Its me again! With some more Halo art - I thought I’d illustrate my favorite moment in Halo: Evolutions - when Gage is saved by an unknown SPARTAN-II.

It’s sorta implied that the SPARTAN is a man, however for some reason I just love thinking its one of the lady SPARTANs under this suit hauling an hardened ODST like a purse haha :D

I tried to make the armor an combination of MARK V and MARK VI suits to make a unique MARK IV suit as both draw influence from its daddy platform - Also I had fun making the SPARTAN absolutely huge. 

Lastly I gotta work on my background painting - the scarab leg and the background could have been pushed further, but I am happy with the tracer fire. Well comments and critique welcome! Enjoy the weekend my friends! 

Brownells copy writer Lawrence H. shares about his Webley Mark IV .38-200 Service Revolver on Sunday Gunday. “I love the Webley’s gnarly, Steampunk looks. It’s also gentle-shooting, fairly accurate, and the easiest of all revolvers to load and unload. The Mark IV is a down-sized version of earlier .455 caliber revolvers built for the British army, but otherwise it’s a classic British break-open double-action six-shooter. It was meant to shoot a version of the .38 S&W cartridge that lobbed a big 200 grain bullet at a leisurely 625 fps. Commercial ammo is still available, but with lighter bullets. My gun was made in the mid- to late-1950s. Its utilitarian blued finish (still better than the rough Parkerized "War Finish” of WWII Mark IVs), lanyard loop, and “294” painted on the underside of the grip suggest police agency ownership at some point"