my confession is that I’m actually embarrassed about the amount of times I think about being in a relationship with Mark, but really there is no man in the world who I admire more and who makes me want to be a better person. Even just being Mark’s friend would be a dream come true for me. I’m pretty sure I may be in love with this man.

Confession #1712:

One day most of the fans will look back and say, “Remember that guy from that YouTube thing in twenty ten? Pewdiepie? No no no. The other guy. The asian dude. No, not Nigahiga. That other guy that used to say boosh. Markiplier, yeah that guy. Is he still alive? No? Aww hell no. He was a funny guy. Didn’t he have a charity foundation? So his son Tim is the guy running it now? His son that boxer guy. Yeah, Tiny Box Tim, that one. And his other kid made a band called Darkiplier. Meh.”

Confession #1733

When I first met my now boyfriend he was helping me move furniture into my dorm room. While he was helping me rearrange me room he put on a Markiplier video and told me who the guy was. Needless to says we started dating a couple days later and one of our favorite pass times is sitting on the couch watching Mark’s videos together. Mark brought us together.

Confession #1750

I’m moving to LA in a couple months, and I’ve been praying like every day that some how I’ll casually bump into Mark and all I’ll be able to say is “Holy balls” and hug him. And then we live happily ever after drinking vodka and watching Spongebob all day.

Confession #1682:

Me and my hubby watch Markiplier almost every night before we go to sleep. In the beginning my hubby didn’t really like Markiplier all that much and now he is a total fangirl hoping Markiplier will sell the pajama pants next charity event. I love how that happened because I never liked games all that much and my hubby is an ultimate gamer. So Markiplier gave us a common interest in gaming. Thanks Mark!!

Confession #1600:

Mark isn’t human. His face changes rapidly, his voice volume range is out there, his hair is sculptable, his eyes move independently, his legs can be turned backwards, his hand is collapsible, his neck is retractable, his body is fluid, he has universal digestion, his ass is jello and his balls jiggle wildly. Again, he’s not human, that’s for sure.

Confession #1773:

My best friend, who I can say is pretty much my sister, got me into Markiplier. My parents don’t see the point of someone just yelling into a camera saying it has no educational value, and have told me several times to stop watching Markiplier all together. I refuse to listen to them because when I ever I feel lonely because my sister moved to a different state I watch him because he makes me feel less lonely and welcomed.