So I’m short on money at the moment so I’ve decided to open up my commissions again! A few of you have been asking about it too so I thought now’s a good time. I’ve put the US currency as well as the UK currency to make it easier for all you folks in America to know how much you’d be paying in your own currency. If you have any other currency then you can easily work out the price for you by looking up GBP to ___ on google.

Here’s some important info:

  • More than two characters: +£1 for each person added.
  • NSFW: +£3 for general nsfw and +£5 for more highly explicit stuff (e.g kinks and whatnot) If the request is too explicit I may not want to draw it.
  • Prices may increase if you ask for more complicated drawings (e.g robots, animals, armour).

And if you want a NSFW commission I am trusting you that you’re of a legal age to request this so please do not lie about your age.

Payment info:


Paypal email:

Please can you pay me in GBP (Great British Pound) when sending me the money via paypal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

When sending me the money please select the option “Pay for goods or services” AND NOT “Send money to friends and family”. I would rather not get in trouble with paypal so please be careful and pick the right option before sending me the money please!

Contact me via my inbox or via for more details or for other requests (e.g. if I will draw NSFW content you’re not sure if I will draw or not)

Update: Here’s a link to my commission tab on my blog where you can see how many slots I have available and some more info

Hey guys. How are you? I am not sure if any of you know, but for most of my life, I have been scraping by to stay under a roof and obtain food. I’ve persevered my way past these 17 years always hoping for a better future despite this problem. However, as of late, we hit a rather unsightly difficulty that is now threatening that hope, as well as my want to continue on with producing works of interests for those around me. Honestly, the one thing that really makes my day is when I am making things for you guys, whether it be silly drawings or more involved projects, etc. Now, you are probably thinking “Oh boo hoo, we’ve all heard this before, blah blah,” but the absolute frank truth is this: I get happiness from the prospect that anything I make is making even just more person out there smile. I am well aware that there are many in the world who are struggling daily, and even in just this community, the fact that the things I produce, the mere products of my passions, is making someone  have at least a small spark of happiness in their day is my utter drive and inspiration to work ever harder at what I do. That’s the long and the short of it. I do not look to turn what I do into a business, I do not wish to do this for fame, heck, I am not doing any of this just for my own sake. And now, with the onslaught of hardships that have recently arisen, all that is in danger; at risk of coming to an undesired end. I do not ask for much, if not anything at all. All I request is that you guys help me continue onwards by either spreading the word or even supporting me on my Patreon or visiting my shop. It’s okay if you don’t have the means of supporting me in this way, as I totally understand. Any and all gestures of help will be met with utmost gratitude by yours truly. 

I am at the mercy of you all, and I thank you all so much for the kindness and patience you have given me. I just pray that I can continue to be “SimplEagle” to keep creating and realizing unto reality my sea of ideas for you all. 

Again, thank you.

- SimplEagle


If you wish to follow me on social media, I have a twitter, instagram, and of course, a tumblr:

I have a deviantart as well where I post all of my major projects and get prints of my works:

I also have a new sprout of a YouTube channel where I will be uploading a multitude of videos of interesting content:

And if you really wish to help me financially, I have a Patreon, Paypal, and shop:

I HATE EVERYTHING posted a thing about today and made me think of mark’s uploads.

i don’t know if IHE likes mark, but i like to think he’d angrily try to talk him out of using that atrocious app.

i think mark’s trying to call out for help. in song, appropriately enough.

i’m feeling lazy today. saving energy for later!! fnaf musical and all.

it may seem very irrelevant to you guys, but i love every single follower i get and every single follow i get. even if its very small. and i dont think that if you guys didnt follow and watch me, i would be left in the dumps. so please, for you followers to know you care along with tagging all the people that you care about on this website. <33

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