I'm seeing a lot of love for Markiplier so I'll do it too! :)

Dear Markiplier,

You’ll probably never read this, but i sincerely hope that some of your fans do because I know they feel the same way.  You recently put out a video saying “I can never repay you guys for what you’ve done for me” but YOU HAVE REPAID US!  I have depression, often times I am feeling lonely, and I feel anxious through most situations.  And you’ve helped me through all of that.  You’ve helped me and all of your fans and we LOVE you Mark.  You’ve touched us all in our hearts and we should be the ones thanking you.  You’re generous, funny, and kind and when I watch your videos, I feel like you’re, I don’t know…real? It’s like you’re really there with me and that you’re trying to make me laugh on my worst days and it’s very apparent that you love doing what you do! So please Mark, understand, you HAVE repaid us.  We thank you for being there for us! And we love you Mark! Stay happy and know we enjoy your videos to the fullest!

Love Nicke


As Mark just stated in his Markiplier Mail Monday livestream (now over):

You have three more weeks to send in any mail you want seen on-camera!

Markiplier Mail has obviously become increasingly more chaotic with each video and Mark has decided that he will probably only be doing three more videos featuring him opening packages on-camera. 

This does not mean you can’t still send fan mail! The P.O. box address will still remain intact and Mark will still receive and open every package you send him—just not on-camera.