Oh, wait! Oh, it's quite good! (c)

It might sound strange but now I don’t know who’s my fav #MarkIsBored or #CharlieIsSoCoolLike

Lately Charles was busy with his ..I dunno what actually…Girlfriend or Vidcon(God Vidcon was long time ago what am I talking about?) and stuff, so he doesn’t post a good videos. Where’s ‘Fun science’? Where’s all those challenges? Where are all those things I loved so much in your vlog?! It’s sad but it’s loosing all attraction it had once.

In the mean time Mark appeared. I discovered him from Nerimon’s vlog, comments below, to be precise.

Well, I have to admit, I’m a bit crazy about Scotland and Scottish people…hmm…so you can just forget what I’m saying and scroll (like someone is going to read this haha :D).

But it wasn’t that! I watched vids and I clearly love this guy!

Anyway, pluses, I can see:

  • Stuff he talks about is interesting, entertaining and fun (so far) and I agree with lot of his opinions.
  • Way he presents everything is hilarious, even brilliant sometimes :D 
  • His songs got a lot from Blink 182 (I like them) and he has really nice voice.
  • He is Scottish (I’m not even sorry) - I love the way they talk and the accent.
  • Each vid contains a lot, which makes it interesting and funny…
  • I dunno what else I should write, I just like the style he vlogs so go subscribe.

A lil advice (if he’ll ever read this):

  • Go out more
  • Try to somehow separate a little all the different things you doing in the video. Maybe you shouldn’t and keep it as your own unique style. 
  • Do the dictionary/slang part as you doing NOOZ, but separately…
  • Do more vids about the stuff you like

emm..yah..that’s it.


P.s. Nerimon wasn’t in this competition cuz well…IT’S ALEX :DDD

p.p.s I still love you Charlie..just stop fucking messing around and ACTUALLY do videos, and the last video was kinda arrogant you know…'I love lil Charlie’ - was a bit too much. It’s mom’s job to love you, mate.. 

p.p.p.s Mark and Joseph Gilgun got something in common..dunno what…//talented//