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Mark in OneShot Part 6- The Heartbreaking Plea of Help 

I don’t know. This is when Niko arrived in the Tower and Mark couldn’t contact Niko. This part tugged my heart so bad and made me feel so sad when I was watching. The way that Mark was desperately calling out to Niko-who couldn’t hear him- caught my attention (and my brain nagged me to make a comic of it). So yeah, here ya go @markiplier , I hope you like my little presentation.


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Mark and Aku-Aku!

I love Mark playing this series XD The only game I ever got to play with Crash was the one in Game Boy, and by golly did I want to throw the game card because it brought me intense rage at making me fall in those frigging climbing parts haha

@markiplier and I hope you all like it!


Here are a couple more pictures from @markiplier you’re welcome tour I have a couple more but so far these all my favorites. thanks again for all the laughs that you gave us all. It’s been great!

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