15 Million Milestone Celebration Idea (Want To Join?)

Markiplier’s subscriber count isn’t to 15 million yet,
but I’ve been struck with sudden inspiration by watching all of his milestones.
I began to ponder on what we could all do together as one and create something that will never be forgotten.
Since I am only one voice though, I need your help.
         It may sound cheesy, but what is one song that we all probably know
(And Mark has heard it numerous of times?)
Space is cool and all, but it wouldn’t really work for all of our voices I’m sure.
The song I’m talking about is, Everything’s Alright. 
          We’ve all heard it and I’m sure it seems boring,
 But how about we try to make it shine  brightly once more?
It would be like a giant choir of all of us singing, all of our voices as one to send that cliche message with a feeling and a sense as if we’re all right next to him. 

What do you need to be in this project? Very simple tasks actually.
- A decent microphone that you can use to articulate correctly/clear of noise
- The recording that matches with Everything’s Alright (Cues,on key, etc)

- Your username that you want at the end to be credited for
- your voice sent via email (.mp3 as well)
- Voice only (No song in background) that shows heart and care.

The email you need to send it to: 15milsong@gmail.com

Also if anyone wants to draw a cover for the song that has ‘15 million’ with it for when It’s on Youtube or Soundcloud, I would be happy to see them too. c:
If you’re interested,
 please spread the word around so all of us can be a part of this celebration.