Its me again! With some more Halo art - I thought I’d illustrate my favorite moment in Halo: Evolutions - when Gage is saved by an unknown SPARTAN-II.

It’s sorta implied that the SPARTAN is a man, however for some reason I just love thinking its one of the lady SPARTANs under this suit hauling an hardened ODST like a purse haha :D

I tried to make the armor an combination of MARK V and MARK VI suits to make a unique MARK IV suit as both draw influence from its daddy platform - Also I had fun making the SPARTAN absolutely huge. 

Lastly I gotta work on my background painting - the scarab leg and the background could have been pushed further, but I am happy with the tracer fire. Well comments and critique welcome! Enjoy the weekend my friends! 


Ruger MARK IV 22/45 Lite