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Introducing the MineTV texture pack, Defscape - MineTV Edition!

This pack is essentially Defscape 64x with a few glitzy studio tweaks:

- Sticks are now microphones!
- Pistons are now glossy TV desks!
- Note blocks are now studio speakers.
- Furnaces and dispensers are now various TV monitors.
- Redstone lamps are now production lights!
- Green wool is now a flat matt colour for greenscreen superimposition.

Download Defscape - MineTV Edition:

You must patch Minecraft with the latest version of MCPatcher or Optifine to stop animations on the wrong blocks, to ensure proper font rendering and for Defscape’s grass and water colours to work properly!

Download Defscape - MineTV Edition - 64x 1.9.1 from Mediafire here (8mb)