for a bit before getting ready. She laid on the couch for a bit, eating some snack food then felt like she was getting fat so she stopped.

After what felt like a mere five minutes, she got up and started getting ready for her dinner plans at the Abrams’ household. Santana still wasn’t sure how things stood with Artie, but she hoped he wouldn’t want to leave the room or anything when she showed up. Their conversation the previous day went alright, and he didn’t seem to want to stab himself in the eye when they were in the same room for glee club earlier in the day. 

Getting ready didn’t take very long. Once done, she texted Mark letting him know she was on her way and then grabbed her stuff along with Remus and headed out the door to her car. The drive always seemed short, and Remus always seemed to know where they were going by the wiggle in his tail. 

Santana pulled into their driveway and parked her car, shutting it off. She grabbed her cell from the charger and Remus in her other hand. “Let’s go, you,” she told him walking up to the door. She remembered Mark telling her she didn’t need to knock, but that just seemed rude to her. Knocking a few times and then letting herself slowly inside seemed a bit more appropriate. She walked inside, wondering who she would come across first.

Puppies are cute || San & Mark

Ever since yesterday Santana had been very confused, about everything. It was apparent Mike was back in town, randomly, and that he came back for her. Which did nothing but freak her out. She chose not to focus on that part, since she was still upset at him leaving without so much as a goodbye. 

Getting a puppy seemed to be the perfect remedy to a broken heart, she had thought at the time. With Mike now being back, she didn’t want to change her plans. Whether or not he would still be in her life, didn’t need to determine whether she would still get the animal or not. The least she could do was go and look at them. She had made the plans with Mark the previous night, and she intended to keep them. 

School went by rather slowly, especially since she was dreading seeing Mike. She didn’t want to see or talk to him; she was still mad at what he had done, no matter the excuse. Why she chose the football field for Mark to meet and pick her up at, she didn’t know. That’s not true. She knew Mike had practice and if he showed up, he’d see her leaving with him. Was she wanting to make him jealous, she didn’t know. It was probably a stupid idea, but she wasn’t thinking very clearly when making those plans. 

Once school was out, she skipped practice and made her way to the football parking lot standing against her car which she had parked there that morning. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, she waited for Mark to pick her up. Every once in awhile, checking to see if Mike was on the field.