Confession #1734

I’ve been watching Mark’s playthrough of Alien Isolation and I love how every so often Mark stops to look out the window and yell, “SPACE!” I always had a love for space as a kid and seeing a grown man, who happens to be eight years older than me, yell about how much he loves space as his eyes light up makes me so happy. Since I subscribed to him two years ago I have learned that I can continue to be childish even though I will soon be an adult. It makes turning 18 in a little under a year just a little less scary.

my confession is that I’m actually embarrassed about the amount of times I think about being in a relationship with Mark, but really there is no man in the world who I admire more and who makes me want to be a better person. Even just being Mark’s friend would be a dream come true for me. I’m pretty sure I may be in love with this man.

Confession #1786:

“I honestly feel like I am the only one that ships Mark with Dark… I don’t know why I do, I just do for some reason. I thinks it’s just that Good & Evil thing that makes it appealing to me.”

~Admin Yaschiri~

Confession #1600:

Mark isn’t human. His face changes rapidly, his voice volume range is out there, his hair is sculptable, his eyes move independently, his legs can be turned backwards, his hand is collapsible, his neck is retractable, his body is fluid, he has universal digestion, his ass is jello and his balls jiggle wildly. Again, he’s not human, that’s for sure.

Confession #1582

It’s kind of embarrassing to say this, but I actually had a dream about Mark. I never thought I would, but usually when I dream something and I can still remember it enough to write it down, it must be important some how. I dreamt that I met him in this little cafe, I guess, in a really weird town, but what ever, and he was exactly how I imagined he would be. Hes so polite, and friendly, and sweet, and kind hearted! I brought my drawings with me, and he asked if he could see them, and he just loved them! I never thought he would actually enjoy my artwork as much as he did, and it gave me a much needed confidence boost….he also said I was beautiful. :”> 

Confession #1712:

One day most of the fans will look back and say, “Remember that guy from that YouTube thing in twenty ten? Pewdiepie? No no no. The other guy. The asian dude. No, not Nigahiga. That other guy that used to say boosh. Markiplier, yeah that guy. Is he still alive? No? Aww hell no. He was a funny guy. Didn’t he have a charity foundation? So his son Tim is the guy running it now? His son that boxer guy. Yeah, Tiny Box Tim, that one. And his other kid made a band called Darkiplier. Meh.”